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Cannabis infused olive oil recipe 4 marijuana or any oil recipe

Discussion in 'Cannabis Recipes' started by jyip, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. jyip


    I hope this link works cuz it IS GREAT!
    The name is cannabis olive oil by doctor dianen it's on youtube if u search it,,, if it doesnt.... I also hope this is ok posting this,i mean only good, nothing but marijuana oil recipe witha pressure cooker which cuts time in half

    5 cups water
    2 cups olive oil...u can sub canola ro other cookin oils, but olive works n taste best,,, i hav used canola n it was perfecdt for me, I am do8in one tonight as I post this now ,,,hehehe
    2 cups water to rinse out the pressure cooked mixture of oil, water & MJ

    I want to add ingrediants into a right sized pressure cooker and add 5 cups water, 2 cups oil, bring up to temp at which point the pressure cookin will start "walking" and chatterring, so now you want to kind simmer and cookm with the cooker weight walking on top of pot...easy peasey japaneseey!!!

    *** two hours later remove from heat, and MAKE SURE to let cool down BEFORE you open the top of pot, Remember it's pressuresized right??? You do NOT want hot oil n weed on you, though you CAN use the NOW infused oil as a topical for localized pain relief..NEATO!!!!!!

    FINAL STEP....
    be careful with HOT oil, mj mixture,, in the viddy they use a grape press, i used a piece of tee shirt ,,, You need to squeeze the oil & water out of the cooked mixture, About 95 % of the essential oils are now infused into the the oil of your choice

    it was slow tedious work,but i made it usinga teeshirt piece and a strainer and twisting it up tight until I got all the oil n water outta it, and then repeat until ALL the pressure cooked infused oil mixture in seperated from each other, marijuana seperate from liquids
    Pour this liquid mix of oil n water off into a heat & cold safe vessel becasue you are gonna put it in freezer untilthe water freezes and then CAREFULLY seperate frozen water ice mix from the gooey infiused oil ( the oil has NEVER froze for me ) careful around the edges as it melts there first, be diligent now and be rewarded with perfect taste in whatever you choose to cook

    4 ounces of trim in two ounces of oil
    1 ounce of medication in a half ounce of oil unless you retrieve less than 100% back from oil you originally used

    ... Please keep in mind this is if you get 100% of the oil you used back with a grape press, which i dont have....easy peasey japaneseey again, just divide whatever amount of oil you retrieve by four, example : 1 1/2 cups divided by 4 instead right??

    have fun with it,, i have been, in fact this past XMass, My elderly Mother, and a brother a few yrs older than me celebrated with medicated brownies, My 80 yr old Mother took a small amount and sleep peacefully thru the afternoon, as did my brother and myself too! Best xmass since my Father passed away. I miss him, he was a great guy. He didnt care for the weed smoking and he told ya too! lol..

    I think i cut it into twelve pieces, I ate a half, waited ahalf hr, ate the other half, then an hr later i ate awhole one, i slept most the day...nice

    The next night i was messing around online for a 2-3 hrs after eating 5 brownies, after standing up and turning my head, I saw trails off of things like the lamp, paintings on the wall, whatever I wa looking at if i turned my head back n a very mild mescaline trip, no paranoia or racy heartbeat, just very baked and ok with the fact i was gonna be mush till the next day after i slept it off

    another trick for ya

    i also take 2 -3 tablespoons full and put it into some tea and drink for a very nice high as well!

    about the link,,,it is very good, this recipe i quickly described is walked thru in 9 minutes,,, she explains everything , stuff like,,, you need water with the oil, so the oil and marijuana do not heat up too hot and burn, the water keeps it unde boiling temps which means you are not burning off and wasting these oils in the cooking pot cuz its only 212 degrees, I vape at 368F to get these oils so its gotta be ok sounds like it to me , makes sense...the water makes sure you dont burn or overcook it...two hours is plenty time, the pressure cooker equals 4 hours of boiling which strips most the pils off into the cookin oil and into your brownies :)

    trash the nasty water/ice
  2. Thanks for the info!!

  3. don't be a darwin candidate with the pressure cooker they can kill :p
  4. Redskywalker

    Redskywalker Premium Member Supporter

    I just use a slow cooker coconut oil and weed then strain through a shirt. Not as dangerous lol, but it does take over 4 hrs. Great thread though PeAcE
  5. Thanks for the info! I'm using canola oil and all my trimmings/popcorn buds in a crockpot, simmer for 4 hours then strain thru a cheese cloth. It worked well with butter, too. I made blueberry muffins with the butter and whoa! Got my friends high as a kite, floating on clouds and seeing rainbows. lol
  6. jyip


    hey convex, good to see ya! i remember u from rms days

    i am able to use it without any safety issues or problems whatsoever, but please keep in mind that i am able to successfuly use an electric toaster with getting electroculated either. I have a vast skill set that includes much of everything


    same end results for you with crock pot too,,,, that is a simple way to get excellent results too,,, pressure cooker works for me, i still have all my fingers and the stove in still inside my kitchen

    sounds like those muffins did the trick for you & friends eh? lol,,, seeing rainbows and all that... I did take enuff a few times to get visuals from it though, stuff like trails when I moved my head while lookin at something on the wall like a clock, kinda like a mescaline high, i also use canola oil too, I have seen a crockpot recipe that uses butter and goes for 24hrs on simmer i think,,, but its all good have fun! and be safe will doin it

    oh, dont worry about me, this ole pressure cooker isn't abomb,,,i had it for years and cooked chicken breasts in it too, works great there too

    i gotta go n make some brownies now, last nite i did the oil part, this morning i seperated the frozenwater/ice from the oil