Cannabis to be legal in Canada?

Discussion in 'Activist Corner' started by tokeroo, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. tokeroo

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    Can someone please confirm this? Maybe a Canadian?

  2. Jkhan420

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    The link is not working says the site is down
  3. convex

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  4. tokeroo

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    I admit ignorance when it comes to Canadian laws and courts. The PDF shows this was the supreme court of Ontario. Does that mean this will only affect Ontario, or all of Canada?
  5. convex

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    Canada's marijuana policy is nation wide, not by province.

    The existing federal MMAR was in response of an earlier Ontario ruling, mandating the feds to provide safe access.

    The Ontario Supreme court found the federal MMJ regulations lacking.

    This judgement applies at the federal level, we do not have regulations by province with MMJ.

    You can be sure the feds will appeal, and no doubt delay with injunctions or other legal actions until after the May 2nd federal election.

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