Fruity Pebbles OG

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  1. HeLLMuTT

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    THC Farmer Smoke Report

    Tester Name : HeLLMuTT
    Strain : Fruity Pebbles OG (Alien Genetics)
    Method Smoked : Cone, Bubbler and Pipe.


    Dominant smell of bud : Flat out... Fruity Pebbles cereal to the uncanny max.
    Associated smells of bud :Classic little zip of Kush


    Dominant flavour : If you have never had Fruity Pebbles cereal then think of a candy sweet like corn bread/meal. It is de-lish!!!
    Associated flavours : Has a fantastically tangy OG profile, It will stick to your throat.

    I'd like to comment further on the smell/taste, just for the fact I got so many remarks on the smell and taste from friends. Every friend I've shown and smoked with so far has done two things after inspection and sampling. 1st thing is when they smell the flower, they let some form of discomposure out. Weather it be a involuntary tourette-like twitch, gasp, eye-bulge or to practically yell something out. After they taste it, the second thing everyone does, is everyone becomes content in disbelief of the flavor. The fact it's a dead ringer for the breakfast cereal makes everyone pause as they continually re-taste their palette in disbelief.

    Harsh/smoothness : 10... Perfect draws
    - cough factor? : Yes and no IMO, sometimes it will get your lungs busting but it is usually smooth as silk.


    Profile : Percentage of head to body :: 60% Body 40%
    Potency : Gets a super solid 9
    Duration : Good two- two n half hours for each session so far. Been well medicated that whole time
    Use : Daytime/Bedtime :: Hey smoke it anytime you want, just remember you or any friends that burn this... Will be floating away due to balloon brain
    Munchies? : Mmmm yes

    glues (X)

    lemon (X)- cherry (x) - tutti frutti (X) cornmeal - (X) - methol (X)

    pine (X)- dill (X)

    earthy (X) - skunky (X)


    The Pics will show nice sized and shaped nugs. All the nugs are smaller than a egg to no smaller than a grape. Perfect sized nugs, Bright green with solid red hairs. Nice, sticky dense buds that break down perfect for smoking. This stuff stands out.

    Flat out amazing meds; Looks, smell, taste and effect are simply brilliant and addicting! (That's a necessary run-on sentence right there lol) I could easily smoke this everyday. The flavor is so different and delicious. The herb hits super smooth but will lung bust you if you over indulge like me :)!

    The high starts to hit right after exhale and will continue to creep up your back till it has blanketed you with a rich body high. What you don't notice is at the same is this neat background "Day Dream" like head high. I call it the Floaty Cloud Syndrome. As if you drift away from yourself and watch it happen... with a silly grin on your face! You're noticing that you didn't notice that you're stoned as shit!!!

    This strain is going to be very popular, it's unbelievably crisp and unique. The flavor IMO is the most standout feature... you crave it! It was so well grown also; Fully flushed and cured. Stuff is clean as a whistle, no green smell or taste what so ever... Just Fruity Pebbles and OG Kush o yes!

    Elite nuggets from a elite grower and breeder. I thank you with all my heart for the chance to sample this super chronic. Man I wrote this baked... I hope it shows.

    More reports to come, heads up for alien abductions. :help: That shit is real!


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  2. oldirtybastard

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    Nice report hellmut. Those nugs look tasty bro. ~ODB~
  3. phenotyper

    phenotyper Well-Known Farmer

    I rarely drool over strains, but your description gave me a wave of nostalgia. Did you get this as a cutting or seed? Is it rare? I LOVED FRUITY PEBBLES AS A KID. CHRIST.
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  4. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty Staff Member

    Awesome! Fruity Pebbles is still one of my rare midnight munchies! lol
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  5. HeLLMuTT

    HeLLMuTT Premium Farmer

    Thanks ODB nice to get the time to sit down and jot it down. Super brilliant taste.

    Just the flower, but I may have found a seed... or two. :mmm

    It's extremely rare and well looked after. I'm sure something with line will or is getting worked into seed form. That's me speculating though, Alien would have to confirm that. I just know he's doing all kinds great crosses that's for certain.

