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The New York Weed Real Estate Experiment: A Look Inside the Struggle

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When Roland Conner was arrested for marijuana in the 1990s, he never imagined where he would be today: the owner of a cannabis dispensary in...

Californian Cannabis Flooding The UK: Heathrow Seizures Increase Dramatically

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Cannabis legalisation in some US states is blamed for a surge in smuggling of the drug in Britain, with users clamoring to buy marijuana grown in...

Maryland Gets Ready To Legalize Cannabis Sales

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On Friday, lawmakers unveiled a bill to tax and regulate marijuana, months after voters approved a referendum legalizing it. The House...

Tilray Drops $4 Billion Sales Target Amidst Cannabis Industry Turmoil

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Analysts now predict Tilray Brands will fall well short of its revenue target of $4 billion (5.3 billion Canadian dollars) by 2024. As a result...

How Hong Kong's CBD Ban Is Impacting Businesses And Consumers

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Cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative of cannabis, was banned in Hong Kong on Wednesday (Feb 1), forcing fledgling businesses to close. Unlike its more...

A Look Inside Thailand's First Cookies Dispensary

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With the opening of the first dispensary in Asia, Cookies has joined Thailand's blossoming cannabis industry. Among Thailand's forward-thinking...

Mississippi Launches Medical Cannabis Sales: What You Need To Know

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On Jan. 25, a few Mississippi dispensaries were ready to welcome customers. Melvin C. Robinson, Mississippi Trade Association Executive Director...

Argentina's Cannabis Industry Gets A Boost With The Launch Of New Agency

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A new government agency was launched on Wednesday to boost the country's medical marijuana and hemp industries. Reuters reports that the agency...

Celebrities & Cannabis: Can Star Power Really Make A Difference?

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With high-profile product launches and collaborations, celebrities like Jay-Z and Justin Bieber are trying to make their mark on the cannabis...

Rhode Island Becomes 16th State to Launch Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

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Rhode Island joined neighboring Massachusetts and beat next-door Connecticut to the punch with the launch of adult-use cannabis sales Thursday...

Indian police blame rats for eating 500 kilograms of stored cannabis

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In northern India, hundreds of kg of cannabis that were confiscated from drug dealers and kept in police facilities are allegedly being eaten by...

Thailand's Cannabis Industry Clouded as Legal Threats Emerge

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Months after Thailand became the first Asian country to decriminalize cannabis, weed-related businesses are already changing its cityscapes...

Nevada U.S. Senator Introduces Cannabis Banking Legislation

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U.S. Sen. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev, introduced the Fair Access for Cannabis Small Business Act Thursday, which would ensure cannabis small businesses...

Biden Overhauls U.S. Policy On Marijuana, Pardons Prior Federal Offenses

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President Joe Biden took steps to overhaul U.S. policy on marijuana on Thursday by pardoning thousands of people with federal offenses for simple...

UK Government Blocks Bermuda From Legalizing Marijuana

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The United Kingdom has a new leader. And one of the government’s first acts under Prime Minister Liz Truss was to refuse to give formal permission...

The casualties of California legalizing pot: Growers who went legal

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The Wild Cat Road skips along a ridge line, a narrow half-paved, half washed-out track that once carried much of the world’s finest marijuana to...

Japan Embraces CBD Despite Drug Taboo

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With its zero-tolerance cannabis laws, deep social stigma against the drug and moves to tighten rules on consumption, Japan is no stoner’s...

Brazil Court Approves Home Grown Cannabis For Medical Use

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A top court in Brazil on Tuesday authorized three patients to grow cannabis for medical treatment, a decision that is likely to be applied...
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