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First Time Starting Seeds.

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by ladiesbstfrd, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. So set up is. 4×2×5 grow tent, 1 sun system 150w, 2× blurples, growing in a mix of coco/perlite 70/30 mix, nutes will be H&G cocos a+b, nitrozyme, cal/mag that's all for veg, as of right now they are seedlings at about 12 or so days maybe more, I started in the same medium there are in now, just transplanted yesterday to 1 gallons from solo's. Should I start a very light feed and foliar feed now or what still, they are 7× blk berry kush, they are on their 3rd nodes
  2. Dan789


    Looking good.
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  3. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Would you want me to change "fist" to "first" in the title of the thread? Good looking start!!
  4. Lol didnt notice that
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  5. These are the newest pics. That first pic is before I put everyone in 1 gallons
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    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    All good now...
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  7. Thanks, so how long should it be before I start feeding at quarter strength
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  8. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    If your media is just coco/perlite, I would start feeding at 25%.
  9. Ok thanks I'll make a 25% feed tonight and feed till run off. I was also thinking about feeding every other day, is that enough time for some dry period u think
  10. Looking good. Cool setup. I love a good 150. Do your nutes claim to auto balance ph? I’ve heard coco likes 5.8-6. With coco you never want it to completely dry out but don’t keep it soaked. Somewhere in between. I’ll be watching this thread. I think you will do great :cool:
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  11. They do I believe, and I keep my [email protected] 6.2 for my grows in coco, I'll make sure to post pics every 3 days or so, to keep it up to date.
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  12. Oh I c. You’ve grown out some clones before im assuming. First time from seed. Gotcha. Ya I’d imagine 6.2 should be good. If I’m not mistaken coco lowers it a bit anyways. I’ve never grown in straight coco but have tossed some in my soil/soilless mix. I bet in a few weeks that tent will be bushing up nice! Regular seeds?
  13. Yea I grow from clones, just had these seeds laying around and wanted to give it a try, imo it's not for me, I dont like the waiting game or guessing game with bag seeds,
  14. I prefer clones by far, but I wanna learn to grow and harvest seeds as well, just to have that extra info in my memory bank
  15. So I just did a feeding at 25% strength, p.h. @6.2
    Ppm was at 400.
    H&G coco a+b at 1.5ml
    Cal/[email protected] 2ml
    Rapid [email protected] 1ml
    Nitrozyme @1ml
    And a half a spoon of molasses
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  16. 20181225_101721.jpg
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  17. Clones aren’t an option where I live. I could pretend to be pure and righteous cause I grow from seed, but if I could get decent clones I d love that. Dealing with seedling and all that takes some practice. I suck at that but only the strong survive in my veg chamber lol. I just make my own clones for a couple generations from the plants I like.
  18. Once I'm able to clones these I will keep a few so I dnt have so long to wait next time
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  19. In your opinion when or how long before the show sex, I wanna top but I dont wanna top any males
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  20. Do you just use the one chamber? I have two and would like a 3rd. Cuts down the waiting big time. I’m thinking a tiny 1.5x1.5 ft with a couple cfls or leds would be perfect just for clones or seedlings. Then they move to the 2.5x3 ft then flower in 5x5. I’m making it all work in a 8x8 room lol. I guess when starting from clone tho you aren’t as concerned with having 2 tents haha