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Grow Tent In Closet Venting ?s

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by HustleTrees, May 31, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am getting back into growing my own medicine after moving locations and I have some questions for you pros out there.

    I am growing within a closet within a room that I reside in. I have a DR80 3'x3' grow tent that is going in there with a 400w HPS Sun System I air cooled hood, it will also be remote ballasted outside of the closet to help with temps.

    I only have one really close window that unfortunately faces what looks like my neighbors window. I have a portable A/C unit that vents there already as well, and while that seems ok, I worry about venting tent exhaust in the same area.

    What I was thinking was how feasible is it to cut a hole (5") in the ceiling and perhaps feed a sheetmetal duct tubing through and vent that way? I looked and it seemed like the roof has a large vent near by. My only concern is cutting through old fiberglass/insulation, and perhaps letting any pets in until I get the ducting installed. I would probably install some mesh along the duct to prevent anything in the future from getting in.

    Outside it looked like my room was an addition and I see what looks like support beams with around 6-7" inches between that I could try to aim between for the vent.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Ok maybe I was too medicated when I wrote that, haha.

    I guess my question is, for you pros out there, what's the best way to vent a tent?

    If I take a hole saw and punch a hole thru drywall, what am I likely to find up there, insulation a plenty I'm sure.

    I was just thinking taking a straight piece of 6" tubing and shoving it through the hole and letting vent into the so-called "attic".

    I have no access to the "attic" area, so I don't know whats up there, but the house is at least 30-40 years old.


  3. Who does have access to the attic?
  4. It's kind of strange. I think the room is an addition and it doesn't seem like it connects to the rest of the crawl space.

    But I also act as the house manager :smiley_joint: so nobody would be going up there even if there was an access panel.

    I noticed there was a attic access panel in one of the original rooms, but it doesn't seem that the crawlspace links up to my room.