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Best tasting strain in seed form?

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by Biggestpothead, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Was actually thinking about this one. Why do hazeman and mota have nearly the same strains? Might pick this one up
  2. I didn't sub to rollitup, i simply research like do w/ gardens cure , mr.nice, skunk skool,etc....

    And this is why I'm heated over sour d because of dickheads like u. Ive smoked more than u weigh 3x over u newb. Purps and kush fetch higher prices you anencephalic being. Kush demands the highest prices on the globe up to 800/oz or 8000/Lb. Had some socal master that reaked the whole block and it was an eighth.
  3. Oh and another thing tga subcool has the highest THC %s tested out of ALL breeders.
    Look it up
  4. E.T.


    Hazeman and mota worked together for some time. They have recently gone seperate ways. Great genetics in those beans.
  5. Seriously? Just STFU.

    Wrong. :fighting0085:

    Examples: Wifi, anything OGR has bred, or most likely will breed. The White, Socal Master Kush (which you mentioned.). Check out the farms breeders bro, they are rocking shit out, you seem to have done tons of research on shit sites, but NONE on this one.

    Shit i've seen VS TGA, his shit gets stomped. People chuckin pollen on here and comin up with better shit than his newest works. Ex. Plushberry.

    Hit the search bar up on this site, it'll shut you up REAL quick.
  6. Dude I know wifi is way better than any tga stain and tga's not close to the best. All I said was out of the seed companies testing their THC , tga averaged the highest. That doesn't mean quality and a high has alot more dimension than THC levels which is flawed. Btw I heard some good things about vortex
  7. hazeman gear rocks, just testing some of his stuff and just finished up the white cheddar, very nice strain, also just finished up some dud x tresdawg from topdawg and they are some tasty strong stuff, totally took me by surprise tbh , got 8 phenos to choose from :), defo worth a look people

  8. Where is this statistic located? Still calling bullshit.
  9. Illmind


    its complete bs dude is nidiot. i seen his shit on his labels at an expo this kid hella dumb. kush bomb too n plushberry isnt a real kush
  10. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    So why debate on TGA's "STAINS" when said tests are "flawed"? ....And you can't back peddle outta, "Highest THC outta ALL the breeders.Look it up!" NOW, it's "I know wifi is way better then ...blah blah blah. Homie give up, just ask your? ?? And listen, don't start debates over posted data, or go by the PitBull!!! Peace and OG Grease
  11. Hahahahaha, another thread good for the laughs.... Az
  12. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    Ya, I gotta keep coming back! LOL
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    09-10-2011*04:51 PM #191
    Ganja Smoker
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    I have much respect for tga genetics. I dont particularly agree with them being in business, i think there hearts are more geared towards compassion, and in my or selling something for money is nothing under compassionate.. A Church is a compassionate center-organization( donations are never forced and only asked for)...they never charge and they impact lives as well ( no im not a believer in god) even if it cost you to make the seeds...If your a compassionate caregiver then breed on donations ( and if your shit is good like subs is Im sure ppl will donate much money, maybe more than selling...who knows)

    Compassionate caregivers is a very bad choice of words for labeling if your making $$$ in the medical marijuana sector ....NOWWWW. Thats said, this is directed at every breeder that sells seeds under medical marijuana provisions. Just cause the laws say u can, doesn't mean you should! As much as the laws try to dictate morals, they are often in violation of morals themselves....just like prohibition....banning nature is flat out wrong and immoral to a planet that supports our very existence. Non-Profit regulation still does not include the banning of retailing seeds. Breeders claim it cost money....well thats where the compassion part comes in. Ive said this to many breeders and infamous people within this industry like danny danko, and all have agreed. I credit shantibaba for enlightening me about the issues of selling seeds under medical marijuana provision. So, "non-profit" quotations used lightly because when it comes to the seed one is willing to strictly give seeds away that cost $ to produce......I agree with shantibaba in that all out legalization is the only righteous way....and the only way to honor every persons individual civil rights...not just medical users....and if and when that happens....seeds will be produced and seeds will be sold, Im sure, but at least its not under a fallace manner.

