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Flowering Time OG KUSH

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by TriCountyKush, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. So i currently have some OG Kush at 53 days of flowering.
    So my question is how long do people here at the farm flower the OG. I have read a lot of people saying 70 days, but does that include the two weeks of STRETCH. Also, at 70 days are the trichomes mostly cloudy or amber? IF any body out there can help me i would greatly appreciate it.

  2. day count for flowering is after the 12/12 switch

    and most og's go to 65 or more days....there are so many og's now it might make a difference which one you have

    you want a mix of cloudy and amber trichs for peak harvest

    post a pic if you can
  3. Thanks a lot Boots. I will post an image later on when the lights come on.
  4. Sway

    Sway Guest

    use the search option man. there is literally hundreds of threads about this. you didnt see it pop up similar threads when u made this? thats there to help stop repetitive threads
  5. Under 70 and it average mediocre weed after 70 puts poeple on the floor.......:brokenheart
  6. 84 all the way! it really brings out the dankness, and the high is amazing
  7. Wow i have never herd going that long. But i had read that in the last few weeks it starts to pack on some weight.
  8. HNIC

    HNIC Guest

    look at the trichs, they'll tell you when to pull. if it's a true OG, 70 days is a good estimate, but like i said, the trichs will tell you when to pull.
  9. I've always heard 70 days is the number, that sounds good for hydro to me, 77 if you are in dirt...I just pulled some 70 day chem-d and am super happy with it..smells like lemon gasoline..og kush is probably similar...
  10. So do you guys prefer the OG when the trichomes are cloudy or amber?

    Here is a close up.

  11. I had two phenos this I took to 75 and the other is coming down at 63....just depends on pheno/cut I suppose.
  12. tdoe209


    i got some og kush outdoors at 55 days of flowering...when should i start looking for trichome color change??
  13. I find that not every plant finishes at the same time, even from the same strain.

    I like to look for signs of slowed or no more growth on the buds, mostly all orange hairs, and not growing white hairs or any new growth when it's time to cut. If it has lots of hairs, I'd rather let it keep growing to get bigger. Now if outside, and it's wet a lot, I've had to cut much sooner to prevent mold.
  14. If you pollinate an og's lower branches enough for a couple dozen seeds at say day 50 or 60 will it help speed up the ripening of the unpollinated buds?
  15. Pues no te ayudará a madurar los cogollos, la planta perderá fuerza para florecer y ocupará la energía para producir semillas, con 50 a 60 días de flora ya tienen que empezar a cambiar de color los tricomas, es mas quiza ya tengas cogollos maduros!!

  16. ya asi es. cuando se polinizan tu planta para semillas es necesario para que los semillas tienen 4-6 semanas para madurar. por eso, cuando pilinizas en dia 55-60 no hay suficiente dias mas para un semilla mejor a madurar. quieres semillas oscuros, no blancas. feliz jardin
  17. Taking mine as close to 70 as possible that's the consensus on most of the threads I've come across.
  18. harvest time must be taken seriously, if you spend a week in harvest you can get to be full of buds and serious canabidol spoil all the effort! to be sure when you make the cut need to look at the trichomes with a magnifying glass and see that most ARE milky trichomes and few there amber color and crop!
    there are people who vary a little the number of amber trichomes and thus make the grass a little heavier or more active!

    good lck
  19. I tend to take OG's into the 80 day range in soil, about 70 days in hydro. At least the strains I grow, alien og, hazy og, tahoe og, etc. all seem just about at 80 days. You want a good percentage of amber tric's before cutting, 75% or so, and the remaining will turn after cut and cured.

    If I hit it right at that mark, the final product is usually devastating in potency. One hit, have a seat, your not going anywhere.
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  20. any more than 75% your risking loss of potency due to degrading of thc into thcv, it seems the mark to hit for a good indica high.