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best use of trim and popcorn buds

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by lovelightpower, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. i've recently cropped my outdoor harvest.
    a lot of it isn't ripened fully.
    top buds are pretty cool, but i'm left with lots of popcorn buds and trim.
    when i say lots, i mean big boxes full of the stuff. whats the best way to get something smokable out of all this?
    i'm thinking a lot of the resin heads are not mature enough to make bubble hash.
    so maybe i need a load of alcohol or ethenol to make oil, not sure of an actual method.
    anybody got any suggestions?
  2. Try the okief tubes, i got some on the way and they look like the least messy way to extract the crystals and make oil. They cost like £75 though but they look worth every penny, check em out youtube, they look a doddle.
  3. found okeif products using google, but can't find anything on utube though.
    could you send me a link.

    thanks for the info, seems like the way to go.
  4. Dagga

    Dagga Guest

    make some tincture
  5. so to do that would i need to soak my trim in a large amount of pure alcohol?
  6. Dagga

    Dagga Guest

    nah brah all you need is 100% vegetable glycerine.
    go to the cannabis recipe section on this forum and look at the 1st thread i believe is called "easily manageble recipes" or something along those lines.
    there is a step for step on making tincture! easy as 1 2 3