How can I turn keif to oil?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by caregiverken, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

    I have some 220 screen keif that I would like to clean up somehow and make it more pure.

    Someone mentioned QWISO...Do I use a coffee filter? Or a 73 screen?

    Could I do it with butane? No tube, just the liquid and a filter of some sort?

    Any Ideas?

  2. Landfishd

    Landfishd Well-Known Farmer

    I tried blasting some keif the other day from the 160 screen, and I got a super low yield. I put some cotton balls on the bottom, and layered keif and more cotton balls throughout the tube. I don't remember the exact numbers I ran either 10 or 16 grams but I got less than 3 grams of oil out of it.
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  3. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

    yesterday i took 28 grams of dryice 220bag keif

    and put it in a couple coffee filters and poured 91% ISO over it ....
    strained, squeezed, let it dry with a fan overnight...

    made some nice oil.....bout 4 grams maybe 5 (I haven't weighed it)

    i will take a pic when I have time
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  4. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

    I have time ..was just being lazy...

    Im frigging stoned out of my mind right now(1st time in a while)

    Good shit maynerd!

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  5. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

    what would happen if I tried to empty out a can of butane into a large Pyrex measuring cup?

    Would I be able to pour it over the keif before it evaporated?
    similar to to the way I used the iso?
  6. mrdizzle

    mrdizzle Active Farmer

    theres someone on IC that does that in a coffee pot, the thread is making absolute amber out of bananna boys or something to that effect

    I have dont it by putting the keif in a glass jar, cover it will ISo and swirl for a couple mins,then strain, simple
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  7. deep buddy

    deep buddy Well-Known Farmer

    i would use something besides iso. butane or another solvent or denatured alch would be alot better even. you have o use something to hold the kief in your tube. and if its absorbent you must first wet it w/ the solvent to avoid yield loss. i would go with stainless steel sceens works well for me you have to get creative think small tube with layers of kief
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  8. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

    I saw that somewhere...looked interesting...
  9. Landfishd

    Landfishd Well-Known Farmer

    For a butane bath you can use a dewar Flask. I don't know exactly how the mechanics would work but it can be done. Your butane will stay liquid in there with the kief for a few hours or more I'm sure but it's probably not needed past an hour or two. Basically you freeze everything including the flask with the material inside and the tubes then get the butane in the flask and let it sit for a while. Never tried it but I know of a guy who does this with his bud extractions. I don't think it's necessary with bud but it would maximize yield versus a straight tube extraction, and if your using kief to extract from I don't think you have to worry so much of extracting too much green like you would with bud.
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  10. Gratefulphish

    Gratefulphish New Farmer

    press it make keif
  11. bbad

    bbad New Farmer

    I use a glass bowl/downstem for a waterpipe (old rubber grommet style). I use a packed cotton ball on the bowl end, pack the stem with kief (dry sift), then a coffee filter/metal screen to keep it in. I pack the kief fairly well but can only fit about 0.7 g in the tube. The butane goes in the bowl side using a supplied butane adapter. I get about 50% return of clear amber oil, or gold budder with minimal whipping. Advise vaccuum purging in addition to the normal purge method.
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  12. blueburnsorange

    blueburnsorange New Farmer

    ^ I was more or less going to suggest the same thing. You can successfully turn kief into BHO with a very high (~50%) yield if done right.

    You can use one of the more glass oil extractors (like from extraction-experts) but don't just load it with pure kief. It's so fine that once the tane hits it, it could compact too much and build up too much pressure, causing a blowout. I've heard of folks using cotton, activated charcoal and even ABV leftovers to balance out the mixture. The ratio of kief to whatever else will vary... also the sift screen size makes a difference in the quality - use the lesser quality sift and you'll get green oil.
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  13. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

  14. blsfilm

    blsfilm New Farmer

    I find I can not smoke bud any longer I need to turn the bud into something I can put into a e cig cartomizer ANY HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED THE EASIER THE BETTER *)o(*b
  15. Graywolf

    Graywolf Well-Known Farmer

    We run kif in our Terpenators, but short of that, the best way of extracting kif that I've found, is with 190 proof ethanol. By starting with kif, virtually all of the unwanted pickup issues are eliminated and it produces a delightfully floral, pristine extraction, which I prefer to a butane extraction for all of the subtle undertones.

    Iso will do the same thing, and is faster, but is more robust in flavor itself and doesn't produce quite as suble undertones as ethanol.

    No need to freeze, just mix the two together and periodically shake until the resin is dissolved, before filtering and evaporating away the alcohol. We use the same general procedures in QWET extraction, except for the temperature and time, so you might check it out for evaporation and purging.

    For an E-cig cartomizer, we use a 510 cart without poly fill for shatter and with the polyfill wick in tact, for decarboxylated oil. Either works well on a generic battery pack, and the whole setup was under $30. More details at
  16. blsfilm

    blsfilm New Farmer

    Greywolf ,. you have been kind to reply THANK YOU *)o(*b I have been at a true loss was a farmer in the 60's & 70's.. but now with the disabilities that I now have I have been at a loss on how to get to where I am trying to go
    THANK YOU again *)o(*
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  17. caregiverken

    caregiverken Grateful Farmer

    Great Info and Links Greywolf! Thank you :)
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    Yeah wouldnt Spam the board would ya?