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Biobizz Or Nftg??

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by kansabis, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Which one should I get/try??
  2. I've been using biobizz for 5 years now. I have no reason to switch over to something else. Never had a burned plant, no pH issues, not even pH-ing my feeds. Straight tap an nutes. I'm using grow, bloom, heaven and topmax. Using good soil I start feeding grow at 2ml/l one or two weeks before flip and then slowly introduce bloom and later on topmax. Heave I use in case i let plants dry out too much or run in any other kind of issues since I'm also using epsom, kelp, mycorrhizae and molasses. Also usimg compost teas.
  3. These are both great nutes, just pricey on both lines is the only complaint
  4. Yeah they both seem like good choices,nftg wanted 38bucks for shipping to send me their tryout package but they insisted that I needed a ph meter because after mixing their nutes they are too low and require ph up although I've heard this isn't really necessary from others that use the line. I don't do anything with ph except occasionally check my tap on strips,also use a pur filter on my water cuz its fairly hard over 300ppm and around 8ph. Thanks everyone so far for your input.
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  5. My tap is at 7.2-7.4pH and 280ppm

    Never adjusted any feed with biobizz. Although at 8 you could run in some trouble.
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  6. What are the absolute bottles I need using biobizz??? I typically only hit my plants with some microbes and kelp stuff a couple times in veg and then do mostly bloom nutes...what do you biobizz users do??
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  7. Me I use grow, bloom, heaven and topmax. Start grow a week or 2 before flowering then slowly introduce the rest according to schedule.
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  8. BioBizzfeedchart1.jpg
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  9. Awesome,I'm thinking of using the fishmix instead of grow but I'm not sure yet,seems like the bloom,heaven and top max are what I really need most of although I usually only do half strength nutes first cycle or two of soil then next two cycles I use full strength then it goes outside. 4 cycles of soil last me a few years,so what I'm a penny pincher lol.
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  10. Same here, I keep reusing and re-amending my soil with EWC and kitchen scraps. I have 2 batches, so while one is in use the other one is cooking. I add some fresh soil here and there as the soil I'm buying has root stimulator in it.

    Oh, fishmix stinks and I mean really stinks.


    With grow/fishmix, bloom, heaven and topmax you got the base covered. Like mentioned before, you're gonna need some epsom, but then again, that's strain dependent. I have 3 different strains going atm, one's leaves turned almost dark blue from 2 much epsom and the other one can't get enough of it. I'm talking a tbs per 3gal pot a week and she's still asking for more.
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  11. Hell yeah sounds like a good routine you got going,and yeah I'm sure it does but then again so do I alot of times lol
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  12. Lmfao
  13. Worst case scenario my dog or cat will think it smells delicious and try to eat/drink it.
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  14. Hope not :puke:
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  15. Naw I keep them put away,small child to protect from too.
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  16. Same here, well I keep all my shit in the basement now that we moved.
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  17. Yeah I don't keep my son from the plants but only when I'm around,he loves plants and gardening almost as much as I do,he would be devastated lol
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  18. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    I just got my email from them and shipping is $39.A fair price for quart bottles and a chance to do a test run with them.I've been wanting to try them out so I'm down with paying for the shipping. ;)
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  19. Ive got 2 1/2yo and 5mo boys. I'll keep them away from the garden for now. Besides, when they get older I don't want them to spread the word around that daddy's got a garden in the basement. It's still illegal around here.
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  20. Yeah it wasn't the price of shipping that made me question getting it,it was the fact they said I must use ph meter ,check and adjust ph and in soil and organics I'm just not ok with that,if someone can assure me its not necessary then id try em out.
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