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Co2 Extraction

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Rooted Farms, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. I'm extremely new to the CO2 process. We just got our extractor a few weeks ago (oco labs super c) and are getting our pressures and temps dialed in. We are getting decent yields thus far. I'm just wondering... once we have the extracted product, what do I need to do before putting it in the vacuum oven? I know it can be smoked as is but it's hard to deal with and I've been hearing if we purge it more we will get higher thc percentages. I'm just lost as what to do with it after the initial extraction. How do I get this into shatter, for example. Will love you so much if you can help me out!
  2. There are a LOT of great threads on purging and successfully making shatter. Use the search bar mate. Might want to have learned those things before purchasing such lucrative and expensive equipment.
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  3. Thanks for being a jerk. Tons of contradictory posts out there and most are on BHO. Just trying to get some help as a newbie not looking for sarcasm.
  4. Not being a jerk, being real honest. Truth is hard sometimes. Trust me when I say I can be the biggest jerk and I didn't even come close touching that side. Good luck.
  5. Search for anything from greywolf. He is pretty much the go to guy.... imo

    Or better yet, head over to skunkfarm

    Pretty much all the info you'll need will be there.
  6. .

    Why so sensitive? The truth hurts sometimes. You tube is full of videos, the search bar works ok but you for you spend that kind of cash on a fancy c02 extractor then ask a forum what to do with the oil after you extract it and not expect someone to give you a little bit of criticism is just plan stupid. Have you ever watched the movie "idiocracy"? I'm afraid it's becoming a documentary :(
  7. Same here. All bho info
  8. As a first approximation I'd hit up the equipment manufacturer...

    Although I recall an aging DIY CO2 thread, I don't recall Skunkpharm to have ANY data on polishing CO2 extracts, or turning them into shatter.

    @Graywolf tell me I'm wrong :)

    If you add "Apeks" or "Eden" to your searches, you might improve your odds.

    Sending the products you have generated out for 3rd party testing, and looking at both cannabinoid & terpene profiles will give you some idea of where you are.
  9. kamShok


    Hey Rooted Farms,

    How are the extractions going? did you figure something out? would love to share some info with you. join us here: