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Arduino Project Ideas! What'chya Got?

Discussion in 'DIY Farms' started by Saint Skinny, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Howdy doody rowdy booties!
    I've been messing around with arduino lately, and it's a blast! It blows me away with the different ways this simple board can be used to make everyday life a little bit easier, or a little bit more fun! :woot: So the point of this thread is simple, I would like to see what types of projects and/or ideas my fellow farmers can come up with that would take advantage of this amazing piece of equipment.

    Feel free to post:
    • Finished Projects/tutorials that you think are worth sharing
    • Concepts you're working on currently
    • an idea that solves a problem or makes something easier using arduino
    • problems you think could be solved with arduino
  2. Here's a Temp/RH Data logger I built. It reads inputs from a DHT22 sensor every 30 seconds and stores it on an SD card.
    After the data is stored, you're able to remove the SD card and view the info on your computer. From there it's simple to load the data and make a graph using your preferred spreadsheet program. The graph below was made using Google Sheets.
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  3. I have not incorporated my Arduino yet but I have 3 Raspberry Pi's going. One in each room.

    Keeps track of Temp, Humidity, CO2, and some other stuff. The moisture sensors go into each pot and monitor water in each pot. There's a camera attached to each one so it can do a pretty cool time lapse. I still have a lot to do but Summer came and I dropped the ball until it gets cold again.

    The RPi monitors real well. The Arduino responds to the RPi data well. The 2 work great together.

    Here is what it looks like right now. Like I said, I still have plenty to do. :)

    RPi interface.jpg
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  4. :woot: Holy Maker-man-magic! That's freakin' awesome!!! I had looked into Pi a little bit but figured 'duino would suffice for my current project. That being said, I have considered getting into Pi down the road if things work out. From what I've found with a quick google search the Pi boards seem a bit more expensive, which makes sense since they have more capabilities. Can you use the same modules with Pi as duino, or are they incompatible?
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  5. The RPi is actually better (IMO) for monitoring. The arduino is more for actuating.

    The RPi monitors the (for example) temperature but it's capabilities to adjust anything are a little limited.

    So, my plan was to use the RPi to monitor all the variables and then use the Arduino to turn on and off fans, heaters, lights, whatever.

    It's a fun project for a programmer but to be honest, since I started this project a couple years ago, they have come out with some pretty awesome modules that are operated by a smart phone. No programming required. :)

    I do it more for fun than anything.

    RPi's are pretty cheap at about $35. I think that's pretty close to the Arduino.

    Shit, if I remember right, my first RPi was 5 bux. LOL It's all the toys that go along with them that make them more expensive. Most of the stuff is pretty cheap but it can add up.
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  6. OMG, I was just reading about this stuff. Love to see what folks can conjure up to automate things.
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  7. It's amazing stuff, isn't it!? I just started and I can't wait for my parts to get here... Banggood is taking it's time
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  8. What is it that limits RPi's actuating capabilities? I haven't looked to much into Pi yet, I looked into it a little and remember it saying arduino is good for more simple tasks, like 'Turn on my sprinkler at 8 am' or 'Switch this light on when something trips the motion sensor' Where RPi would be better for more complicated projects, Like 'Check the weather forecast in my area, and based on whether or not it's supposed to rain, and use that data to decide whether or not to turn on the sprinklers at 8 am."

    Yeah $35 isn't too far from an arduino if you bought it from the arduino site or something like that, but I usually have to go with clones via Ebay or something to afford it. I think I paid $15 for my Uno kit (Came with breadboard, leds, momentary push buttons, etc) from Ebay and right now I'm waiting on my Nano from banggood, which cost less than $5. The downside so far is waiting for shipping
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  9. If you're enjoying Arduino, consider looking into ESP-32 or EPS8266 boards! They're super cheap, program with the arduino IDE, and have built in WIFI!

    I need to finish my project and then do a write-up on it... but I've got an ESP-32 that monitors and tracks RH and Temp in my room, RH, soil moisture, and temp in my cloner. I just bought PH and ultrasonic water-level sensors, and built a TDS probe, but I haven't added those three yet!

    The cool part - the ESP also runs a webserver via wifi, so I can log in and see a table of all the values throughout the day.

    The COOLER PART - I've got it tentatively working with my Amazon Alexa! I can say "Alexa, ask my pot farm for a report." and (when it all works right) it answers "Your temperature is 79 degrees, and your humidity is 54%. The cloner temperature is 81 degrees, with a humidity of 65% and a soil moisture of 40%." And you can ask for the "highs and lows" and get a quick report on the highest and lowest temp and humidity, and when they occurred.
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  10. Holy polish powderpuff pudding pops, that’s pretty cool! I was actually looking into integrating an ESP board into the logger (or at least making the option available) at some point down the line. Even if I don’t end up doing that I’ll still have to get one for myself to play with. What are you using for a temp/rh sensor?
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  11. It's been so long since I worked with these I don't remember 100%. If I do remember right, it is because the RPi only has digital outputs so it can only be ON or OFF. The Arduino has analog outputs so the output can be variable. I think I remember adding a MPC3808 to it to make some of my analog sensors work.

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  12. The RPi's are also WiFi capable. They run a L A M P server. Linux Apache MySQL Php Server. I think that's right. LOL

    It's pretty much accessible from anywhere in the world that has WiFi. Pretty neat. I am barely scratching the surface.

    Hopefully, this isn't too far off topic but another cool toy for the grow room is IP Cameras. I have them everywhere. LOL Here's one. It monitors 2 rooms It has zoom and tilt and all that stuff. Again.... from anywhere in the world. I love the 21st century. LOL

    image1.jpg Image2.jpg
  13. BombBP


    Glad this thread was started. Started reading into this stuff last winter. Going to try and master it this winter so I might need to pick a few brains. I actually have a few esp and maybe an onion lying around somewhere. Look into the onion if you guys havent...incredible.
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  14. No photos yet but I am building an arduino based system that will control a small water pump and peltier cooling module in an RDWC system to regulate water temperatures.

    In my tests I could cool room temperature water down to near freezing temperatures using 60W of electricity.

    Also, this CO2 sensor from Banggood is interesting.
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  15. I love the idea of the IP camera. When I first started I remember being two hours from home, at an appointment or whatever, and all of a sudden stoping and wondering, "shit, did I water the girls this morning? Oh shit, it's probably droop city in there, my poor babies!' having an IP cam would have been nice, of course we didn't have internet back then, so that negates the whole idea pretty quickly

    It's funny you mentioned that, I was just considering posting a little warning saying stick to ebay unless you're not in a hurry. I've been waiting two weeks for my Banggood order, It is coming from CA, but still... I've had packages come from overseas quicker than that, but the soldering Iron I ordered from Ebay came in 3 days later
  16. Hell yeah, If you're a diy minded person like myself, You'll really enjoy it.
    Personally, the hardest part to get through was coding, mainly making sure the libraries are where the IDE thinks it should find them. If it's not you'll get an error message
  17. Does anyone know if the IR LEDs on an IP Camera will disrupt a plant's dark cycle?
  18. No, they will not. I have used them for years.

    And, if I'm not mistaken, pot plants don't see infrared light.

    Here is a shot of the IR light on.

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