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Best way to run 6 1000w lights at 240?

Discussion in 'The Planning Stages' started by pablohoney, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I have 4 slots avail in my box. 200amp service.

    I need to run 6 (25a) 1000w lights and a 25k btu ac (13amps)

    Would it be best to use as many circuits as possible to distribute this load?
    I require around 40 amps of juice. Should I run 2x 30a breakers or reduce it even more?

    The only reason I don't want to Do a lot is because it's more wire to run.

    I'm guessing it wouldn't be a good idea to run ll of them off of say a 60 amp breaker but that would be the easiest.

    I guess my options are
    1x 60a
    2x 30a
    4x 15a
  2. Even though your at 25 amps with your 6000 watts, its actually a hair higher. If it was me i would install a small sub panel with # 6 wire minimum and then feed your equipment from there. Its nice to have a sub panel for many reasons, i've had unexpected visitors before and was worried about noise and smell, even though im a legal grower, and i went and flipped the main in the sub and all (fans, ac,) was temporarily turned off.
  3. To power your lights depends on what kinda lighting controller you have. What i did here being an electrical contractor is i installed an intermatic timer 240v (the kind with the yellow round dial inside it) and fed it with number tens , put it on a 40 amp breaker (though your suppose to have a 30 amp) cause i knew my amp draw was around 26 amps with my 6000 watts, the wire can handle that and they all come on at once with no dig timer, etc and no relays. And all my wiring is in metal conduit.
  4. Snowblind

    Snowblind Alien Tech Avenger Supporter

    I would run a 60 amp sub panel to the grow room if possible. From the sub panel I would run one circuit to a cap relay box with a timer. The timer plugs into a normal outlet and cuts on the relay box. You can plug your 240 lights into the relay box. Run a seperate circuit for the ac if you want..............
  5. I like that idea. Where did you get the 240v intermatic timer? Can I get it at home depot? What exactly should I buy. I'm seeing this thing "little grey box" hot water heater timer. Single pole? Double pole?

    Also how does it control 6 lights?
  6. I personally pulled a sub100amp off my main200amp. Gave me ton of open areas to place what i need. From their got pre-wired in armor shield. Place a strap every 3ft or J hook. Then a box. Then again i use to get $ wiring every day.

    Makes me smile too when i have to work on new things and its raining out side. Can make things exactly where you want it.

    If the room is right next to the main, I would not even bother for a sub. Just plan on paper vary well.
  7. Good stuff. If someone who didnt know anything about elctrical work was going to run lets say 4000w would it be too dificult to learn how to do this without any training or experience? I mean I don't have half of that yet but who knows... I wouldn't really want to hire an electrician even though it's legal here, but I also wouldn't want to mess something up or electricute myself ect. From the research I have done so far it seems that I may be able to do somethig small for 4000w or so, but I'm no expert.
  8. 1971


    I like Hiboys idea. A sub panel would give you a lot of flexibility. Is this even an option?
  9. Yeah pull a subpanel off your 200 (as much as you'd like to allow) and run your timer from it.
  10. organicfreak

    organicfreak Guest

  11. Surfr

    Surfr Just cruisin.... Supporter

    What up homie.. This might be a dumb question lol.. But can you pull a 100amp sub panel from your 200a main if the 200a only has one slot open?

    Thanks bro

  12. no cuz a 100 amp is going to be a double pole breaker....your going to either need to A. eliminate a circuit to make room or B upgrade your panel....i am sure if u look in too things there will be a way to combine a circuit ....probly the circuits going to the exsisting grow room since ur going to have a sub panel for that room ne way...i would put the lights on 1 circuit if u could just helps keeps thing neater
  13. Most likely you can adds slimline breakers to consolidate them, your not changing anything except the breaker, they are also called slim lines. Then you can add your 100 amp breaker for your sub panel. Who is the maker of your panel, if its a murray, challenger, even some g.e. can take slimlines