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Changing From 600w Hps To 315w Lec - Help With Layout?

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by ugmjfarmer, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. This subcategory used to be full of layout diagrams; and I'm digging for them. But my memory is fried from this Jawa Pie and Girl Scout Candy, help me out lol. I am debating doing bare bulb tree farm with 315w LEC's on 40" centers. My last few runs, Phillips Elite Agro LEC's have blown away 600w bulbs and 630w of them blows away a 1000w DE. Side by side the choice is obvious; I will never go back to HPS.

    Recently Sunlight supply has come up with a bare bulb socket making this entirely possible at $265 a light no reflector. I can't go wrong with this setup considering the city is dead set on invading any homes for grow-room inspection that consume more than 5000kwh/month. I could run 12-14 315W LEC's with A/C and CO2 closed environment given those constraints. I also love the idea of this level of efficiency as it seems 2-3lbs per plant with only 915w of light around it is possible (genetics willing of course).

    I am looking for the optimal plant layout to run with 12-14 lights? 12 plants, 12 lights? Do you think 40" centers (treat them like 600w bulbs) is optimal?
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  2. Yeah from everything I have read on these i think 40 to 44inches is a good choice.seen some good grows on instagram using 1 light per 4 x 4 also.when you have 4 or more in a room all that overlapping light helps also just like any hid really.
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  3. Aktommy


    I am running 36 inch centers with the sun system vertical 315s. My first run so I'll see
  4. I run 4 hoods in 12' with 3" spacing.
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  5. What size centres would you guys suggest with double and triple stacking 315 watt CMH bare bulbs hung vertically ?

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  6. Aktommy


    I would say 3' on center, mine are vertical just not bare bulb. This would give u a 1.5' spread on each side of the bulb.
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  7. Please be advised, when the companies are doing their testing, pay close attention to the hood they use. Not all hoods will spread the light the same way. Greenbeams are totally different than the SS hoods, ect.

    So you can only use their specs if using the bulb and hood their talking about in their specs.

    One reason why I can have my canopy closer and not have any issues.
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  8. Thank you.

    Would you recommend 3' centres regardless if lights were double or triple stacked ?

    Thanks again
  9. Wouldn't bare bulb centers be decided by plant size?
    How come more ppl dont use gull wing considering the cost difference?
  10. Aktommy


    I prefer vertical for better penetration
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  11. Im getting ready to do gull wing xl with the wings flattend out nanolux ballast and elite agro 3100. Im going to be doing lights on 4'oc and plants staggard 4'oc.
  12. Make sure you get the double jacket bulbs for safety. I prefer ac hoods. Always ran across goods since day 1. Much easier to control heat.
  13. So let me get this straight. A 315 is equal to a 600 hps. So watts wise if we equate a 315 to a 600hps, 8 315
    cmh would be the equivalent to 7200w? Is it safe to say it like this?
    I see a lot of guys running cmh wing reflectors 36" above canopy. Under direct light how far away from the bulb do you think a nice nugget can be yielded? Lets say we are growing trees and its a bottom branch at 5-6' away. Will the bud be quality if its got straight on bulb light?
    Thanks in advance!
  14. And how close can I get the elite argo to the plant?

  15. Watts are watts. Can't get around that in anyway, just yet. With a better light spectrum, I believe the plants grow more efficiently.
  16. Do you find you use less nute with cmh than hps?
  17. I will be auto dripping
  18. I find utilization of nutrients is better because the heat generated by the HPS in the infrared spectrum that heats the leaves up increases transpiration and therefore changes how the plant utilizes all nutrients by changing water uptake. What I'm saying is you are transpiring a lot of water because HPS light bake the shit out of your plants. Defoliation helps. It's give and take, so this is a complicated answer.

    After running HPS vs LEC and running HPS vs LED, watts is not watts.

    Plant size is dictated by veg time. Light needs increase with plant size. Gull wings SUUUUUUCK!!
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  19. check out the gutter gardening system. I'm going no-till and gutter sub-irrigation. It will be keeeeeeeen!