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Dry ice extraction

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by BudderNoon, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Has anyone used dry ice extraction to make solventless hash? Seems like the same as water/ice extraction but easier and faster.
  2. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    yup - i use it in my APE tumbler

    it is the bomb - you can just use a bubblebag (like a 120 would be good) - fill with product and dry ice and shake it out onto glass
  3. What kind of yields have you gotten with either bud or trim?

  4. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator


    I really dont pay attention to yeild v how much I put in - I usually do 3-4 runs at a time about 5 ounces of trim each run get maybe 40 grams - 2 ounces
  5. I did it recently and was fucking impressed by it. I won't be going back to water extraction or even tumbling ever again.

    I also used a 120u bubblebag and shook it into 5 different piles for different grades. My first shake pile (AAA) under the scope looks 99.999% pure - no visible contaminants under 200x scope...

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  6. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    Ff, where you get your dry ice from, cater air? Use to be £10 for a kg.

    Must try this.
  7. LikemindS

    LikemindS Guest

    Tangerine Haze Trim Dry Ice Extraction

    Just did my first Dry Ice Extraction...
    Trying some now...

    I did a small batch using about 55 grams of real good Tangerine Haze trim.
    I used;
    -5 gal bucket
    -The # 1 BubbleBag
    -1/4 of a block of dry ice. (bought at Albertsons for $9)
    -a glass table top about 3x5 feet

    I shook the bucket upside down across the the glass table for about 5 minutes going slowly from 1 end to the other. I then divided it into 2...
    The beginning was nice and light, the end got pretty green...
    Looks like about 3 minutes of shaking for better results.
    Either way it was way fast and way easy. :)

    So out of 55g of trim i got 5.9g of good kief and 2.4g of... to mix with some butter :) ... I have a few oz of DeathSar trim Im gonna do up tomorrow. Should be good.




  8. i also just tried this for the first time, and was very happy with the results, i tried it with wet trim, and dry trim. the wet trim didnt yield as much and needed to dry for a day before it smoked very well.
  9. Blaze


    Damn, I gotta try this! So does it melt when you smoke it?
  10. LikemindS

    LikemindS Guest

    Death Star

    Another small batch, this time of Death Star.
    50g of good trim turned into 4.8g of good kief and 2g of greener that Im going to mix with butter.
    This being the first times I have made Dry Ice kief, it could be better.
    I think I shook it a little too long.
    Turns real green in the end and the dry ice turned the trim into sift in about 5 minutes (granted I did a very small batch).
    Smokes pretty good, next time Im using the #2 bag and see the quality go up.
    Made a few 1 and 2g wafers with my press.


  11. did a dry ice run today. 2 lbs or so of dry ice is enough to get through two runs. i pulled 1oz off the first run with two 15 second shakes of a 220 bag inside of a 160u bag. turns out running all bags in your set just does not work in this method. its awesome to go from an idea to SMOKING hash (no water so its ready) within 10 minutes.
  12. doing a run tomarrow, i got two onces of good trim. if anyone wants me to try something differnt on this run, to answer a question, chime in.
  13. LikemindS

    LikemindS Guest

    How'd that tun out?
    Have any pics for us colchem?
    :banana1sv6: :banana1sv6:
  14. I ran 150g of maybe less than stellar trim and some schwag through my 220 bag with 3 lb. of ice and got 13g of blonde kief in a few minutes. I didn't use up all of the ice but I did sift, shake and roll the bag until it quit dusting the glass.

    I might try making the nugs a bit smaller and try reprocessing it in case there is more to be had. I'll look at it with my 30x and see if it looks promising. I'm more than impressed with the method and my test smoke of the results was very nice...:) It's the only way I'll ever use a bubble bag again.
  15. fuzzy


    I pulled 22gs through the 220 of white urkle.Next time im gonna try using a smaller size micron bag under the 220.But, wont it kinda stick to the upper 220 bag from what little moisture there is? peace,fuzzy
  16. i havent got to it yet, had truck issues, should be doing it tomarrow or friday. im thinking im gna do runs with each bag in the kit. I should have some pics by this weekend.
  17. does the hash / kief bubble like with water extraction???
  18. not really, its more like kief from a grinder
  19. Funny thing. I was on my way out of the house to go get my loupe and looked in the bucket and there was still a few chunks of dry ice left. I guess all the trim around it insulated it. So I shook it some more and got another couple of grams. I might stop by for some more dry ice later and see what else will come out.
  20. About 30 more grams before it started looking a bit too green. I'm sure even the greener stuff can be turned into honey oil just fine though.