best smoking device for earwax bho

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    someone sent me some bho from cali. ( im assuming thats what it is,) its gold in color and it has the density of wax,, comes in a small clear comtainer about the size of a quarter.. i usually vape my weed or use a 1 hitter,, is there something better i can use to smoke this? someone mentioned using a glass tube like they use for crack.. any suggestions?
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    them things ^ cost ah ton and can get broke easy. this is the best and you can actually take it somewhere and use it , plus taste is better, and is simple. , heat the glass rod, cough for an hour,lol.
    pipe and rod are around $35- $50 and you need ah torch.

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    ^^I was always afraid it would fall strait through the hole...does it vap before that can happen?

    One other way I hit oil if Im in a pinch, I get a screen, the cleaner the better. If its not clean scrape off residue and burn for a min. U dont wanna be tasting that shit, u want pure oil taste so clean is important. I put a small DAB of oil on the screen. Even spread it around a little if I can, if not dont worry just use little. With good BHO u dont need alot. Ok now either u put screen in now (dont be crazy and get the shit on your hands or DROP it, careful) or if you put dab on while screen was on then go ahead and hit it. The hit should be a short little hit, you are trying to just burn the oil by itself. I guarantee if you cleaned the screen and dont leave flame to long you will get nothing but oil taste.
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    Hmm gotta check that out. For real Ive never seen one of those. Thanx mane.
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  9. Quartz nail and dome combo or worms puddle funnel, it's an all quartz swing arm
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    hows about putting it in a bowl on top of some weed? i dont want to spend hundreds of dollars for something i smoke on rare occasions. can i make a small bowl from tin foil and heat up the bottom and use a straw to suck up the smoke? im looking for something easy and cheap!
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    If your gonna do that might as well use a Butter knife. Heat up till red and throw a glob on and suck through...well I use a toilet paper roll.
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    thanks dex,, thats more like it.i just wanna get high,, dont need to make a production out of it and spend a ton of cash..
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    Try the Health Stone it kicks ass..... I have a Ti Curve, Glass Dome, and reg concentrate bowls and the health stone is better IMO

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    An easy way of smoking it would be to take the tip of a knife, or pound a big paper clip flat on one end to make a "spoon" and grab a glop on it. Then take your already packed bowl and heat up the knife or "spoon" with a lighter in the middle (between your fingers and the glop) and drip the glop onto your bowl, continuing to heat the "spoon" with the lighter a bit then melt the glop until it soaks into your herbs.

    Hopefully that makes sense!

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    hey mike if you got one of those HMK curves you might be converted for life. i recommend everybody to try oil rips from a ti curve at least once in their life. especially if you are already smoking bowl after bowl after bowl. you can switch to a half dozen oil rips daily instead of 20-30 bong loads.
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    Agreed, The titanium curve is amazing!! Conserves oil like crazy but gets you the best hits possible from oil. Lately I wont even smoke unless I have some oil.
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    thats the fattest single nug ive seen haha
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    Say word. You can get quartz vials too. Then this is the tool! Hot quartz vapes wax the best IMO. Even the stock glass vials give me a great wax hit every time. Love it in the bong as well. Nice.
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    Spark, wheres the best place to get quartz vials?
  20. Hotknives is a good bet, but my FAVORITE budget way for smoking wax/BHO is to burn a smokeless Japanese incense coals (the kind you need a torch to light), set it in a bowl of rocks, drop the oil onto the coal with a pin, and use the cut off top of a 2 liter bottle to suck up the smoke. STRAIGHT to the dome - super efficient - and as long as you get the right coals, totally safe.