Any info on vap pens?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by mikeb437, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. mikeb437

    mikeb437 Active Farmer

    I have seen some posts on youtube about vaporizer pens that are good for smoking oils. Does anyone have any experience with these?
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  2. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    yes some of them are awesome. from what i can tell theres a couple types- ones you load oil directly into heating element area and ones that contain cartridges. Now if i could jsut figure out how to load cartridges i would love em even more.

    Last full charge and cartridge gave me over a 200-300 hits. I didn't count but well over 200/250.
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  3. Space Cab

    Space Cab Active Farmer

    Have a G pen , its pretty awesome. Do have to buy 20$ cartridge every month , can fit a lot in there
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  4. MakinGoo

    MakinGoo Moderator Staff Member

    I've tryed 2 different kinds Omicron V1 & The New Trippy Stix

    The Omicron hit good 4 about 2 weeks but it died.. I think the Cart went out

    The new Trippy Stix doesn't have a cart u juss drop the goo/Wax rite in2 the Stix & hit its still going strong.. I like the Trippy Stix 4 it super eazy 2 load & use..

    Both need 2 b cleaned everyday so it don't get clogged.. The omicron carts last longer but the Trippy Stix hits harder & eazier..
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  5. MakinGoo

    MakinGoo Moderator Staff Member

    Oh yea my girl bought a Hydro Vape pen from the cup in SF.. That thing is a mega piece of shit it never worked.. $100 down the drain.. We even emailed them & they still won't get back 2 us.. Fuck the hydro vape pen.. That thing sucks!!!!
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  6. Goldenrod

    Goldenrod Well-Known Farmer

    ok im still mixed on several versions of the vape pen i was a tester of the omicron & ive picked up each version since. best ive found is the gpen or the new 710 pen. its the cart & ease of treloading which make these the winners. you can also get cartomizer carts for the omicron but most seem to carry the aftermarket g unit. heres a couple pics. ive got the perseii which has an adapter so you can use 1 or 2 carts for bigger tokes. hard to make operate reliably, way overpriced, next omicron v2, aftermarket carts dont fit this one i found it useless, then the omicron original with g unit adapter. almost perfection. charger & leaky carts only issues. omicrons 002.JPG omicrons 003.JPG omicrons 004.JPG omicrons 006.JPG omicrons 007.JPG omicrons 008.JPG omicrons 014.JPG omicrons 015.JPG
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  7. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Hashish Moderator Staff Member

    the E-ssential ones work pretty good. they take cartridges that have been modified by oil heads to work well.
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  8. EVOKE

    EVOKE Well-Known Farmer

    i bought a g pen the damn wall charger doesnt work.... id rather still smoke my flowers... i dont get as high...with that damn g pen whack ass pen...
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  9. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    prob like a lot of you, i bought a bunch of different ones. wasn't' really trying to do a big experiment, but that's what it turned into as they were all pretty lame til i got the

    no i don't work for them or know anyone there. bought it last because my budget was limited, big mistake and cost me more. yes they are expensive (but non-throwaway/cleanable cartridges, unlike the rest) and well worth it if concerned with your health.
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  10. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Hashish Moderator Staff Member

    E-ssential is the same, resusable cleanable cartridges.
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  11. blkremy

    blkremy New Farmer

    Do these modified laser pointers really work ? I like my teeth in my head. The whole battery thing is a turnoff to me.
  12. Dz1PnK

    Dz1PnK Well-Known Farmer

    they work awesome for smokin in casinos, and lowkey tokes are the only reason to have one, so people think youre smoking an e cig, im shocked how little they smell, especially containing heated oil. but i was just standing in the smoking section and noone could smell me ripping it up. BLAZE ANYWHERE, noone knows

    im with grod, ive tried a few and my (imitation) gpen works best of the ones ive used. i have wanted to try the e-ssential,, but im not gonna buy another till this one goes out and who knows what we'll be ripping then...

    i will say though, HMK. you sayin theyre the ones to rock doesnt go unheard...
  13. Dz1PnK

    Dz1PnK Well-Known Farmer

    it doesnt burn off of the battery, it just leaks down the air hole if you were talkin about grods pix. Grod, u should clean that off before you charge it. it burns off a coil the battery powers, you can take the rubber deal off too grod, it helps get to the nail eaiser. dont buy tthe cheaper carts(they come with a screw down cap) the coils blow out really quick. ive had success cleaning these carts too.
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  14. treebark1950

    treebark1950 Well-Known Farmer

    I rock the g pen pretty hard, well I actually rock two of them. In fact since I'm on the go all the time I rock it every day. I've smoked about about a zip of wax though my 2 g pens and they still work great, same 2 original cartridges and batteries for last 4 months.

    I found that the less I load the cleaner and better the g pen works. I load just enough to sit in the cermaic heating thing.

    I'm a happy g pen owner...
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  15. Dz1PnK

    Dz1PnK Well-Known Farmer

    I load the same way, and I blew thru 3 carts in the first week, lol. Everybody keeps telling me I gotta be doing something wrong but I watch them do it and I'm not doin anyhing different, just individually shoddy I suppose, like Evoke n his battery, they're mass produced in some third world shithole, every Nth one is gonna be crap
  16. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    you mean the essential vaaapp pipes with the glass vial? those are really a different animal, require a lighter, not discrete for open/public use - but yeah they are a great option for manually controlling the heat to actually vaporize instead of burn like all the vape-pens with cartridges. same company has ones for glass fittings too.

    i'd be careful on Dz's advice re public use though, while they might be easy to play off as an e-cig, mmj is so common where i live that lots of people already know (no doubt leo does). smell can depend on what you put in it (i already got called out once when i thought it wasn't noticeable)
  17. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    looks like plastic? and the parts inside? def not anything i'd want to inhale from, materials with VOCs, BPA, lead -solder, fiberglass/silica, polyester, etc.

    seriously guys, doesn't even just regular smoking through glass/ti seem much healthier? thermovape has all biologically-safe materials, and much safer battery/circuit to address the 'explosion in your face' issue (the nature of all these devices is they pull a lot of current from a tiny powersource, really stresses the unit which is why most of the others are ultimately disposable)
  18. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    here are pics of what's inside some of the unhealthy ones (and most brands are even worse), all in the vapor-path, your oil/wax sits in contact with the unsafe parts, then all gets heated, cooked, burnt when you use the device, it's inevitable due to those designs..

    Unknown.jpg 2.jpg
  19. Dz1PnK

    Dz1PnK Well-Known Farmer

    The e-ssential isn't the one you're thinking of with the vials, it's more like these pens.

    True, no one listen to me, I'm obviously WAY too comfortable blazing, I'm a med patient in socal

    The cup part is ceramic, but I'll agree with everything else you said, especially the lead solder. I had a feeling the wire coil wasn't the best method to heat oil with either, and when the carts are new the wick has something on it, I would always heat em till they stopped smoking before I'd load it for the first time(yeah, there was something out of the box that will smoke on the wicks)

    A lot of people aren't aware there are health concerns from using these things, good info
  20. TurnUp

    TurnUp New Farmer

    I Have A Atmos Raw Trippy Stick Already But No Cartridges. I Live On The East Coast And Its Not Alot Of Close Places That Sell Them. Is There Any Websites That Sell Them?