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Better yielding? Alien OG, Alien Bubba or Alien Dog

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by pacificdunes74, May 13, 2010.

  1. I have the three of these vegging and a friend want the best yielding of the three ? What one do I give him? The alien Dog has done pretty good indoors for me. I had a buddy do a Alien Dog cutting in a greenhouse and did douoble what I did supercropping it. Anyone had the Alien OG or the Alien Bubba before swerve dropped them to us. How about Swevre drop a line to us on this one since you have for sure seen the yields. Thanks
    My Deadhead is 13 days into flowering and not even a small sighn of showing sex. Anyone had same issues?
  2. Tex

    Tex Premium Member Supporter

    I might not say Alien Bubba to be a better yielder than the other two but then again... What's the makeup of alien og?

    Do you have any light leaks? Will ya take some pics of the plant for us, so we can all see your Deadhead and branch unions, etc.? Thanks man..
  3. Alien OG = Swerve's Tahoe OG x Alien Kush Male...

    He said the male was a real stanky producer...
  4. TheCoolestMan

    TheCoolestMan Premium Member Supporter

    Alien OG sound like some killer smoke for sure...The idea of yield will change depending on how u grow, light setup, veg time if u use LST, Training etc etc...I've seen some ppl yield cray with the white bubba veg for 3 months with crazy toping and LST. Supercropping is a must with the OG's crosses and Kushies. As Tex say, pics will probably help...
  5. The Chem D leaning pheno of Alien Dog is heavy yeilder of grade AAA dank.
  6. up yours

    up yours Guest

    Have bought all alienx I was able to find and when possible multiple packs. Have also purchased tahoe og deadhead og chem valley kush and sour og a good brother turned me onto cali connection and I am so jazzed to get going on them I hope to start diaries on all genetics I start and any future crossbreeding sorry for rambling on but I will give you my opinion in a few months mother nature willing and the creek don't rise peace y'all. U.Y.
  7. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    i would guess alien dog myself, but havent grown any.
  8. From what I've seen I would guess AlienDawg
  9. Tron


    Pacific> I had the opposite with the Deadheads, I had to keep them on 24 hours in veg just to try to minimize flowering. My cuts are under 24 hours of light, 2 weeks old and have hairs already.

    Your Deadheads are probably female and no auto issue, maybe some keepers...

    I had the Sour Alien take 3 weeks to show female...
  10. rj mcnab

    rj mcnab Premium Member Supporter

    my alien dogs r big yielding.high quality
  11. up yours

    up yours Guest

    Hey tron can you give any more info on deadhead I have a fresh pack from attitude any knowledge would help thanks U.Y.
  12. Tron


    Up> Here are a couple links on the DH you should check out... I'm in my 3rd week of flower with 2 different pheno's.

    #1 is massive, like 4 foot tall... I've supercropped the shit out of it to keep it down... The only way I could run this full time with my set up in a 4x4 is to have it by itself yielding probably about 6-7 zips min. T

    #2 is shorter about 3 feet, stout- most of the branches are thick enough I don't need support, tighter spacing and frosty already. I'm keeping # 2 just because it fit's better in my little set up...

    I'm going to just run 4 strains all the same size that I have grown out. I have the Deadhead, Sour Alien, Tahoe and Larry that I picked the same stature. 1 of each in a 4x4 all about 3 feet tall and bushy for 70-75 days...

    This is enough info to know it's a dank choice you made my friend...

  13. alien og doesnt yield for shit. did quite a bit of lst this time around and its looking like its gonna help a lot. dense as fuck and potent tho. quality over quantity with this one
  14. Flow


    Ran the Alien OG in dirt, all organic nutes, got 160g of my best plant, averaged 130g per plant, all under 600w lamps, vegged for 4weeks, flowered in 7 gal containers, used Co2. I would consider this to be a good yeilder.
    Gonna do a thread on the whole grow when I get around to it. Really nice herb.
  15. lowdowndirty, alien og actually does yield decently. i don't know how many you grew out to come to that conclusion, but i grew out 3 and all had respectable yields for og.
  16. Kulo


    Does anyone know the Flowering time for the Sour Alien?