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2gal, 3gal Or 5gal?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Lethidox, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. i got my plants in 2gals right now they are doing good for what i expected out of my skills and knowledge. i am trying to veg them out for about 10 weeks im going into week 5 tomorrow so i basically have about 6 more weeks of veg + flowering. i don't exactly know if i will be going 10 weeks thats just what i kind of plan depending on height it will be 8-10 weeks though.

    so far these plants have been in here from solo cup for a little over 2 weeks now and i give them maybe another 2 weeks before they need transplanting so im looking at an extra 2-4 week veg + flower. I am wondering though which would benefit me more?

    2gals, 3gals, or 5gals.

    these are just assumptions they could possibly got 3 weeks before needing transplant i don't know right now. veg time is basically based on height for me due to lack of lighting. so more realistically they are 6inches right now i want to get them to at least 2' before flipping without getting super leggy plants so 8weeks is more realistic for me.

    what are your thoughts? im new to potting up/gardening if i had better lights i think i can run the 5gal easily but i feel 1gal up won't really do much good maybe a little but not much.

    i have stopped all training now just focusing purely on height due to lack of square footage my lights can handle
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  2. 4plant


    What light will they finish under?
  3. What type of pots?
  4. fabric pots - smart pot brand
  5. garbage 75W led's 1-2 will finish under it the 3rd will finish outdoors for comparison. lights are garbage i know so likely not expecting much but working on heavily upgrading my equipment for now for my next grow.

    by the time i throw them in flowering rain should be minimal but i have my first grow doing okay for my liking outdoors.

    depending how big they get from a week to week basis i might even cut it shorter then 8 weeks but that is my goal for now.
  6. 4plant


    Got to start somewhere. I wouldn’t bother vegging plants very long if they’re gonna finish under a tiny light like that.You won’t get much penetration, just try to spread out a small plant and get what you can.
  7. yea that is why i LST'd them but do you think they will best do in a 3gal if anything? im sure as hell doubtful a 5gal is over kill for what i have to work with. they are 6inches in height right now i give em about a week to gain 6inches so maybe within week 6 or 7 i will flip even.

    not really good at judging height when i LST'd since it's my first time LST.

    i think i can get away with 2gals if i cut it down from 8 weeks to maybe 6-7 weeks before flipping but i want your thoughts. this is my 2nd grow only it's better then my first so far even under the cheap lights. i flowered it under 6inches figured outdoor light is good but it was under 14 hours per day more like 6 so it vegged early buds are decent though
  8. Just from experience growing in fabric pots, go with the 5 gallon.

    I usually veg 6 weeks from seed (give or take a week depending on growth) and I transfer to 5 gallon smart pots ASAP. You won’t get the biggest yields from 5 gallon smart pots, maybe 2-3oz dried if you train them properly (I have LED 600watt actual pull from the outlet).
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  9. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    We veg in 3 and flower in 5 in a SOG. If SCrog, 10 gals
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  10. i might be buying a 320 QB on Monday so i may be upgrading from 75W's to 320watts by the time i was planning to flip them. so i guess 5gal would be okay in this case? shipping says 2-7days im guessing 2 weeks since it's close to xmas though

    i will be trying to flower 3 plants under these 320's if they arrive. thoughts? would it still be worth it? i will be eventually adding 1 more 320watt side by side due to my grow space being 2 feet wide only.
  11. If your using fabric pots, i would go with 5 gallon. I use 7 and 10 gallon ones and they look smaller than 5 gallon. I dont understand why they say a certain gallon size and they don't hold nowhere near that amount.
  12. the problem is my lights are pretty bad quality and low wattage. i have a 10gal outside but it flowered super early im guessing it's because we don't get good amount of sunlight at my house about 6 hours only
  13. You could add some cfl lights as supplement/or side lighting and it will help. My first run, i vegged all of my plants wuth cfl only until i could afford to get a mh/hps light
  14. that is what im doing now it's working good but all my lights are just crap lol im looking into buying new lights and hoping they come fast so i can transplant in a 5gal if not i guess im just going to flower in the 2gals
  15. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    if your going that long on veg I would go with the fivers.
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  16. yea i got to wait and see if i can get some decent lights in first. planning to buy some on monday then hope they come in before christmas. usually they take long to come around this time of year just due to holidays and people buying so much stuff
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