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Blood And Bones: Outdoor 2018

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by justiceman, May 30, 2018.

  1. Sup everyone! I'm starting up a small outdoor grow this season and I am keeping this as basic as possible. It's been a while since the last one but I'm ready for some fun. A lot of people have already started. I'm a little late to the party which is fine as I don't really want them to get too huge. It is so much fun growing outside spending time in the sun and I think what I like best is the soil preparation. :love2: So here goes!

    Heres a couple throwbacks from a few years ago. It was a lot of fun.
    2CC289DF-F25D-4678-8E48-EFD8AEB6E032.jpeg 7823239F-DFF8-45A0-9A21-4EC2D41E64E5.jpeg

    Here are the new beans getting ready!

    And here is the beginning of new life

    Strain: Dutch Passion Outlaw, GenoFarm Farm Cheese, Strain Hunters Afgooey
    Medium: Organic soil
    Grow Space: 2x8x10" raised bed, 4x8x10" raised bed
    Lighting: The Sun
    Nutrients: Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Dolomite Lime(Powdered), Earth Worm Castings, and last but not least Love

    I germed the seeds a couple days ago and made LC's mix #2 for them to enjoy while they gear up for action. LC's mix is one of my favorites. It's a super solid simple mix that can be used in various ways.

    LC's mix #2
    6 parts Fox Farms Ocean Forest or a quality basic soil
    2 parts Perlite
    2 parts Earthworm Castings
    1Tbps per gallon Dolomite Lime(powdered)

    I actually made a bit of LC's mix #1 first which is pretty much the same thing. Might as well post it up as well.
    LC's mix #1
    5 parts Coco or Peatmoss(I used coco)
    3 parts Perlite
    2 parts Earthworm Castings
    1Tbsp per gallon Dolomite Lime(powdered)

    ........but I knocked it over outside and lost most of it so when I went to get some blood and bone meal I picked up a small sack of Ocean Forest for mix #2. No big deal.

    Alright on to the raised beds. I have a 2'x8'x10" and a 4'x8'x10". They are solid and have been holding the soil from my previous outdoor a few years ago. I decided I would amend the soil again and cleared out the natural vegetation that was growing. Recipe #1 from LC's soil mix recommendations is my choice.

    Recipe #1
    1 tablespoon Blood meal per gallon or 1/2 cup per cubic foot of soil mix
    2 tablespoons Bone meal per gallon or 1 cup per cubic foot of soil mix
    1-tablespoon kelp meal per gallon or 1/2 cup per cubic foot of soil mix

    You may have noticed that Alfalfa Meal somehow snuck it's way into my nutrient list. Well that's because I only had a bit of kelp meal left over but I had some alfalfa meal laying around so..... I used them in combination to make up for the lack of Kelp. I know it's not exactly the same and Alfalfa provides a bit more N than kelp however it has a really nice amount of K. Should work out just fine.

    For the next 2-4 weeks I'll be watering and mixing my beds around. The mixing will ensure a more even distribution of the organic matter and the periodic watering will help to bring the microbes alive and going strong. Then they will start breaking down the blood, bones, kelp, and alfalfa into a usable state for the plants.

    70EC601C-091E-42D0-B433-263B53C5EE5C.jpeg F0C32461-A0D1-4708-834A-A1AF28E44F24.jpeg
  2. GrowGod

    GrowGod BANNED! Supporter

    I love the beds justice man!
  3. Right on! I really like them too. I'm not the handy type so I am proud to have made those beds.
  4. firstcitizen

    firstcitizen First Citizen Supporter

    Beautiful, your post fill my soul. Great work and good look ! AlfaAlfa is really good staff is not accidentally named...

    P.S Sometimes you can make a bed entirely with plant components. I noticed that Vegan fertilizers give a better taste, make plants more pungent and the pests do not attack plants so much. For example if we talk about tomatoes, tomatoes fertilized with vegan fertilizers last much longer in storage, unlike tomatoes that are fertilized with animal fertilizers. But it is a real plus for me that pests do not like this plants so much and appear plants to react better to food made from plants.

