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Help With Led

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Lethidox, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. so im a bit confused about LED's im going to upgrade from a 75W to maybe 1000-2000Watt. what im wondering though is can i keep the plants at a decent distance from the lights 2feet for example if they are that strong or will i have to go higher?

    the recommendation for those lights are 3-4feet from the plants but it does say "varies on the plant "

    I am also trying to grow to about 5-6 feet max but im wondering which would be the better investment. seems like the stronger wattage lights gets more coverage but again keeping the lights a decent distance for my grow is key.

    what im trying to do basically is use 1 strong light to get good coverage but at the same time be able to hang them about 2 feet away from the plants further away is fine when they are small but at they get closer to say 5-6 feet thats when i have to worry about my light height. i am trying to NOT run multiple lights just for 3 plants.

    any help? the brand im looking at is King Plus LED's nothing amazing but figure it's better then what i got for the price. can't be blowing a shit load of money right now on lights either. eventually as i get better i will invest in better quality lights
  2. Tough too find just one light with that coverage with l e d. Might want to look into cobs or qb (quantum board) or go with an hps or cmh. Unless your game to spend a small fortune. Just my opinion
  3. I'm a fellow noob, so my experience is pretty limited. But I started out with a "1500 watt" blurple COB LED setup (actual power draw is around 250 watts) I think it would be nearly useless at 3-4 feet above canopy for anything other than seedlings. Once my plants were well established, I generally kept my LED between 12-18" above the tops. Plants didn't seem to have any issues with it. If you're looking at something with reflectors/glass lenses over the LEDs - which mine doesn't have - that typically focuses the light and makes it a bit harsher, meaning you'd want to put it a bit higher to avoid hurting the plants.

    If you're looking to go with 1 strong light, you may want to consider a 315 watt CMH setup. They're readily available for $200 or less on Amazon, and they're pretty badass if you can deal with the extra heat. For CMH, about 20" above the canopy seems to be where most like to hang them.
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  4. I second that. Although it’s not much more for a 630 :p. Cmh is what is buy. I use hps and led for veg. If I was to set up again I’d do 315 for veg and 630 for flower. From what I’ve learned on the farm, if you want to play the l e d game you have to do your research cause there is rrreal shitty product, and then there is led setups that guys run that just bllllast.
  5. And if you're relying solely on a dealer's description of their LED lighting, there's also a LOT of shitty information, too. In the few months since I decide to just up and start growing, I've gotten a crash course in shopping for lighting. When I was looking for my very first light, I was seeing "1000 watt", "2000 watt", "up to 20% increased yield," etc in the descriptions, which really seemed impressive to me since I didn't know any better. Now that I'm a bit better informed, that kinda stuff is bordering on false advertising in my mind, which irritates me. There are definitely some cheap gems to be found, lighting is probably something where cheaper is just about never better.
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  6. Don't pay too much attention to the wattage that most of the cheapie LEDs supposedly use. It seems that many sellers typically list the light's theoretical power - 1000w-2000w - but those numbers are pretty much meaningless. From my understanding, that's what the wattage would be if all of the LEDs were running at their full capacity - which they seemingly never do. You gotta read the fine print and find it's actual power draw. My first light was listed as "1500 watt," but actually uses 250.

    If you're dead set on LEDs, here's something I've been checking out for a while if you're looking for ideas. Assuming their claims about actual PAR measurements are honest, it looks to be a pretty solid light. If/when I do decide to invest in LED again, it's not gonna be the blurple red/blue crap anymore - I'm gonna go with as much white light as I can.
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  7. i have looked into QB's it's the same issue. i would have to buy 2 QB's for the same coverage
  8. yes im dead set on LED's because 1. power consumption i live in a high cost state ( hawaii ) shit isn't cheap here so trying to keep electric bill as low as i can 2. i got to deal with major heat/humidity in the summer. fall and spring as well usually but it always varies.

    on amazon it states the actual draw i think the 2k one is 300 something watts and the 3k one is 600watts.
  9. I would highly recommend QB boards. They take up more space than COBS but generate much less heat and are much cheaper to make. The only drawback is they take up more space than a COB.
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    You want Quantum boards they will work great for you
  12. Would you guys suggest the HLG 260watt or the 320watts. for growing my plants about 5-6feet max height. i will be getting 2 regardless but for now i can only afford 1. i will be growing 3 plants per grow only.
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    Either way they are dimmable ,with less height you will have to shorten veg time or a scog type grow
  14. so the 320's wouldn't be say at a huge advantage over the 260's? for my grow of course i can get either or and still get the same quality for the height im going for?
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    It's nice to have more power ,the 320 will get more yield for sure ,more light bigger buds that's how it works for the most part
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  16. thanks i guess i will go with 1 320 for now and then buy another later.
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  17. just deposited some checks making the magic happen!
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