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How to use a sulfer burner?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by ImptheGimp, May 1, 2010.

  1. Ok so I've tried a couple different things to help fight or rid of the PM in my room and nothing will keep this crap away. I recently picked up a sulfer burner, and could use a lil input on how and when to use it. My room is 8wx10Lx8H, How much sulfer should I use? How long should it run? Im in week 3 of flower right now, how often should it run and after what week should I discontinue use? Does my ventilation need to be turned off/on while running? Same with fans? Can I use a folar spray and the burner at the same time? The only thing the directions said was to hang 1-2 feet above the plants so im hoping i get get a few more tips off here. Ive had get response from past post, im hoping for the same on this. Thanks ahead of time!
  2. Burning sulfer

    First read the directions that come with it and that will answer most of ur questions,Ur first treatment burn should be for about 6 to 7 hr depending on size of ur room, if u have a small space cut that in half then do a maintenance burn once a week for 2 to 3 hr up to flush time and u should be good to go, be careful if u burn to long u will fry them but ur room is big enough u shouldent half to worry, as long u dont forget about it burning, Im burning mine as we speek for 3hr today, and im in week 4 of bloom, yes u want to turn off all intakes and fans, and do not wet the plants it can burn the leaves and the sulfer will not stick to the plant, after I unplug my burner I will let the room set for a couple more hours then turn my intakes and fans on.......GM
  3. Thanks for the quick respose, The only thing the burner says is hang above plants 1-2 feet... nothing else. I have had great success with my last few grows before i got the PM so im hoping this will stop it asap. The first treatment should be that long? lights off correct?
  4. If u already have it I would kill it with the spray first then the next day with lights off do a 6hr burn then do a 2 hr maintenance burn once a week till flush, I like to burn a day after I water/feed, cause thats when ur humidity is the highest I grow in soil.....GM
  5. Goldenrod


    very helpful. now i have to research sulfer burners. trying to learn on the fly has gotten tedious & expensive. im finding thcfarmer after a year of challenges, it sure would have helped me to have known of this earlier. thanks
  6. Inuit


    You're on the right track.

    I like to put mine on a timer, and also the vent fan on a timer to come on when the burner goes off.

    A few burns a few days apart cleared up a problem for me in no time.

    Just make sure to fill the cup about 1/2 way, as you don't want it to run dry.

    Be safe

  7. Thanks everyone, im plug it in now!
  8. I was a stoner and set my burner to come on when the lights were on instead of off and came into my room the next day to find a super strong sulfur smell. Luckily the plants seem to be okay, I did notice that some of the fan leaves taco'd up a bit, is that from the sulfur burner? Anyways good luck with the pm.
  9. I've heard never to burn sulfur for at least a week after foliar spraying with anything oil based (as some PM killers are). I haven't risked trying so I can't tell you from experience though.
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  10. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I've never had to use a sulfur burner, but I have a friend who has and he was not told to use it during lights-off and he burned the living SHIT out of his girls. Seriously damaged his crop.

    This bears repeating as well.
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  11. Sulfur burning instructions

    Heres the directions that come with a box of sulfur prills for u guys to read and come up with ur own burning techniques, to bad the stupid companies dont have better instructions with the burners themselves, good luck.......GM
  12. I use a 4x8 table and have 6" blocks sitting on it. My concern is that the sulfur vapor will eventual settle onto the 4x8 table. Will this be a big problem. I actually have 2 4x8's one uses a coco mat. What do you all think... Is it too dangerous to burn sulfur?
  13. sfzoo


    quick bump.

    Buying a sulfur burner and was alway told to run it no longer than 1 hour.. let alone 6 hours..

    ..any more input on burn time?

  14. I used it at 3 hours a burn with the cup 1/2 full. Lights out. Worked fine.
    I just used a timer. No funny side effects on the plants.
  15. leadsled

    leadsled GrowRU

    Also depends on the size of your room and where the room is located.
    Residential vs commercial spot or garage?
    sulphur burners are usually designed for a greenhouse sized room. (1000sq. feet?)

    1 hour is enough usually for first burn in a residence. I prefer to be able to leave if I need to do a burn.

    Is the room connected to your living area?
    if so that is one reason I would go one hour instead of 3.

    it is winter and may not be as conveinent to open the windows to air out the pad.
    Hope that helps
  16. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    Def wanna run it with lights off and I prefer a 5-8 hr darkness after the sulfur vape and before lights come back on. If you have major pm you could burn it for 5-6 hrs, I do 4 hrs once at late veg and once on transition week and it does the trick but if you need you can run it week 4 or so in flwr. But it will prematurely dry out some of the hairs and turn em orange/red... The sulfur works. But so do other things and a lot of preventative will keep you in the clear! pm is a mold and should be treated accordingly(war waged..). those spores in your lungs after repeated exposure isn't the medicinal effects you want, don't expect to feel it after you smoke it but down the road it could be the precursor to cancer.... Not trying to scare anyone but people please get your pm undercontrol or be the only one smoking your meds. The clubs are atleast testing nowadays although they have a long ways too go...
  17. sfzoo


    Thanks for the replies.

    i'll stick to 1hr. there is no PM, this is just one of 3 preventatives. Azamax and Zone/Saturator are the other 2.

    Is there negative effects if I burn for 1hr each week until week 2 of flower? seems like a lot of sulfur, but i hate PM.
  18. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    You can burn every 5-7days for 4hrs into week 2 of flwr and be just fine, if you see pm after that then you should delve into a better air flow system or carbon/hepa filters for your intake and an air scrubber in room and move tons of air(keeping temps in check..) will treat you proper!
  19. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    Just fill the cup over 1/3 - 1/2 full and I dump it out and use it fresh each vape, I feel it retains more true elemental sulfur content...i.e. If you vape your herb, you notice there is matter left after the goods r vaped out and I'd imagine sulfur is slightly similar in that way...i know people reuse the sulfur multiple times but some of them seem to get pm at end anyways. So, I just do it fresh each time and only fill the metal cup by an inch worth or pinch more and it works great. If you have a hard time getting the sulfur puck out of the cup, try setting it on concrete in garage or somewhere cold overnight and bang it out n the morning, it seems to break right out.
  20. Good point. My room is 700cu ft of airspace, and is only connected to my equipment room.