    Again your beds and plats are excellent art work.
  5. Kind words firstcitizen I appreciate them greatly! Hahaha never thought about the name in that way. I agree alfalfa is really good. Has a decent amount of N and K which is very nice not to mention traces minerals etc. I've never done soil mixes without animal inputs. I'm not opposed or unhappy with them but maybe I'll try out a plant and mineral based soil sometime to see how it goes. I'd imagine Alfalfa, Kelp, and Soft Rock Phosphate would be a pretty good combination for a soil fertilizer without the need for animal ingredients.
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  6. firstcitizen

    firstcitizen First Citizen Supporter

    It is great combination. (alfaalfa,kelp and soft rock...) We have been using stone flour from some time and it incredible cheap, useful and efficient. I dare to say that stone flour makes plants more happy, more resistant to pests and diseases and richer in food minerals, and at the same time it is difficult for them to burn them. In fact, to kill plants with stone flower, you have to bury it all up. I highly recommend a book : Bread of stones. New and rational system for fertilization and physical restoration of the soil - Doctor Julius Hensel Dr. Julius Hensel (a German agricultural and physiological chemist or pharmacist, who later qualified as a doctor of medicine; described as one of the greatest pioneers of biochemistry). His book has been forbidden for more than 100 years and I believe it is up to date today.
    I use alfaalfa as mulch, as aqueous extract and as sprouts seeds tea. It's incredible sprouts seeds tea that you can use for your plants and for youself. I eat alfaalfa or SST from time to time and gives me strength and resilience as a weed. ;)

    Each word you earned with hard work and effort from your hand.
  7. Looking good...
  8. Cant wait for the day I can grow outdoors,looking good Justiceman,simple but effective!
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  9. i freaking love it,kinda had me confused at first thought you were saying all the amends with water in gal jugs hahah,love your tecknic to,same as i use,blood and bone grow some shit bro,i also use crushed oyster shell for what dont belong,when i completly reamend boxs about every 2 years i go with oyster shell flour,alfalfa,azomite,bone and blood,and when i have extra cash kelp,that shit is redicilious priced,my main ingrediants are always blood and bone,i feed with KNF feeds i make myself,now i got a question for you,how do you keep your boxs full,i have 11 boxs raised beds,using peat moss as my soil start sucks,every year trying to keep box full,shit just breaks down,i live on a rock so all soil is made and i need a mix that wont have me out making new soil twice a year
  10. do you have any type barrier under the boxs,like for moles and such or straight to under laying soil?
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  11. Hahahaha man that would be a hassle putting all that in water first! Ya the per gal is if anyone wanted to do a smaller mix but it’s easier to just do the optional measurements at per cubic ft.
    Very nice ingredients and yes kelp is some pricey stuff. I have some azomite I thought about throwing in actually. We shall see.

    I did have to add a little bit of soil and earthworm castings to the beds but not very much. I think it’s just a fact of life that the soil will break down and get a bit more compact each year. I like to let natural vegitation grow in my beds while not in use as the root structures help to keep the soil from compacting. I too have noticed peat moss tends to break down pretty fast. I like to look for soils that have some aged forest humus and/or composts with aged bark in them. Bark pieces take quite some time to break down and help with compaction prevention.

    I don’t have any barrirs underneath but the topsoil around my area is very hard and dry so I don’t have to worry about them. Man would I be unhappy if one came out of my bed!
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  12. Looking great, I have seen what you can do with coco and solo cups. I will definitely be watching along.
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  13. ya local soil and stone,they have some pretty good compost,but soil,it either top soil sifted or the higher price grade compost,they let me take couple handfuls before i bought it,did a jar test on it,damn nice equal layers and plenty of organic matter,65 bucks a yard,there regular compost is good too for a green house maybe,outdoor in triple digit heat with main base as sawdust,water just stands on top of it,hahahah
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  14. This little Afgooey seedling is having a good time so far. :love2:

    Picture from a day or so ago.
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  15. are you shading it right now?
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  16. I have this one and a few other seedlings in small starter pots of LC’s mix #2 inside under some T5’s till they are bit bigger and stronger.
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  17. Alright these little ladies are starting to have a good time :party1: Just occasionally using unfiltered tap water. They don’t need anything else as LC's mix #2 has got a good amount of food in it already. Easy peasy.

    I decided to add one more seed for this grow. It’s a G13 Blueberry Gum #2. She’ll catch up in no time.


    Farm Cheese



    Blueberry Gum #2
  18. Nice variety!
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  19. Those are some healthy looking sprouts. Love the soil mixes and raised beds. You ought to try out COBs to start them (I'm using less than 250w with three lights, the x1 is 67w, x2 is dimmed down to around 180w from 200w). Fast growth and close to sunlight with my Cree CXB3590. Hardens off easily. You saw how my Banana Crack took off (though I do use the shade cloth as well).

    Looking forward to watching your grow. Nice format with the recipes and info.
  20. Right on! I do want to try out COBs in the future. I've been offset on trying them because I'm not very handy when it comes to electronics. I need to sit down sometime and do some good research. I'd prefer not to buy a prefab unit because the gist I get is you only get the best quality and deal if you build them yourself?