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Retired botanist / gorilla grower. Waiting for the laws to change before I start up again. NJ growing cannabis 30 years inside... Same sentence one would get for cooking meth, Cuz those 2 activities are equally destructive, right?😖😖😖🌳☘🌾🌵
Bout' to smoke a nice budder joint under the moonlight in an open field. Nothing like fresh mountain air, tainted by a heavy smoke.
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Ended up walking out the the largest magnified blood moon I've ever seen that night. Was looking back at it, like "what are the odds"?
Hey man I don’t wanna be that guy but!lol I seen the post before mine that was also asking for help.Well maybe u could help me out?So I tried the mason jar method once with not much results.smelled real good.So my problem is how much material do u have to run?can u do like 40 g? And how much butane do u leave in jar ?what temp vac no vac?Im ready to try this again but it sounds like u have it down pretty good.
Good morning all, I’m a newbie and growing 2 Blueberry 420 autos. I am growing outdoors and FF products. They are currently in week 9, and developing some impressive buds. Trying to figure out how to post pictures on here.
Здрасти, търсейки продукти в интернет Google ме доведе до този сайт и до твоите коментари . Бих искал да те питам дали ще ми отделиш известно време да ме насочиш Кои продукти са ми нужни за процеса отстрана на препарати, торове, добавки, Абе стартер пак с една дума. С удоволствие ще почерпя за услугата.
I wondered if I could run some things by and get your opinions. I'm running a similar soil and need to learn to train my plants (or not,)...opted to mix foxfarm happy frog and ocean forest with peat and perlite. I ran 1\3 hf,1\3 of, mixed peat and perlite for the other third.
I’m also using those two together with a few extras and my girls love it. It’s a very hot soil because of the ocean forest so the girls might show nutrient toxicity signs for a day or so but if their healthy they should be fine.
Will be watching your Pre-98 Bubba as that is one I am very interested in. (not to mention the reversing)
I just finished my ak48 plants and started to give them the 24-48 hour darkness process just looking for advice about curing and drying for when i chop them down ? Any suggestions thanks
Suggest utilizing search function regarding curing, many opinions available, ten pages of responses...
Здравейте, как мога да намеря маслото? За лечение на рак става въпрос. Спешно. Алтерантивно решение е и изсушената билка.
Hello all. I am starting a new grow and am seeking information. Does anyone here use an ebb and flow system that would be willing to help?