Apr 13, 2010
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Sierra Nevada mountains, western scarp
Patient advocate
    1. dlaman1963
      My sativa looks ready to me, the buds look good. So my question is should the trichomes should be milky or amber? I am a little confused with all the info, thanks for any help I can get!! Peace!!
      1. Seamaiden
        It really depends on what YOU like. Do you want a more up high? Take at milky. More sleepy/couchlock? Take at amber.

        You can also stagger the harvest to help you figure out what you like best.
        Sep 21, 2016 at 11:43 AM
    2. dlaman1963
      You seem to be the expert on here, I hope you don't mind me asking you a question, I started one indica and one sativa plant in June, they both have been growing great, I have them in 5 gallon buckets. I am in the pnw and I am worried about the 12/12 cycle, I am trying to create darkness early with boxes around them. Which is at least giving them 11 hours of darkness.
      1. Seamaiden
        I do not. Don't worry about 12/12 when growing outside, nature takes care of that for you. You may have to cover or address your Sativa lady for her lateness in finishing flowering, PNW powdery mildew is an issue. Be ready with isopropyl and/or physical blockers like JMS Stylets oil.

        Sep 21, 2016 at 11:45 AM
    3. Michaelw420
      Hey I'm new to this just started my first grow and need some help ? I'm tryin go figure out how to send photos man
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      2. Seamaiden
        They're attached using the upload a file button in any thread.
        Sep 3, 2016
    4. 420k
      Does anymore know if I can use my canna pk 13/14 6 months past its sell buy day or should just get some more
    5. BeenBurned
      Hi Sea...having trouble loading pics. Any suggestions? Can't drag n drop, no cut n paste. Gotta have the url?
      1. Seamaiden
        Not sure what's up, logic prefers pix be uploaded to the site. Via computer or device?
        Aug 9, 2016
    6. BuDGooDE
      Hi Sea. The post below newbie 1 is my old profile that i locked myself out of trying to change email address. Is their any chance admins can delete it please as ive now got this profile. many thanks BuD :-) It has first indoor grow thread.
    7. newbie1
      Hi @Seamaiden can you please tell me how i edit my name on here from Newbie1 many thanks :-)
    8. WalkingBear
      would you know of a 420 Active RV Park?
      lots of 55+ guys, like myself, are out on the road wandering about and many are smokers. Problem is that you don't want to smoke in a state or federal park. Some private parks don't care as long as you keep it private and others don't allow it. And then there the supply side when you are on the road.
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    9. Newbie88
      Wondering if I could get some advice on something and while searching through the forum's trying to figure it out myself I seen you were the person to go to. So if you get some time I could use your dr experience. Thanks
    10. Sickboy43
      How do I load a profile pic Seamaiden?
      1. Seamaiden
        Aye! I had to have the site admin help me, but it should be somewhere in your profile settings.
        Jun 1, 2016
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    11. Smerb
      Any specific strain being grown by you,with pics??
      1. Seamaiden
        I don't do a lot of pix after the home invasion. No specific strains, mostly grow brother Loran's gear though. No grow likely this year as we're moving down to SoCal soon.
        Apr 16, 2016
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    12. katelyn
      I was wonder in I I could get some advice on a deficiancy?
      1. Seamaiden
        Check your messages!
        Apr 3, 2016
    13. Theassbandit
      Does this site pay the bill for you? Are u owner operator? Just digging for inspirations
      1. Seamaiden
        Nope, I'm a volunteer.
        Mar 29, 2016
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    14. Theassbandit
      Does this site pay the bill for you? Are u owner operator?
    15. Mr.Xagain
      Seamaiden help, its Mr.X we've spoken a ton of times. I forgot my password and changed emails. Is there anyway i can get my avatar back. Plus my status as well known and the friends i already acquired. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.
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      2. tattoojim
        Hey brother
        Mar 24, 2016
    16. hermit186
      Your experience is great your explanations can be complicated. You saved a grow for me before I joined here just a guest. I declare you "The Queen here" Long live the Queen
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      2. Seamaiden
        I consider myself to be the Queen of Fans. If you need air movement, I'm your queen! :D
        Feb 6, 2016
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    17. MrGreengene
      Hi, following you to see wazzup!!
    18. Isuzumafia
    19. mantisclaw
      Thank you so much for taking time out and participating in my journal. Its an honor and a privilege to have your comments and knowledge to help me in this adventure.
      You are appreciated!
    20. trinityalps
      Seamaiden, HELP!!!!! how do I edit my initial post ( I gave wrong information about the mix for Forbid 4f. I'm off by a huge factor in my calculations. I'm such a stupid fool. I didn't check my math. The mix should be 1-2 oz/100 gal, OR, 1oz/12800 oz, OR, .000078125 oz (x 29.5 ml/oz) = .0023 ml/gal. NOT .5ml/gal. as I have in my post.
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    Sierra Nevada mountains, western scarp
    Patient advocate
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    Soil, outdoors, learning to love coco.
    Growing Medium or System:
    Topsoil, organically well-amended for OD, GH Cocotek coir, perlite hempy tubs.
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    Organics, baby!
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