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For Those Of You Using Jack's Fertilizer

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Shawnery, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. I'm using something similar in terms of dry nutes for hydro called Masterblend 4-18-38.
    I use it with cal/nit and Epsom salts at a mixture of 2/2/1. From the research I've done on Jack's it seems most people are running it at 3/2/1.

    I understand the two fertilizers have different ratios of minerals but in theory wouldn't their ratio of fertilizer to cal/nit and Epsom salts be the same? Obviously everything else in a given situation would have to be similar as well I assume.

    Do you think I should stick with my 2/2/1 or switch to 3/2/1?

    If anything was lacking in my 2/2/1 solution compared to the Jack's 3/2/1 solution, what might the symptoms be visually or in plant growth?

    My plants did well but they could have done much better and I was thinking this might be an issue to look into.

  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    The difference is a little bit of nitrogen. If the leaves start yellowing then you can hit them with a bit more nitrogen but otherwise it shouldn’t make much of a difference. If you find you need more nitrogen then switch. With nutes you’re going to have to find a ratio that works for you in your growing conditions. Everyone has a slightly different environment and thus their plants will require slightly different feeding regimens. Find what works for you then stick to it.
  3. I've always looked at it as a rule in terms of ratios to each other per gallon. I'd never even considered switching a little here or there. Honestly fert is one of the things I've not really looked into. So if I need more nitrogen than I would increase the cal/nit since I dropped it during flowering?
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  4. RooR5mm


    Quit using the Epsom salt and see if the plants still need the extra shot of MG.
    I just use jacks hydro and calnit. Why waste the ppms with the salt if you don't have to.
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  5. Not arguing! Discussing!

    Every single grow I've seen uses Masterblend at a ratio of 2/2/1 with Epsom being the 1. Most of these grows appear pretty nice. Not saying you're not right I'm just asking for better clarification.

    I was under the impression that cannabis is an MG fiend and requires large amounts to in comparison to other plants. If I was to stop using the Epsom salts than where would my girls get their MG?
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  6. Looks like that is a difference between jacks and what you are using. Jacks has quite a bit of mg in it, 6% i believe, vs. .5% in masterblend (assuming i am looking at the right stuff).
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  7. best nute advice i have read in a while :happy:
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