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wrong thing, but i put together a web site for a friend, need hepl, with wordpress, lol love this site
sorry , for music, i know , iam prob posting in wrong area's, if iam mod's, please let me Know
Bobby Barth has nothing to do with this page, I myself Brian <<<>>> posted Bobbys site, that i have done. Hope this has not offended anyone. B
Off work, check on girls, anyone know if the cheap waykme 600 watt led enough for 24by 24 by 48, la garden tent, ordered another one, do not want to scrog, can anyone suggest best bushy strain good content and taste. My dream seed, skunk #1 crossed with headband 707<<<>>>
I am new to this just finished first grow things went great. I got some auto flowering seeds. I have a question. do I just let them grow or can i trim them like i did the others so they would bush out instead of so tall??????
You can still trim and also train, some strains of auto dont do well with training and stress depending on genetics
I work with Ed Rosenthal consulting and new products, I save people time and money.
West coast mainly. @timstrimming on IG . Hope to help others, trimming , freeze drying, pests ( ipm) , FDA standards. Dm for info .
I'm new at this well 2nd time around used LEDS, they suck! I must have gone through 6 of them and returned them to MH & HP system! that's another story. So, my second grow would not dry out so outside they went and boy did they take off 2/2/2. White widow and OG Kush and 1 Darth Vader Kush. 2 are ready I've cut one after flushing and one rain and the smell isn't there or at least I can't smell them.
Can someone please advise me? I smoke a lot that said, maybe that's it IDK..... She's 15 weeks! And to me doesn't smell/did before I flushed her. Oh, and one rain this am. I trimmed the buds very sticky. I need help please/ Thanks for listening!
What LED’s are you using?
Does a drymaster dehumidifier unit sit in or out tent
The Curetube was developed and designed to create a more efficient way to store and help increase product quality by giving the user control of humidity and temperature specific to their product.
Friar & Priest, proponent for alternatives to opiates after. taking opiates for 25 years . Last 15yrs. 60mg of morphine every 4hours last due to Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis , Acute Spondylosis, Spondylitis , Arthritis, 12 back surgeies total of 32 .