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Apr 13, 2010
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Mojave Desert


Living dead girl, Female, from Mojave Desert

:D Oct 25, 2013

    1. MediMary
      Hope you are well Sea
    2. motorhaze
      i have a question i have a stinky girl and after the buds started maturing it has lost smell and turned blackish purple is there something i can do or have i done something wrong would really appreciate any tips or advice and also it was grown outdoors
    3. Bareta
      Anyway.. I has found some seeds from very low quality cannabis and decided to plant it. My gf had a little growtent and we bought 24-watts LEDs and it started growing perfectly. I overwatered it once, and had to re-plant it. It took a little while for it to get better but it did.I am getting 1-blade sets, instead of the usual 5. Right now the schedule is 18/6, 77F, humidity 65-75.
    4. houseofgas
      Hi! Can you help direct me on the correct flushing practices for excess salt in my coco medium? Thanks in advance
    5. jrockdro273
      Hey seamaiden do I need a camera to show my log? Or can I use my phone to upload them from my phone pictures?
    6. Stonder mike
      Stonder mike
      How dry do you let soil get before watering again outdoor using soil moisture checker from 1 to 3 of dry
    7. JustStartedD
      Hey , I was reading earlier some stuff you posted a while back in 2014. I have a question. I have 2 plants growing. I have 1 under a 1000w led light about 22" away from the top of the plant. And I also have a seedling with a 75w plant light. It just broke through the soil but it's still kinda laying on the dirt trying to find its way up.
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      2. JustStartedD
        Is it safe to put under the led. If so should I bring it down & would bringing it down hurt the other plant ?
        Aug 14, 2018
    8. RaptoR
    9. Uckemfup
    10. Dtae
      hey seamaiden trying to start a thread how do i post pic
    11. Sullyman
      Hello Seamaiden. Doing video production with Cannabis farmers and Willies Reserve. I acquired a hand selected brand new piece of harvesting equipment, in trade. TrimWorkz® The Ultimate Bud Bucker. Lots of due diligence. It is by far best of class. Know anyone interested? Hope I'm not out of line here. Video: Normally $14,500.00 $12,500 OBO Kenn 541-646-4233
    12. Cannabisoldier
      Hello Seamaiden, i have been helped many times by your posts...thanks! I am now starting new project. A greenhouse, I was reading a thread from years ago about making a light dep system yourself started by Sungrown. The thread was helpful but didnt complete my understanding of how to make one myself. Can you please direct me to resources on the Farm (or off) that could help please?
      1. stomatasf
        Hey Cannabisoldier curious did you get your light dep project started?. Been thinking of trying to put something together also.
        Mar 25, 2018
    13. SABETFAB

      I'm french and I'm looking for information on the trimpal, but it's very difficult ...

      I think I understood that you made 10 lbs in 6 hours

      Just the machine or all the work?

      Can you still keep 10% moisture or it must be very dry?

      Tank you
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    14. gwheels
      Now that I have been just running PHd water in the reservoir for longer than I meant to I get what you mean. The leaves are yellowing and dying as the plant sucks the nutrients out of them. I have never seen anything like it. The first week I think my reservoir still had nutes in it. The 2nd week it diluted to water (this week) and the solar leaves are drying up and dying off like a birch in the fall.
    15. Leelandgrow4
      I how can i post pics for others to see tried and it wont let me and any info will be helpful
    16. Purpledog
      Can some one help me
      Some flowers on my plants are turning brown like mature but they are small still I used big time exterminator and sns 209 but I don't see results
    17. RizzleGizzle
      I found mushrooms in my five gallon pot? I'm guessing this isn't a good sign?
    18. Pedro
      Have u ever used super x?
    19. Zoran medic
      Zoran medic
      Hi name is zok I just wanted to know can you grow from rockwool to Coco perlite to grow your plant will it stuff it up thank you and I'm from Australia Melbourne
      1. Carl Loud likes this.
    20. NPC Sucks
      NPC Sucks
      Hi. Recently diagnosed with sinus cancer. I am trying to figure out the best strain to use for making oil. Any help would be appreciated!
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