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Frost/cold/rain. Pull?

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by CanuckBass, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. It's my first grow, unplanned. Last Feb germinated a couple seeds from a buddies Jamaica vacation bagseed. Both female and tall stavia trees. Im in Kingston Ontario region. These things have been in flower 10 weeks. In the last couple days about 60% of the trichs have turned milky. Very very few amber colored trichs. Frost tonight then warming to 12°. I'm okay with a Frost, the plants are looking good. Local weather forecast after Sunday is monday- rain 80% hi 10° low 4°, Tues sunny hi 10° low 6°, wed hi 9° low1° and Frost. After that consistent single digit weather. Pull tomorrow night or wait it out and see if it can survive two Frost's and finishes up a bit more. It's pretty close now. Decisions.. Decisions...Decisions
    Anyone out there been here?
  2. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Cut it if amber. Sativa should be cut at milky stage
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  3. Not really amber. An amber trich here and there but about 60%milky and the rest clear
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  4. Madbud


    If its not putting out white pistils its close enough to finished, jmo
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  5. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Pictures brother, so that we can help you better
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  6. if you wait too long, and the frost gets them ,it just makes it harder to trim with the dead leaves and all . if it was me, i'd pull it and be happy.i had some blueberry cough that got frosted and it stopped bud growth and killed leaves .so sad.still good bud but way more fun to clean.just my 2 cents worth.
  7. Okay here are some pictures. Plant on left 12' not topped, plant on right 10' topped and further along. Here they are.
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  8. Also the plant has a few mutant branches with I same color . It's not rot or mold
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  9. The shovel in the picture is 5' tall
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  10. One more bud pic
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  11. Another of the colas
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  12. One more
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  13. Madmax


    Gee they are healthy.not even a yellow leaf when plants start telling you they are near their end of there ive had all brown hairs on some plants turn brown and wernt ready.
    Do you get alot of rainfall where you are..

    No that not rot..thats just beautiful..
  14. Nice looking girls. Jamaican vacation bagseed...nicely named. These are already nice buds, but more time would be best. Saliva likes to grow longer than indica. Last year I made it to November, but that’s here in California.
    Frost will hurry things along but generally just turn the leaves purple. As long as your not facing strong winds and non stop moisture you should be good.
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  15. Yes we've been getting rain every few fays. Tomorrow all day again.
  16. Madmax


    143 wonder they are green.all that nitrogen they are getting from the rain.

    Never really grew long can they go for surely another 2 weeks and they should b ready..
  17. Another idea might be to throw some sort of rain cover over top and let them finish off proper. some quick PCV with some plastic will help to keep the rain off the buds directly but when you get a good clear day or few days pull it off so the moisture can evaporate.
  18. I did try and cover it with a tarp the first Frost threat which never happened. It I hurt a couple colas but nothing some duct tape couldn't fix. I'm reluctant to try it again. Its raining out there now. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny. Then wed night -1. The rest of the week is hi of 9 lows of4
  19. is this Celsius or Fahrenheit? You could throw some PVC poles into the ground around it and drape a tarp over top. Or if you have the means to get some sort of propane heater nearby to buy you a few days to let it ripen. Sorta like they used to do with grapes here in California. Other then that you may just have to pull and hope for the best.
  20. Jimster


    I'm not too far from you...I'd let them keep going thru this cold spell since Sativa's typically take forever to flower have done a great job for being so far north! I've kept mine going until the temps reached a hard freeze. At that point it will kill your plant, so you can either take it out right before your first hard freeze (snows don't always count), or even wait until it gets killed off and then take her down. Strictly my opinion, but I would let it roll as long as possible. Isn't everything legal after tomorrow? :cool:
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