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UK Government Blocks Bermuda From Legalizing Marijuana

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The United Kingdom has a new leader. And one of the government’s first acts under Prime Minister Liz Truss was to refuse to give formal permission...

The casualties of California legalizing pot: Growers who went legal

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The Wild Cat Road skips along a ridge line, a narrow half-paved, half washed-out track that once carried much of the world’s finest marijuana to...

Japan Embraces CBD Despite Drug Taboo

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With its zero-tolerance cannabis laws, deep social stigma against the drug and moves to tighten rules on consumption, Japan is no stoner’s...

Brazil Court Approves Home Grown Cannabis For Medical Use

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A top court in Brazil on Tuesday authorized three patients to grow cannabis for medical treatment, a decision that is likely to be applied...

President’s Son Suggests Cannabis Legalization in Nicaragua

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If this were the 1980s, an attack and then parry in response between two countries in Central America—specifically Nicaragua and Honduras—would be...

The Battle for Cannabis Legalization Is On in Honduras

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According to Salvador Nasralla, known locally as El señor de la television, legalizing cannabis would create at least 17,000 jobs in Honduras and...

A visitor’s guide to legal cannabis in Alaska

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So, you’re visiting Alaska and wondering about weed. You’ve come to the right place. Please, follow me for a few hundred words about the 49th...

Kentucky Governor Announces Medical Cannabis Plan

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Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear released a plan to make medicinal cannabis available to medical patients, saying that lawmakers have...

Legal Marijuana Sales Will Start Next Thursday in New Jersey

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The first sales of recreational, adult-use cannabis in New Jersey will start next Thursday, marking the culmination of a yearslong effort to...

Cannabis reform bill fails to clear WA House

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Despite early momentum, a cannabis bill seeking to make the industry more diverse and equitable died Tuesday, failing to clear the Washington...

New York Cannabis Regulator Predicts Licensing by Fall

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New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) Executive Director Chris Alexander expects the state to release its proposed cannabis industry...

Cannabis Cafes Could Soon Be Coming To Massachusetts

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Back in 2016, Massachusetts voters approved a ballot measure that would allow the option for municipalities to bring marijuana cafes, or “social...

US House Passes Measure That Includes Cannabis Banking

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The U.S. House of Representatives passed an American competitiveness bill Friday that includes legislation that would enable banks to serve...

NFL-funded study will test benefits of cannabis for athlete injuries

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A new study, funded by the NFL, is exploring whether cannabis could provide pain relief and faster recovery for injured athletes. Anecdotally...

Mississippi Legalizes Medical Cannabis

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Mississippi has become the 37th U.S. state to legalize medical cannabis. Governor Tate Reeves (Republican) signed yesterday, February 2...

Why Livestock Farmers Are Switching to Cannabis

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The life of a farmer in modern America has grown to be a difficult way to make a living. In addition to the hardships involved in agriculture, the...

Congress Fumbles Marijuana Reform Again, But That Might Be Good

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A last-ditch effort to pass limited federal marijuana banking reform by tucking it into Congress’s annual military spending bill failed on...

Could Germany take over as Europe’s cannabis capital?

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On Wednesday, the new “traffic light" coalition presented their plans for Germany. Under the motto “Dare to make progress", the parties presented...
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