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First Grow Setup

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Koltivation, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Hello this is my first grow and I will be growing 5 white widow feminized plants from growers choice seeds.

    My setup:
    -Apollo Horticulture 96" x 48" x 80" grow tent
    -VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 1200w LED grow light
    -iPower 8 inch 750 CFM Duct Inline fan with 8" carbon filter 25 feet ducting combo
    -iPower exhaust fan speed controlle
    -Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier
    -LORELL 6" clip on fan
    -Acurite Humidity/Temperature monitor
    -Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    -Fox Farm Big bloom , Grow big , Tiger bloom trio
    -5 3 gallon Vivosun fabric smart pots
    -5 Solo Cups
    -Dr.Meter soil ph Measurer
    -Pancellant Water quality test meter

    top light.jpg
    full room.jpg
    light for clock.jpg
    4 cups.jpg
    all pots.jpg
    pot 2.jpg
    pot 3.jpg
    pot 4 (2).jpg
    pot 4.jpg
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  2. -Germinated seeds @ 3:50 pm 9/25/18

    -Tap roots form @ 8:00 am 9/27/18

    -Seeds planted at 5:30 pm 9/27/18 into solo cups (1 seed is delayed about 2 days behind and is not in there picture currently but will be growing 5 plants)

    -All 4 seeds sprouted above ground at 2:10 pm 9/29/18

    -Moved 4 sprouted seeds from shelf to 38 inches under 1200w LED light 10/1/18 at 4:40 pm

    -Current Humidity is at 70% and Temperature at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit

    -Viparspectra 1200w LED Veg mode on at minimum power (has adjustable knob from 25%,50%,75%,100% brightness) will increase as seedling sprouts get bigger

    -2 seedling sprouts have a little bit of seedling shell still on

    **Any tips and suggestions to help my grow are very much appreciated**
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  3. The other side will have 5 more plants soon and contain 2 different strains (3 of one , and 2 of another)

    Will be growing 3 different strains total

  4. update: Humidity is at 64% and Temperature is 73F
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  5. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Looking good. Really not much to say at this point other than keep doing what you are doing. Kudos!
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  6. Will be trying Mainlining on these plants , has anyone had any experience or tips on mainlining ? Much appreciated.
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  7. D5025DA7-7CB4-48A4-93D5-3D6885B827FA.jpeg 11 days after moved under light
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  8. I wait until the third node has developed a little and cut right above it. Every one after that is up to the person. As long as the are not autoflowers
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  9. Thank you ! And did you transplant your plants into its final pot (im going with solocups and then switching to a 3g pot) before you started mainlining ?
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  10. Looking good. You’re not in final pots yet. You should get some mykos or similar. It really helps them explode early. Since I used it I won’t run soil mix without it. It easily doubled the growth rate over soil without it.
  11. I agree with monster. Transplant, use mykos, wait for em to recover, chop em.
    Never top a unhealthy, recovering plant.
    Other than that. Dont play with it too much in flower.
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  12. What are mykos? And where would i be able to get them ? Also this is my first grow so I wasn’t gonna feed any nutrients till the final week or 2 of vegetative stage and all throughout flowering till the flush before harvest. Should I do it differently?
  13. When should i use mykos ? Not really sure what they are , and when did you start feeding your plants nutrients ? I wasn’t planning on giving mine anything but soil and water till maybe a week before i start flowering and then all throughout the flowering stage untill the flush before harvest
  14. Mykos or michorazee or how ever they spell it just gets mixed in the soil. Good to use soon as plant has a root.
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  15. Quick question , my plants are currently 12 days old (only counting days since moved under light) and everytime I water them I don’t give then a measured amount of water i just spray each like 5 times to keep the top of the soil moist. Should i continue just only spraying them until i transplant ? Or give them a measured amount and just spray a couple times throught the days to keep the leaves moist?
  16. Throughout the day*^
  17. Also once I move them to a 3gallon pot how much water should i give them ? I heard of 1Liter per Gallon
  18. I approximate it by size of plant and pour in a circle around the plant getting bigger each watering to entice the roots outward
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  19. Little white dots on tip of leaves , are these pests?
  20. Circled the white spots , what exactly is this ? Or am i overreacting
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