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  • Howdy my man. I stumbled across your thread from 2011 " leaf serrations curling up" The picture of the leaf you posted looks exactly what i have right now.Yellowing, brown spots on leaves.Yellow vein running right up the middle of each segment of the leaf and now the serrated edge of the leaf pointing up the way.Did you manage to figure out what was happening to your plant?
    Dear capulator, I have 10k lighting and a 5 ton ac that's sucks me dry when I start flower. If I try to raise my temps it takes more humidity out of the room. For now I have had to lower my canopy temp to 68 to compensate for the low humidity. At 68-70F and around 50%RH the plants seem to be doing better then they were at higher temps. my question is what is wrong with running it this way?
    Hey Cap I just got my pack of Mac in the mail today. Super exited to start working with it. I'm gonna talk to my people so I can get more of your genetics. Keep on creating fire much love Hoser420710
    hey @Capulator ive been tryin to buy the presale macbeans but i cant find it anywhere, its soldout, --_--'' please help me bossman, my brother has narcolepsy so he has trouble stayin awake, but when he smoked that MAC, from peaceofgreen, he was a whole new person, so happy and painfree, and re-energized, seems to medicate him very well. i will do whatever u ask me to do
    Hey Cap, quick question if you have the time. Is there an optimum temperature and brew time for the tea (root and foliar packs) when battling doom.. err root aphids?
    How long should I wait to deploy a sulfur bomb after a spider-mite fogger for new clone transplants ? I have both right now...
    I can't these genetics. I got botanigard and knocked back some with two apps.. I hit the gangs in clones with bti.. Will your foliar help in odd r. A.. Or what's you're recommendation.. Should I use something with your foliar and can I get it through you or just get off amazon
    Cap please help I think I have r. A.. And notices gnat larvae in clone bought botanigard and knocked the things that might be r. A. Tiny translucent crawling insects in soil not neccisarily on roots but does not jump like spring tails
    hey cap, I remember you saying you would add some CaCl2 to up your calcium levels, but I've seen mixed info on whether or not this is a good idea.. did you have good luck with it? this diesel I'm running loves calcium but hates nitrogen so its making it tough using the 3,2,1..
    Hi Capulator, i' ve seen you kinda run the show about Beneficials, i understood you make and sell those packs? do you sell your products in europe?
    We do not have a distributor yet but we can ship to the customer from here direct.
    Cap how can I get the packs from here I looked everywhere just didn't have no luck ,please guide me so I can purchase everything I need thanks
    i want to get packs macf1 beans,. pls help!
    I have 15 double ended gavitas in a 600 sq ft room, VPD is on point and lights are 4 feet from canopy. I think I may
    be burning them still being my ceiling heights are only 10' high. Is it possible that the light is so intense for my cubic square feet?
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