Apr 1, 2011
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    1. Boddhisattva
      I have 15 double ended gavitas in a 600 sq ft room, VPD is on point and lights are 4 feet from canopy. I think I may
      be burning them still being my ceiling heights are only 10' high. Is it possible that the light is so intense for my cubic square feet?
    2. Boddhisattva
      Can anyone explain too me where gavita pro de bulbs get there 4 1/2 by 6 ft spectrum. I think its what it
      covers a table from 6ft above it. Every foot the bulb is closer or farther does what too the equation of 4 1/2 by 6 ft spectrum?
    3. kindindy123
      hey cap I bought your stuff a few years back,,cant remember what it was listed on ebay?? could you please let me know ,,ive been looking for a week thanks
      1. Capulator
        Capulator and use the coupon code "farmer" at checkout. Thank you I really appreciat ethe support and my family is grateful for the business!
        Nov 15, 2016
    4. Blackkush
      Hi there, I'm a first time grower, and one of my plant show signs of pre-flowering and fortunately it's a bushy girl, I am wondering if I can cut clone Frome it, I know I should cut from bottom branches but is it OK ? Cuz they showing pistils? Should I cut them lose or it is OK ? Thanks
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      2. Fatty LIVES
        Fatty LIVES
        I've heard thing being called some sort of mega cropping or something. I'm pretty sure you can cut clones from a flowering plant and send it back to veg but theres a huge amount of stress to the plant.
        May 29, 2016
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    5. Pancho-N-Lefty
      Cap Id like to get a copy of the Excel spreadsheet you use for cute calculating. Please hit me up so I can get you may email address .
    6. hermit186
      Sometimes hard to read and sometimes complicated always a good read and is right most of the time.
      Jacks rule.
    7. natefrog
      natefrog are setting the bar my friend.... thank you for saving my garden from broad mites.
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    8. keiksweat
      Cap,need bennies mate,won't deliver to uk ,tried to pm you first.i know your a busy lad,but can you sort something out for us please.desperate now mate.thanks.
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    9. Dutchtouch
      Hit me up brother
    10. persiankid
      Cap hope you're well man, I was just about to order up a few more kilos of everything and noticed you were out of stock on the Foilar pack... Any idea when you'll have more available? Thanks for all you do man...learned a lot from your posts over the years.
    11. ODFarminSSH
      So I've found "caps packs". I was hoping you might tell me if there's a product(s) for these outdoor issues: PM, bud rot near finish, russet/broad "demon" mites. I've only just imagined to use microbials for these issues, please excuse me if I'm barking up wrong tree. I know the typical usage(s) and would like to get info for ordering, regardless if they cant help with situations above.
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      2. Capulator
        The foliar and root packs both have species that will help against PM and the foliar will help with russet. Bud rot... nothing yet but I am working on that.
        Jun 21, 2015
      3. ODFarminSSH
        Jul 12, 2015
      4. ODFarminSSH
        To be clear foliar pack has species for both pm and russet? Root pack mainly pm and other bad stuff in the medium?
        Aug 1, 2015
    12. breed
      Hey Cap. Hope you are well. I moved over winter and I think the bennies were froze during winter for a bout a week. After I found them I brought them back inside. I am thinking I may have killed them. I want to purchase 3 more kilo packs. I remember there was a coupon code and discount if we purchased kilos of all 3. Could you send me the code and is there still a discount?
      1. Capulator
        the coupon code is "farmer"
        Jun 21, 2015
    13. Th1sguy00
      Hey cap seen a guy on eBay selling all 3 of your bio packs. Go by the name of red biowar and I was trying to find out if he is legit..?
      1. Capulator
        fuck that guy he uses my name to sell shit. Damn Irish swindler!!
        Jun 5, 2015
    14. Growin Grass
      Growin Grass
      Any chance of a 420 sale on the bennies?
      Thank ye sai (if your profile pic isn't what I think then ignore my gibberish)
    15. Mrlucky405
      Greetings Cap. Been reading post after post... Tired of fighting these fungus gnats. Top watering rockwool chunks in smart pots. Despite all I've read, I have a couple of questions: How long will the brewed tea last? Assuming I should keep bubbling it until used... Also read feeding full strength is acceptable for killing those little bastards. Want to make sure that's the case. Thank you for your help..
    16. mastagrowa
      Hello Mr. Capulator, been waitin to hear back from you about how many foliar pak treatments it'll take to get the broad mites under control...RSVP please! i'm gonna nuke em all soon with something heavy and chemical otherwise....
      1. Capulator
        See my comment below, but if all else fails and you feel you have to go nuclear, don't let me stop you brother. Do you have a scope so you can see them and monitor the populations?
        Feb 10, 2015
      2. mastagrowa
        OK thanks man. My scope can't see em...300x...guess I need something stronger, all around! :(
        Feb 12, 2015
    17. mastagrowa
      Hey I'm battling either broad mites or russet mites. Been spraying your foliar pack stuff with a fogger every 4 days as recommended. There is SOME new growth but the girls still look a bit sad. Can I spray any other pesticides i.e. Azasol, Pyrethrum, etc? Or should I keep hammering the foliar pack until all the growth is better and vigor is restored? thanks man....
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      2. mastagrowa
        whaddya say man?
        Feb 5, 2015
      3. Capulator
        patience is a virtue! I have heard of people with broads and russets makign their plants better with foliar pack sprayed every 4 days and nothing else. Also, need to use a good organic surfactant. I highly recommend thermx 70!
        Feb 10, 2015
      4. mastagrowa
        Cool. I use Coco wet for my surfactant. Still seein the twisted and stunted growth....damn :(
        Feb 12, 2015
    18. deathband
      Mills nutrients line
      1. Capulator
        Yeah it's good with any nutrient line.
        Feb 1, 2015
    19. deathband
      Thanks for the quick delivery , don't worry about refund , my lost , peace
    20. deathband
      Can I keep useing my mills line with your biowar, trying to save my garden , had bad fire in room first 2 days of flower , cleaned room and plants , kept on the schedule, but I c the stress , at week 4 , so I hope your biowar may help a little , but can't wait to start on a new garden, thanks
      1. Capulator
        whats mills line?
        Feb 1, 2015
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