    Me2 and a friend makes 7 dose medicated Fruity Pebble Marshmallow treats. So dam good right after they have been made too.

    I can't reiterate how smack dab it tastes and smells like this strains namesake... Spot... On!

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  6. Surfr

    Surfr Genetic Virtuoso

    Bro, you killed it with the smoke report.. SPOT ON! Shit really is amazing eh??
  7. Donnybrook

    Donnybrook Active Farmer

    Feckin Brilliant report & Pic's Hell-Mutt , Thanks .
  8. Darth Fader

    Darth Fader Well-Known Farmer

    Jesus, look at those nugs!

    Nice rpt. I'd like to grow this one out too. Alien is killing it.
  9. soserthc1

    soserthc1 Well-Known Farmer

    MAD PROPS - i was never a fan of fruity pebbles (frosted flakes guy myself) but i got a sudden urge for fruity pebbles now.... sweet bro ......damn good looking nugs awesome smoke report......peace
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  10. Surfr

    Surfr Genetic Virtuoso

    Here's a plant pic to go with this report fellas! Hope you don't mind, Hellmutt

  11. MakinGoo

    MakinGoo Moderator Staff Member

    Great smoke report.. I really want 2 run this strain but after the smoke report I need this strain.. Great job on the description it sounds super super bomb
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  12. HumboldtDr

    HumboldtDr Whats your ailment?

    great report hellmut. and wow, great pic surfr!
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  13. leadsled

    leadsled Well-Known Farmer

    Nice report. I would love to grow this cut. Alien did an excellent job all around!. Thanks for sharing.
  14. paulycali

    paulycali Well-Known Farmer

    Great report HeLLMuTT! What a lucky one to score some of that dankness. Amazing meds. Looking forward to trying some out in the near future. A truly unique strain for sure. Thanks for the smoke report. Always appreciated :)
  15. Alien

    Alien ...

    Great report Hellmutt!!!! Thanks for taking the time to do such a detailed description. It was a pleasure to meet you, bro.

    Should also be mentioned that this is 100% soil grown organic herb.


    It is very rare. I bred it, and have gifted cuts to 2 of my Alien team. I grew this sample in the smoke report.

    Me too bro!


    Yes! Thanks again.

    Very tightly held cut...I bred it and gave it to 2 others on the Alien team. Beans of this will be dropping in early Feb 2012.

    Word Darth! How are ya bro? Hope all is well.

    Haha...that's great.

    Perfection, Surfr. Great work.

    Agreed MG...killer smoke report. Beans Feb 2012...ish.

    Agreed Doc.

    Thanks Leadsled!

    Yes, once again....great report. It was a pleasure to meet Hellmutt and share some Alien goodness.

    Cheers all,

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  16. HumboldtDr

    HumboldtDr Whats your ailment?

    i had to chime in and say that hellmutt was spot on for this report. I had the priviledge of sampling some FP OG. The fruity flavor is right out front. But, one thing i noticed right off, is not only do you get the tangy sweetness of fruity pebbles, but thats followed by the creamy, malty sweetness of 'left-over cereal milk'.

    And thats not even my favorite part of it. On the backend and the exhale you get that earthy, kushy undertone that compliments the fruit and tang flavs that come before. This is a lip smacker for sure.
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  17. winta

    winta Well-Known Farmer

    great report hellmutt it sounds like u had a treat! im with u MakinGoo this strain sounds like a gotta have!

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  18. totally fried

    totally fried New Farmer

    yo where can i get some????
  19. HeLLMuTT

    HeLLMuTT Premium Farmer

    Definitely man it was great to hang and share treats! The organic buds were clean, green and mean!

    My pleasure to do this report, these genes need that close attention for good documentation... Plus I'll be honest this stuff makes my mouth water and I want every fucker reading this to do the same! :evilgrin0013: lol

    MALT!!! yeah man that's a flavor I was trying to articulate but it was on the tip of my tongue. It's like the left over flavor from the cereal is the same leftover taste for the herb too... Brilliant.


    winta my man... You want these beans, be on the prowl. This stuff should be in the stoner dictionary for the definition of "Treat".

    Hope you're doing well bud! :)
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  20. Alien

    Alien ...

    Nice first post.