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:D Oct 25, 2013

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    1. Skunkmasterflex
      Have a great relaxing Sunday sea! Just showing some love :)
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      2. Seamaiden
        Hey Skunk! That's the plan. You have a great day, too.
        Mar 16, 2014
    2. Rugame21
      next week i plan on buying a 36"x20"x62" grow tent. I would like to start 10 plants do to me being a first tie grower,with the above size giving can i do 10 plants?and what would be the best wattage to use
    3. Confuten1
      ur posts brought me to the farm years ago. Thanks!
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      2. Seamaiden
        Really? I had no idea! Thank you. :)
        Jan 25, 2014
    4. Tnelz
      Hey sea. Just curious how you feel about nectar of the gods as a line. It's calcium driven and I would imagine u like that. Any thoughts?
    5. boo
      heya sea...hope you are well darlin
    6. Jboys3
      Need Help...First time with Powdery Mildew in two years of indoor growing. Your Baking Soda recipe with the ph bumped to 10 sounds great. Could you tell me the ratio of baking soda to water and how many times should I spray the plants in my bloom room.
      1. Jboys3
        I found a recipe which I think you made a comment on in a Powdery Mildew thread. What do you think of using H2O2 with water in a 1 cup to 1 gallon ratio for foliar spray in bloom room? I could use it every two days?
        Jan 20, 2014
    7. Canalchemist
      Hello SeaMaiden,

      Thanks for the Like, I remember participating in some threads with you on the mag, I was banned forever for being the devils advocate on the thread "The Seed Depot Closing", anyhow I always appreciated your input, I am glad to see you here, I wondered where you had gone.

    8. Tnelz
      I wrote and erased about nineteen different things I wanted to say to you. So I will just say this. For Seamaiden to stop by one of the threads I was on and ultimately tell me my girls looked awesome is such a big deal to me. Didn't need any inspiration however your compliment goes a lonnng way. It's gratification for the many hours in the garden. Just wanted you to know you made someone's month. Much respect.
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    9. Jboys3
      I was seeking your mad skills and input regarding indoor growing. What do you use for the last 10 days of your bloom cycle for nutes? I use Catalyst and the first watering during this cycle I add a shot of Hygrozyme to use up any remaing nutes in my pots.
      1. Seamaiden
        I've moved towards trying to get it into the media *first* so that there really isn't much of a transition or any need for something like flushing. That said, worm casting teas with molasses (try playing with sugars to use up N) and guano teas/top-dressings, with occasional forays into kelps to address micronutrients are what I like now.
        Dec 6, 2013
      2. Jboys3
        I currently use 'Sweet' throughout my waterings in bloom. Towards the end game I had yellowing, dying leaves. I believe this was due to salt build-up. So I switched to catalyst adn no longer have this issue.

        Not saying I don't like your idea of using molasses, but I am afraid I will run into the same problem as before using you trick of sugar to harden and sweeten my buds.
        Dec 11, 2013
    10. Black Lab
      Black Lab
      Hi Seamaiden, I posted in the infirmary about a possible problem with too much N. I have read a lot of your posts and think you have a good grasp of organic growing. If you have a moment can you check my post.
    11. hammerhead
      Hay girl:) do we have PM system here ??
    12. joro nikolov
    13. Seamaiden
    14. oscar169
      Wassup Sea, just thought I would stop by and say Hey
    15. mmmdankbuds420
      Hey maiden! :) I was just curious how I could be a more productive member of the TF family? I want to work my way up to being a moderator, what's it take to hit That level? Thanks, hope you have a womderful afternoon!
    16. Seamaiden
      Hi mr roboto, this is a very good find. I have to switch IPs to view anything on ICMag, they've denied this IP access.
    17. mr roboto
      mr roboto
      if your in the socal/La area I can give you a little to try no problem at all
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    18. mr roboto
      mr roboto
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    19. Bannacis
      Hey I be here, Been dealing with new job and what nots... Nice to be missed, Thanks for asking. ;)
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    20. Jboys3
      Good Afternoon;
      Could you please recommend a thread on this site for scrogging. I currently bend my six plants in a 4x8 tray, but I would like to do some research on this techinique. I am not sure I can use it as I move my plants from a veg room to a perpetual grow room, but I am willing to see what others have done to see if it is practicle in my case. Thanks!
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