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Bagseed Of Kosher White Out On Patio

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by ragamufn, May 17, 2018.

  1. Welcome to my first outdoor grow journal! Outdoor growing for me is for fun and experiments, kept well separated from the others so I don’t contaminate my tent environment.

    This one was started from a seed found in a dispensary purchased eighth a couple months ago that was labeled Kosher White. The bud was a very attractive, very tasty indica with long lasting effects so definitely worth popping the seed. I don’t know if the name is quite correct, though...I think it could potentially be either Kosher White Truffle or White Kosher, but I don’t want to insult the breeders of either by suggesting it is and have them get annoyed at being linked to a bad grow...

    Seed started germination on 5/7 @ 7am by dropping it in a shot glass of purified water and covered with a coffee mug. 24 hours later, water from glass was used to wet paper towels, seed was placed between towels with tweezers, and then placed between paper plates.

    72 hours later (longer than intended), on 5/11 @7am, seed was gently pulled from paper with roughly 2” long taproot. Tweezers dropped the seed into solo cup with four holes punctured in bottom by screw, filled with Roots Organics seedling soil over a layer of gravel at bottom for drainage. Gently watered with purified water from bottle with holes punched through cap by toothpick, placed into drain pan with sweats wrapped around for insulation, and placed onto heat mat inside near French doors.

    5/11 @ 5pm, seedling appearing to be pushing up soil to come out. Left on heat mat all day near French doors.

    5/12 @ 5pm, seedling sprouting out about 1/8”. Left on heat mat all day near French doors.

    5/13 @ 7am, seed popping well out of soil with cotyledons. Left on mat near French doors all day. By end of day, top of seedling is at top of cup. Soil felt dry at night, so slowly watered until water seen in tray.

    5/14 @ 9am, seed looking healthy, but maybe getting stringy, as the top is still a bit bent over. Starting getting used to full sun with about 4 hours out on patio, then back inside at night. Probably a day late on that timing...

    5/15 @ 1pm, first true leaves filling in. Getting full day sun now, still inside at night. Plant still tall, but stem filling in (helped by breeze).

    5/16 @ 5pm, true leaves still coming in nicely. After watering in morning, leaves seem bit more defined/elongated. Plant looking good, but wondering if supporting with chopstick is unavoidable...plant holding up fine in wind, but not sure if more leaves’ weight will be an issue as it fills in...

    5/17 @ 6am, seedling still growing, and back outside for an already sunny day...
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  2. Stem isn’t bending in the breeze, but was leaning a bit much for my liking. Not the best support ever made, but should do ok during the solo cup phase...
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  3. Fill.the solo up with more soil. Problem solved
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  4. Thank you DemonTrich! I was genuinely wondering about that...never had to add soil to a solo cup before, honestly. I’m so paranoid about doing anything around seedlings, mainly cause I’m clumsy. But I’d rather go without that support chopstick cause the stem really does seem sturdy enough of its own.

    I’ll go add soil right now. Thanks again for the guidance!
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  5. I purposely half fill my cups when I'm doing beans just for this reason.
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  6. Thanks again, DemonTrich! Soil was getting a bit dry, so timing was great to add soil then water down. Looks more like a stable, solid planting now. Just hope my fat fingers didn’t knock the seedling around too much while I was spreading the soil.
  7. Hmmm
    Didn't really cover what I imagined. I was hoping you could bury the stretch about 1" max from the new leaves.
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  8. Oh...even higher up the stem? I can get a bit more in there, but not sure I could get enough for 1” below the new leaves. I’ll go try as much more as I can get in. But now I totally see why you do half cups of soil to start...taller seedlings like this one might need a a lot of soil added...

    Always a new detail for me to learn!
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  9. Anytime

    Also, zip lock baggies work great for using a humidomes on solo cups.
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  10. I got it a bit closer to 1” from new leaves...not quite there, but definitely an improvement...

    Not to bogart too much of your time today, DemonTrich, but about the plastic baggies...I’ve strayed away from adding any humidity during seedling stage because I’m in a coastal area and always paranoid about mold/mildew/etc. But does the coastal air really make a difference at this stage, or am I just being a scaredy-cat?

    I really appreciate your advice, DemonTrich! Even though this is a unexpected fun grow, I’d be stoked if things turn out right...the bud the seed’s from really was a terrific smoke...
  11. I'm 8n a controlled grow enviroment, i dictate the temp, rh, and co2 for my plants.

    Seedlings like humid environments
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  12. Right on. This is my first outdoor grow, so I’m admittedly a bit more paranoid than normal because I can’t control factors as much as I can in my tent (about 2-3 years grow experience indoors). I’ve germinated seedlings with humidity domes in my tent before, but I thought the open coastal air would be more than humid enough. Seems like I’m being unnecessarily cautious about too much humidity, though, and I’ll get back to using domes for seedlings, even when growing outdoors.

    Much respect DemonTrich!
  13. Even though it’s an indoor reader, I wanted to keep track of environmental conditions up on the patio for future outdoor grows. It’s 16ft up, and gets more wind and moisture at nighttime from the nearby ocean than down on the ground seems to. The morning clouds haven’t burned off yet today, so it’s cooler, which is not uncommon for May. I think humidity is a good level for the current growth stage at 74 (if reader is accurate), but temp is a bit too low and the sunlight isn’t as consistent as I’d hoped.

    Little sage green buddy seems to be doing fine, one full week after going into the solo cup. Not the fastest leaf growth ever, but that’s no doubt my fault, not its. I almost feel badly now putting it outside to brave the elements and not through a controlled cycle in the tent instead...