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Ice Buds, Wait For A Frost?

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by Madbud, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Madbud


    Any reasons not to let these go through a frost like grapes for ice wine?
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  2. Jimster


    I have had plants go thru a couple of frosts in the past with no ill effects, although they weren't major frosts or freezes. I live in Pennsylvania and have kept plants outdoors into November without issues, but again, it wasn't a super heavy frost. No plants tend to grow much after a frost but the slow growth might influence the flavor and color somewhat.
  3. I got some scraggly things outside. They were being thrown out of the indoor for being slow. Mine are stacking little nugs but here I plan to rock til first real frost. Then chop. Temps already 60 as high here today. Got a nice purple coming out in the loompa goo I threw out there. Nicer than it purples indoors.
    But overall answer to your question yes I’d wait til frost. Unless your trichs are where you want em now. My outdoors I usually end up starting late n just go til frost.
  4. Frost is no good for cannabis
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  5. I'm pretty far northeast and I am taking my last ones down this weekend. It is going to be cold and wet for the next week. Even if it doesn't frost, I cant imagine there is much activity as far as maturing going on any longer. IMO, they are basically dormant now.
  6. Madbud


    Probably correct, there are no new pistils, trichs are done, just the small popcorn stuff now, maybe a few seeds.
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