doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

Discussion in 'Doubleds mpb buckets' started by doubleds, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. doubleds

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    [​IMG] Here's some pics to get you started, Sorry guys n gals dont have time tonight to write down whats going on. This is a 8 x 12ft room, sealded, 3 ton ac plus a 12000 btu window shaker ac, 4 plants growing in 50 gallon res's, co2 monitor and burner. 8 x 1000 watt hps hortilux. Everything is suped up !!














    see if you can figure it all out

  2. Bobby Smith

    Bobby Smith New Farmer

    Yeah, I'm subbed.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: where'd you get those reservoirs and what are their dimensions? They look PERFECT for what I need......
  3. Papa

    Papa listening to isaac hayes Staff Member

    the man is back in town.

    that is a sick bucket.

    how tall is the ceiling? how are you arranging the eight lamps with the four buckets? how big is the chiller?

    that is a sick bucket.
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  4. mittenmedgrow

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    Now this is something I'm intersted in. 8 1000's is a lot closer to my my plans for the future. That 20 lamp room was way beyond my dreams.
  5. doubleds

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    try a 130 light flip garden. 9 hours a day work !!


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  6. 420Gator

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    if you pull 10lb plants (or anything close) im definitely re-modeling my room
  7. devilrays

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    front row seat 4 this one!
  8. JerryCurl

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    6Kw per plant? lol
  9. mittenmedgrow

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    If you have one available I'll give it try. 130 light flip is crazy. Society as a whole sure does go through alot of herb.
  10. Str8Dank

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    damn next thing you know DD is going to be running a modified hot tubs for plant containers indoors in a football stadium he purchased.

    sub'ed cant wait to see what's next!
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    UCMENOW Well-Known Farmer

    Well it's about time, welcome back big guy.
  12. Smokey503ski

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    Oh my god DD just logged in. JK

    This sounds like it is going to be a nice show.
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  13. Nice to see you back. Im looking forward to see what will come from this. I like the totes as well they look nice.
  14. Lost

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    Welcome back!

    This should be fun :)
  15. Green81

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    Welcomd back DD, cant wait too see the various stages of this grow, peace bro

  16. cardrack111

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    Welcome back DD! fukin supercharged tubs... looks like u have been busy.

  17. burnalot420

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    definitely good to see ya back around, always working on something sick and alwaaayss spreading the knowledge around..look forward to your show once again dds
  18. Venom818

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    im subed this is going to be sick
  19. deacon1503

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    Subbed for the show!
  20. motherlode

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    way to come back with a bang - welcome back - you were missed around here