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Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Chronic Monster, May 24, 2011.

  1. Good Morning :)

    So I came across a very interesting thread by Sky High this morning talking about why pay more for a cutesy label and after reading some of DesertS posts on nutrient profiles, I got to thinkin.

    What are large scale nurseries using in their hydroponic applications?

    I really doubt any commercial scale vegetable growers are using the products we cannabis growers use,(Canna, AN, DM, Ionic, House & garden, etc...)

    So In my searching I came across this product,

    its a 25lb bag of Jacks Hydroponic nutrient for $36.00.

    from my understanding needs to be stacked with the calcium nitrate product from jacks, which is $24.00 for a 25lb bag.
    here is a little info on the products,

    They also have other water soluble nutrients with different nutrient profiles as well.

    This jacks brand may not be quite what we are looking for as hydroponic growers but I am sure there are other similar alternatives with different nutrient profiles.

    *Has anyone used this product, or a similar product with good results?*

    Thanks :passingjoint:
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  2. it works fine

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  3. What type of system do you use it in? RDWC, DTW, ebb n flow, etc/...

    whats fwiw?
    thanks +rep
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  4. Can you give any more details or label information?

    I assume you are using Jack’s Professional 5-12-26 Hydroponic

    Is there a label provided? I can tell if it has good amounts of Calcium, Magnesium and trace elements for cannabis.

    You could grow cannabis in Miracle Grow if you wanted, I believe Jack's is a 1 step up, but not quite targeted for cannabis. Cannabis will surely grow, but I'd have to see the exact analysis to say if it is a perfect formation or if it has any problems.

    Advanced nutrients, Canna, H&B for example are all targeted towards Cannabis specifically.
  5. Thanks for stopping in Square, +rep for the thoughtfull comment:)
    I have never used this product, I have always used the standard products we all use.(GH, AN, etc...)

    I will look around and see if I can find a more detalied breakdown of whats in the product.

    If we were to use miracle grow in a hydroponic application we would have to stack it with something to get all the micros right?
    not really all tha familiar with MG either.
  6. waayne


    Chronic Monster tryin to use Miracle Grow in Hydro is kinda like putting kerosene in a Ferrari>>yeah it might work but it's probably not what they really wants....
    Cheap low quality fertilizer like Miracle Grow contains heavy metals and dye....
    It will work but your buds will taste like crap!
  7. thanks for stopping in wayne, your buds always look so beautiful bro:)

    I def don't want crappy tasting buds fo sho. I wonder if this hydroponic nutrient from jacks is total crap.

    So MG has heavy metals, thats not cool at all:( If I used MG for my veggie garden am I slowly poisioning myself?
  8. waayne


    Chronic Monster
    I've used Jacks Orchid food on my Orchids and it's OK, don't know anything about their Hydro food.
    I would do the veggies organically bro...
    There's nothing tastier and healthier than homegrown organic produce :rock
  9. Waynee
    I do agree organic veggies always seem just a lil bit sweeter:) Looks like I need to start growing more of my own food as well.

    Tried to find the levels of toxic metals in this product, went to the common sites but no luck, have also contacted J.R peters to request a list of heavy metals for the hydroponic formula.

    anyone know of a better site to check ?

    I did find a more detalied label for the two products, and have inluded them as a pdf download, you DesertS where you at:D View attachment 77251 5-12-26.pdf

    View attachment 77260 CN.pdf
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  10. motherlode

    motherlode @Rolln_J Supporter

    interesting thread

    IMO miracle grow should be used for flowers and lawns - things you wont ingest or smoke

    fwiw = for whats its worth
  11. waayne


    +1 ^^^ :pimp:
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  12. lots of excellent growers use jacks. its a great product. tons of info at icmag.
  13. I also found that the jacks hydro does not contain any dyes.

    here is a picture of how it comes.

  14. Ill skip the MG fo sho :) maybe if someday they come out with something for hydroponics that isn't bright blue and filled with heavy metals I might give it a try.


    thanks, im going to go do some reading:)

    any thoughts on the nutrient profile for actual cannabis production ??
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  15. look for carl carlsons posts, he does great work with jacks.... lemme look i might hav ea profile in my docs.

    yep i have it (this is with the additional calcium nitrate that goes with jacks)...

    GUARANTEED ANALYSIS F1313 Total nitrogen (N) .......................................................... 5%
    5.00% nitrate nitrogen Available phosphate (P2O5) ............................................. 12% Soluble potash (K2O) ...................................................... 26%

    130 oz / 1000 gal
    3705 g / 3785 l

    3705000 mg / 3785 l = 979 ppm

    N 979 X .05 = 48.95
    P 979 X .12 = 117.48
    K 979 X .26 = 254.54

    N 49+ 101 = 150
    P 118 X .436 = 51
    K 254.54 X .83 = 211

    Actual available PPM:
    N 150
    P 51
    K 211

    Or 3-1-4
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  16. btw thats the recommended profile and it looks quite good to me.

    i would probably start to interchange epsome form the cal/nitrate at around week 4-5 (half and half and then full epsome for the last change out before flush.)
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  17. thought it wouldnt hurt to double check no heavy metals, just sent off an email to the peters people, Ill post it up when I get it.

    Seems to good to be true..
    25.00lbs for 36$
    hope im not :sick0018:

    All the hydroponic nutrients seem so damn overpriced to me.

    This site looks pretty cool as well,
    still no 25 lbs though :bong-hits:
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  18. yep. thats why we are the joke of the agriculture industry. check out these guys:

    we are trying to decide on a custom blend to switch to right now. but im thinking about jacks as well.
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  19. hey, looked at that label, and it looks like good quality. Actually, you couldn't use Miracle Grow with Hydroponics, because it contains Urea as a nitrogen source, and it is no bueno with hydroponics.

    Jack's formula looks like it has good ratio's though, and good micro nutrients. I'd say it is quality. Just need the addition of Calcium Nitrate, and different amounts depending on whether you are blooming, or in vegetative growth.

    thanks for the labels, do you mind sharing where you got them, so I can check out some of their other products?

    Right now I run greenleafnutrients, and no, nutrients aren't that expensive in their base cost, it just seems a lot of manufacturers are scared to make formulas for "marijuana" specifically. As if making a fertilizer for an illegal crop would somehow be incriminating? Also, companies that specifically make marijuana fertilizers, seem to not want to make dry nutrients, simply because imo, having liquid formulas justifies their higher prices portraying it as a 'specialty item.'

    So, the companies that make specific nutes for marijuana, are Advanced Nutrients, Canna, H&G, etc. However, they charge an assload, partially because its a special blend, and partially because they can get away with it due to high profit margins their customers make on their product. It is not sustainable in the long run.

    Jack's formula is a good formula from what I have seen, although you need to mix it with at least 1 other nutrient in order to get a 'cannabis specific' nutrient.
  20. the joke of the agriculture industry :lipssealed
    I bet they are laughing at the prices we are paying, take a comerical grower into the local hydro store and see what they say:evilgrin:

    that Amhydro site is pretty cool, you ever tried any of their stuff?