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Best Way To Collect And Store Rosin?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by WestbyGod, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. I recently put together a DIY 12 ton press. Works great, but seem to have problems collecting the rosin. I always have a bunch that sticks to the tool when I am trying to put in silicon containers, and when I try to get back out of containers, always end up with a lot more on dab tool than wanted. Is there an easy way to handle rosin? Or is it always going to be a sticky mess?
  2. I have seen silicone tipped tools but I have not tried one.

    I have read about a person who uses a paper clip. He got a dab on the end of the paper clip and then heated the paper clip slightly above the dab and it dripped off the paper clip. I tried this and it worked. Albeit, kind of a pain in the ass.

    I use a stainless flat tool and just wipe it on the edge of the quartz when I put the dab in the cup. It drips down after the cup gets hot. Not a great method but it works for me. Plus, the dab dripping down the side of the quartz cup slows the burn a little so it actually dabs pretty nice.

    I use silicone containers and have no problem but I have read that silicone is not great for long term storage.

    As for collecting it off the parchment, I use a glass swizzle stick. Usually works fine unless the rosin is extra runny. Then, I just press the parchment onto glass and pull the parchment off quickly. It leaves all the rosin on the glass and I scrape it with a razor blade.

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  3. Thanks for the advise.
  4. I collect by just folding it onto itself if that makes sense to. Pretty simple. You can also trow you tools in the freezer for a minute to work with them cold.
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  5. That sounds like a royal pain in the ass. Freeze the parchment with oil on it and it doesn’t matter how runny the oil is it will peel off effortlessly until it gets warm
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  6. I have been storing Rosin in Silicon jars, but then the silicon jars are vacuum sealed with a Foodsaver machine and put into the yr, I will take some out and test..

    BTW: I have one of those glass collection stamps but have never tried to use it (are they any good?). I usually just take a SS scraper and pull the rosin left off with a small dab mat..anything left on the tool is dabbed. If things get reallt thick on the collection tool..I hold it above a dab banger to heat it and then it comes off very easily with the dab mat.
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  7. gwheels


    If you freeze it you can grab a blob and kind of tap tap tap it on rosin on parchment and it will glob up.

    To get it in silicone i scrape it off a tool and then heat the tool up with a lighter to drip the last bit off. Whatever is left goes in the wax pen.

    It is a sticky situation no doubt about it.
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  8. Nitrile Gloves also.
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  9. You just have to make room in the icebox beforehand for all the parchment paper. It works well
  10. There's no room in my fridge for dope.... It's all full of BEER! LMAO
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