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5 Weeks Into Flowering

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Jay2341, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Hi guys it’s my first time am Into 5 weeks of flowering there’s bud on it but not that much I thought it would be more coz am half way into flowering someone told me ita the second half of flowering you will see the difference is that true please see some of the photos thanks for your help
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  2. G gnome

    G gnome

    Looks about right for a sativa leaner
  3. Oh they are going to swell. You're going to have to tie those buggers up or they're going to fall over
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  4. Is that normal is it
  5. better start getting some of that N out of your soil or it wont taste good!
  6. What’s the best way to rid of some
  7. Depending on your nutrients just cut it out if you can.
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  8. I just use the a and b and Dutch explorer
  9. Whatever bottle that has the higher first out of the 3 numbers. Should tell you on the back what nitrogen content % cut that one back a lil.
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  10. Will do thanks, am in the 5 week of flower is the second half of the flowering stage is than we’re it produces more
  11. 09733900-074D-4EE0-94DB-B78BEBB15AAA.jpeg
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  12. Looks a bit better
  13. I would cut way back on the nitrogen . Your last pic some of the leaves are clawing under, too much n. They look pretty good. I would invest in some twine or something to tie them up when they swell.
  14. There the only 3 things I use
  15. I only give 40ml each of A and B and 10ml of expolde in 10 litre of water
  16. I never used them, but that sounds like a lot . I always start at around 1/4 of what the company recommends and slowly work my way up to where the plant looks the most healthy
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  17. What I’ve done I’ve just give them 20ml each so I’ve half it and keep it that way until the end
  18. Jimster


    Clawing isn't always an issue from is a very old strain Sativa...note the severe clawing at the top. The problem is that the plant was a monster and overgrew the light level, and the leaves claw in response to the greater intensity of light coming from the lower areas instead of above or laterally. I am not disputing the Nitrogen possibility, but tall and lanky Sativas can look pretty funky. This is after being turned to 12/12 on 9-4 . Things are just getting started and it also could used thinning out down got a little out of hand … mana far.png mana far.png !
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  19. You’re good. Make sure you’re pushing carbs n get that light to it all tie it over a bit or whatever. You got a ways to go lot of bud coming just don’t stress too much. They look like they’ll fill in a good bit.
  20. 6 week into flowering when does it start to swell up as I was expecting more bud at this stage ?
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