Apr 13, 2010
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Mojave Desert
    1. NPC Sucks
      NPC Sucks
      Hi. Recently diagnosed with sinus cancer. I am trying to figure out the best strain to use for making oil. Any help would be appreciated!
      Hello Seamaiden, I'm sorry to bother you. Its just that my plants are having some sort of problem(s). I think it may be too late to save one of them but I'm not giving up on her just yet. I have pics if you would like to take a look let me know and ill send them to you.

      Thank you very much for your time and any help you might be able to offer!!
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    3. 90Dank209
      Help i have a problem my room to hot i have 2 1000watt phantom de also 2 mars hydro 1200 series one charcoal filter with 8' vortex inline fan blowing air out also a portable 10,000 btu a/c and a window a/c 5000 btu with a dehumidifier and 4 wall fans also one 6' inline fan pushing cool air to the room growing in soil
    4. Lyn Hunter
      Lyn Hunter
      Im new at this, so forgive me for sounding silly, but i need help getting seeds.
    5. hiboy
      Hello there I have a question for you you know I've been on the site for seven years or so even longer than that before registering but I have a question about posting again like a thread or pictures being posted does logic still use that silver whatever application to block tracing do you know what I'm talking about
    6. Megachron
    7. iKharon
      Sorry sea, was unaware of the politics. :) keeping it to myself lol
    8. Bathtubfarm
      Sea maiden, I'm new to the farm so I'm not up on all the posts, I was wondering with the threat of big tobacco lobbying to the the Lions share of cannabis production ,has anyone considered forming an alliance of growers? A growers cooperative or anything. Like that?
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    9. CCauto2016
    10. Highlife247
      Need help plz 1st time grower just transplant 3 clones to a 600w light i used nutrients and they are all drooping its been 3 days wat do i do
      1. socoro
        hey, just let them dry out. and when they are dry just use a minimum amount of ph'ed water with no nutes. i had done this before. they will use up all the water and nutrients, provided that they look healthy.give them your time and patience. sometimes it takes longer, but allow them to have a few more days and some fresh air
        Mar 8, 2017
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    11. Boddhisattva
      If plants like nanometer readings from 400 to 700, won't doubling up on my lighting create too high of a nanometer reading for PAR
    12. Bill22
      Seamaiden is there a private message function within the Farm?
    13. Fatty LIVES
      Fatty LIVES
      you hear about California City? My friend and I went to the City Council meeting last night. Ordinance passed and the team of builders met on-site for the construction of a cannabis business park. Pretty sweet.
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      2. Seamaiden
        Just read about it two days ago, really exciting!
        Oct 13, 2016
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      3. Fatty LIVES
        Fatty LIVES
        my neighbor is investing in M1 Zoning property. if ya'll got some cash.. I would HIGHLY recommend getting into there. Big West Corp has properties and there's others available. Easier to make money being a landlord there than to get into the pool of limited permit applications
        Oct 18, 2016
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      4. Fatty LIVES
        Fatty LIVES
        if only my bank acct balance read 1,000,000 I'd be there!
        Oct 18, 2016
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    14. Help4kid
      I am new and totally clueless and desperate for answers to help my child. If I don't feel comfortable growing my own do people make safe cannabis oil to buy and if so how do I find them and how do I know what kind of cannabis oil I need to treat a certain condition? I need cannabis 101 help!!!
      Thank you
      1. Seamaiden
        Where you are plays a very big role in the how. If you're in a state with no legal cannabis in any form, you're going to have to grow and make it for yourself.

        Yes, people make safe oil, but high CBD oil is in high demand and limited supply. What type of oil for what condition is probably better answered by others more familiar, such as a dispensary owner/operator.
        Oct 9, 2016
    15. coaldigger
      What size room would you recommend for the 1000 watt grow light?
      1. Seamaiden
        This is better done in the open forum or through the conversation feature. I'd use that in an 8'x8' room minimum, but the reasons why are lengthy to explain.
        Oct 9, 2016
    16. Sarah Rolfe
      Sarah Rolfe
      I'm really just starting to grow (indoors) any tips? Watt age of light, how to germinate any will help thanks
      1. Seamaiden
    17. coaldigger
      I need to know if a 1000 watt virtual sun grow light will be sufficient for a 4ft by 4ft grow tent and if so how plants can I grow under it
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      2. Seamaiden
        That's probably too much light for that space. But I haven't done tent growing (yet!), nor used thouies, so I can't say for certain. Probably 16plants if they're small.
        Oct 7, 2016
    18. coaldigger
      Can u help with a problem I have
    19. dlaman1963
      My sativa looks ready to me, the buds look good. So my question is should the trichomes should be milky or amber? I am a little confused with all the info, thanks for any help I can get!! Peace!!
      1. Seamaiden
        It really depends on what YOU like. Do you want a more up high? Take at milky. More sleepy/couchlock? Take at amber.

        You can also stagger the harvest to help you figure out what you like best.
        Sep 21, 2016
    20. dlaman1963
      You seem to be the expert on here, I hope you don't mind me asking you a question, I started one indica and one sativa plant in June, they both have been growing great, I have them in 5 gallon buckets. I am in the pnw and I am worried about the 12/12 cycle, I am trying to create darkness early with boxes around them. Which is at least giving them 11 hours of darkness.
      1. Seamaiden
        I do not. Don't worry about 12/12 when growing outside, nature takes care of that for you. You may have to cover or address your Sativa lady for her lateness in finishing flowering, PNW powdery mildew is an issue. Be ready with isopropyl and/or physical blockers like JMS Stylets oil.

        Sep 21, 2016
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