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Early purple kush

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by Reeferman, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Reeferman

    Reeferman Guest

    I have read on this site that 1 person did not like the EPK the strain grows like a mad weed and yields like a pig .
    It is suggested that selection for a clone mother is done carefully as the EII is a mold proofing tool used in the pacific northwest .

    The group of growers who had me breed that strain and early bubba grew 500 lbs of very nice commercial outdoor kush on a gulf island without mold issues .

    The bc purple kush is very popular I think it was found in a pack of bubba kush s-1's .

  2. Zoolander

    Zoolander Premium Member Supporter

    That be me , I think some of the others came out nicer then mine in that contest but mine looked pretty . I did hear from some others that grew it and were very happy also . I'd try it again
  3. hey zoolander, is the early pk just as potent and strong as regular pk..also the taste? i wonder if the yield is better tho..being that is was bread with the EII? thx alot..i really wanna try this strain in a SOG type setup..any advice on the best grow technique for this strain?
  4. harold


    im curious about these starins too? mold proof sounds ideal... mold kicked my plums hard last year, disheartening!
  5. zoo should have won lol i want a recount i grew a mini verson of epk i enjoyed it
  6. Did it purp up for you at all when you grew it?
  7. naw mine was tiny i did a 2 week veg i think it was only about a foot and i had to cut early due to a security issue theystill needed alot more time:sick0004:
  8. It never ceasez to amaze me when breederz are so quick to name thier strainz purple THIS and purple THAT and yet when growerz run them the purple phenoz rarely seem to display them selfz....i see that Breederz Choice have released a strain called ROYAL PURPLE KUSH....another empty purple promise i think??
  9. i think purp is just another fad ive never really been a fan of purps
    but reef had a epk grow contest thats what zoo was talkin about but they was all purp if i rember mine wasnt becuse it didnt have time to turn befor i cut
  10. bubbak


    eii is basically mighty mite. so we're talking about a mighty mite cross for $120/10 seeds :party

    never should have been marketed as anything to grow indoors either.

    and all mine sucked bigtime, while a blockhead girl beside it took off and was super stoney

    as far as purple, a lot of my outdoor (not RM strains) have purpled from cool nights and the smell has mellowed to more floral and less sharp
  11. OK, I don't have any reason to do this, because I think I should have won the contest...... but my EPK was killer, I sucked at growing it, and it still gave me more, better nugs than my romulan, just not as quick, and not as fruity/grape, the way I like it. Mine purpled up REAL nice, and all the pics you find of the EPK on seed sites are my final day (56 or 59 days) before darkness. ALLLL the leaves on the plant were purple by the end, but unfortunately, no purple nugs... those were a healthy green. It was good, and bet it could have done better under a 1000W system, or the sun. I used a 90 watt led.
  12. oh yeah. I found EPK in a dispensary here today, and it was the SAME genetics as what I ran in my contest run, but way better. only gave out 10 of those clones, I know there's another faithful reefermanian (reeferite? reefermanagain?) here, cause when I was talking to FoRM on the old site, I told her(him?) my city state and zip code, and she(he?) asked me "wait, which adress??" Sooooooo... PM me if you're guilty and amendment 20 compliant, lets smoke a bowl!!!!
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  13. Hey Buffbuds, glad to see a post in favor of EPK. I did a run outside last year. It ended with purple leaves as well, picked oct. 3 . Very nice smoke, fat colas too. I watched your grow at RMS Yours was A-1 bro . I'm down to about a quarter oz. nugg of which I nibbled at today while watching my girls grow. If you were out here on the farm we could sure as hell enjoy at least half what I got left, cause if you can't share it why grow it? Peace
  14. I think its just good outdoors and not a good indoor plant. it was sent out as a contest as indoors witch probably wasn't a good move on reefs part. Should of done a good Indica for the indica craze. I wish i saved a clone for outdoors, i bet it would of done good. I had a 6week verison of the Mendo Purps but i didn't clone it and hacked to much off to reveg. hehe just went at it.