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How to kill your thrips!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by true grit, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. And here is the answer and I wanted to post this because I found that they now have it (or have and I was blind) at Homer Depot!! $15.95 and it WILL work.

    Monterey Spinosad Organic Garden Insect Spray

    It will say Monterey Organic Garden Spray, OMRI cert, "contains Spinosad"....

    If you have thrips, this will work.

    First do a foliar application on all plants. This will kill them in about a day. Do another application in about 2 days this will kill the larvae, then in another 2-3 for remaining eggs. I usually just do 1-2 and get the results desired. Had thrips twice, killed em twice in a day each time....and those that know how bad a real thrip attack can be in a day to two days time know why having this on hand can do wonder!!!

    If you would like to buy the concentrate and dilute- you will get much more for the money but the concentrate is only available online... cheapest is here at $23/quart..

    cheers and kill your thrips so your plants can grow all healthy like.

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  2. ent


    spinosad ftw
  3. You know it, I'm finding a stable of organic goodies to live by...this one is a life saver. Talk about plants rebounding with growth after use!!
  4. TG thank you my man, if this is at my local store your gonna have to send me your address so I can fly down and give ya a kiss(for fuck sakes dont take that serious!)
  5. LOL... thanks Buddy I'll make sure to take it figuratively! ha. Yeah if not at the store, just hit that link. Thats what i prefer. The premix will only last ya a short while (one good spray) but the concentrate qt is only $23 and will last you all year.
  6. Gonna link this thread to grapeape who is having some thrips issues right now man he's gonna be happy thanks truegrit, his thrips are even immune to the no pest strip! lol
  7. spinosad is effective on spider mites thrips and also caterpillars.
  8. and it seems to have absolutely no negative effect on plants.
  9. Will not grow without this on standby- took my thrips out immediately a few months ago. Thanks for the advice, TG!
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  10. best thing smokin

    I love this stuff. At 1 % it's super mild and you need to actually get it on the mite or whatever but it really works. After the second app everything is gone.
  11. ent


    If you have a place that carries Monterey's line of stuff they have some good products. They have a sodium bicarbonate concentrate powder- which is good if you want to make a product equally as good as green cure for a fraction of the price. And they have or had a product called Monterey Aliette which was effective with downy mildew (active ingredient aluminum tris o-ethyl phosphonate).
  12. upgrow


  13. Can this stuff be used 3 weeks into flowering? Dealing with thrips right now as we speak.
  14. I don't know if I want to smoke aluminum...
  15. Hey True Grit, nice tip man. And thanks for spreading the knowledge. Right On
  16. Just as a precaution to other SoCal growers: our local mutated two-spot mites (Tetranychus urticae) are completely resistant to Spinosad, Pyrethrins, and Abamectin. In fact, nearly all acaricides tend to lose their effectiveness if not properly rotated with other poisons.

    Here is an interesting link about the relationship between heavy-applications of Spinosad and the effect on the two-spotted mite:

    I find Spinosad to be very beneficial, but the smell takes some getting used to...
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  17. Im currentlu using Sucrashield made from sugars from the tabacco leaf its organic and really has a very faint smell you can barely smell anything really. I applied it last night for thrips and I have found very few today. I am three weeks into flowering and was worried about applying anything to my girls but this stuff seems to be good safe stuff and it was recomended by a buddy who swears by this stuff.

    Anyone have experience with Sucrashield?
  18. Always use the blue and yellow sticky papers to help prevent....
  19. HANDS DOWN. I have to agree with the 1st post. Use this stuff 1 week every other day and it PWN THEM.
  20. ladybugs wiped 'em out for me!