    As far as the TGA genetics go....I love them! I have grown many different strains and have had a lot of phenos from sub...Personally I didnt care for plushberry , id rather have querkle or any querkle cross. Better meds and better taste IMO. I love love love vortex, amazing medicine and a amazing find by team tga. Ive grown dairy queen, chernobyl, ace of spades, jtr, jc, jillybean, qrazy train ( best extract ive had medicinally) ....all in all, tga is pure fire, with great medicinal properties...with great flavors to boot

    Have I had hermies? Yes. However, if you look at that as bunk genetics and never give a strain a chance, you are making a very poor choice. Its a part of the species number 1. Number 2, stess induction is something that inclines this NATURAL tendency. 3. Most times its actually induced by the grower and not the environment....running them to long...packing them to tight....over watering-feeding, many things can cause hermies...and most of the time its because of inexpierenced hands

    Lastly, when your genetics test above 20% THC the testing facilities you actually put yourself in a very small bracket called the .5%. Cause literally everything that has been tested thus far 99.5% of the time its under 20% THC.....So if your not getting a buzz...I recommend you put the crack pipe down and see if that helps...20% THC is LITERALLY enough to get an elephant unless your bigger than a big ol elephant ( sad story for a stoner) your either smoking crack, or have become brain dead and in that case, your not likely to get any head high sometime soon!

    PS--Take a wild guess what the average % is for one single company has tested higher yet, collectively speaking....says something....a lot to me! And they have yet to test every strain! They aint scared....and Im sure they handle the heat just lovely

    PSS--For the love of god ppl...this is a fucking cannabis site...not a fucking grammer site...if you pm me talking shit about my grammer or my inability to correct my spelling im gonna smoke even more in hopes that it fucks up my "abilities" to the point you go fucking mad. If your a grammer pro go to a grammer site...not a medical marijuana cultivation site!


    Cheers--Stay Green

    And there u have it.
  14. nice riply biggestpothead i now jus wat youre sayine abut bad speling on ere lmao
  15. Originally Posted by theinhibitor

    I would say greenhouse is one of the better ones since they chemically test all of their weed and put down the right percentages, unlike other breeders that definitely lie *cough* subcool *cough*. 20% THC is very very high for some of their supposedly more indica strains and im not an idiot like you to believe it. Most businesses, especially in the marijuana industry, fudge facts because nothing is regulated in this industry.
    This is a joke right? Greenhouse is the biggest joke of a seed company out there. Besides not breeding most of their strains which were bred by Shanti and Neville, their current strains on average don't even compare to most other seed companies.

    Some TGA lab results.

    Querkle at 25% THC.

    JTR at 25% thc

    Chernobyl at 22%

    Dairy Queen at 24%
  16. norcal215

    norcal215 Garden of Dreams Seed Co


    lmao hes smokin ether, like ill said giddyup
  17. nuttso


    lol bro, anybody can take an elite and reverse it. lol and pollinate another elite.haha my lil 12 year old cousin can do that. and yes the offspring would be killer.

    Some of the best taste will always need pheno hunting.
  18. cannarado

    cannarado Premium Member Supporter

    Those lab tests can vary quite a bit. High moisture levels will skew those #'s. If that bud is still a bit moist the thc% will be higher.
  19. Illmind


    i respect opinions all day but this type of fuckery is just ridiculous. subcools gear majority was 10-14 percent. anything jjs tres touches is 20+ so fail again. those tests are a sales gimmick the mother plants that created them arent that high. 25% lol who he paying off? his bud dont even get me high and i've smoked nugs grown by sub. firstly 25% is a shot in the dark weird everything is at least 25 which i know it aint especially dairy queen. cheese is the mom i doubt he bumped thc content up 10% lol. u can believe it tho. no tga sales for u... o and the tests u wanna go by r the customers not the greedy breeder looking to increase sales. ps i grew everything but chernobyl on that list. o lol u post tac results numnuts. jtr thc% is 7. something. u wanna look at thc mainly since it is active ingredient. not the total active cannaboids number genius.
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  20. So much false information...

    Another stoner who thinks he is a 'connoisseur' and knows shit about growing or genetics because he has been buying bags of weed all his life. Your bullshit credentials don't mean shit.