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Is Super Cropping And Lst The Same?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Lethidox, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. i am very confused on super cropping. i know it's a HST technique where as LST you basically tie it down. what i have read up so far and understand is that it seems both do exactly the same job but one with higher stress and a big knuckle to heal the affected area.

    there must be a catch im missing though like why would you super crop over LST is LST is low stress.

    can anyone shed some light?

    when i LST i notice something weird. although i tie the taller main stems down they continue to grow so the lower growth eventually grows but it doesn't seem to fully catch up thus i need to continuously LST. with super cropping is it the opposite? where as i wound the plant so it focuses majority of it's attention to said lower nodes while working to fix the wound then continue to grow on that node?
  2. Madmax


    Lst is trainng your plant to grow horizontally keeping it all even and getting the most out of an area and keeping the plant low...till you decide to let it come up..i see supercroping helps when some branches have gotten too tall and unable to b lst'd back down.both forms are used to either shape a plant how to want and to produce bushier plants and keeping an even canopy.i super crop when i cant get a branch to go where i want it to fill in a vacant area..hope this plant lst'd with few branches supercropped 20181207_155937.jpg 20181207_160052.jpg
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  3. thanks i thought super cropping was like LST but people made it sound like i'd get higher yields if i super cropped then LST "higher risk higher reward" type deal but in this case more stress.

    i did end up super cropping 1 leaf because yea i couldn't LST it so i figured what a good way to experiment i didn't break it off but i heard it snap and tried to bend up but idk doesn't want to bend over like a kink. just gonna let it do it's own thing. already planning to let the plants grow vertically now because i think my lights won't be able to handle all 3 plants later on when i am close to flipping.

    could also just continue and keep them in veg until i get new lights as well but who knows. kind of ready to try new strains
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  4. Madmax


    Yoy gotta squeeze the cells inside using thumb and index finger and it will can use a stick to hold it horizontal and tape it till it read alot that they are fragile which is rubbish.they are pretty robust.i dont consider supercropping hst.where i have lst'd a branch it has split the stem like a couple cms into the trunk and it doesnt even seem to b affecting it.
    It probably is but its not showing it.
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  5. i did squeeze them heard it snap just doesn't want to get that kink for some reason lol i know they are not fragile i've abused the hell of these plants over time trying new things i haven't. the branches are pretty soft in general as well even the older ones.

    it's okay though it was only 1 branch letting these plants grow vertically for now gotta super crop the other 2 plants they are super bushy and hiding a lot of under growth.
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  6. I don't know about higher yields but I've read stressing the plants through these techniques causes more potent flowers. It's supposedly a defense mechanism.
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  7. yea i read that too but didn't really understand it. something that it produces more THC due to the stress. i think it's because when you super crop it thinks it's getting eaten or a branch broke off so it basically tries to repair itself by shooting off hormones to creat more branches but i think if you super crop close to switching to flowering or something it can instead produce more THC on the buds instead.

    idk though thats just my theory i dont see anyone really super cropping during flowering or close to it. i also read having a fan directly on the buds helps produce more thc.

    as for yields i think they were talking about why they super crop which is essentially to open more space for light to hit nodes so basically like LST but with higher stress. i would highly assume the more stress the more reward though. too much isn't a good thing but stress in general helps the plant significantly when you look at it. wind - strong stems, LST- more nodes, Super cropping - more nodes at least. i also read the knuckle part basically helps transport nutrients better. i think this is because basically when you stress the plants out they should grow more vigorously thus more root development to counter act nutrient uptake or oxygen/water via the roots.

    just my guesses though im hoping these plants get super frosty. my first grow outside in flowering isn't very good. not very frosty and i can barely smell the buds unless i stick my face right in it. smells good but it's very faint
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  8. Madmax


    Honestly i dont think you can call it stress.if that was the case youd have a high chance of the plant hermiing.. yeah..before joining this site ive never heard of lsting..i call it tropism.phototropism to b see plants have there owm stimuli called auxins that are in the roots and tops of plants that promote stem elongation .how i see it the more i bend grow plant horizontally the more auxins (plant hormones) are produced .= bigger bushier plant..and all the little side branches end near same size of the main plant above has only 6 main branches and by the time i decide to let it come up there will b something close to a 100 tops all lookingvery similar and even..with supercropping think of it as instead of having single colas you will have more individual colas..someone will come along and explain it better but that the main reason why i do it..
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  9. You tried super cropping 1 leaf? Lmfaooo ok guys here’s the thing. When you “super crop” your breaking the inner cell wall of the STALK. If your trying it on a leaf, I don’t know what you want to gain? What will you see when you super crop? You will see more and tighter nodeing in my experience from where the damage was done and above. I have found thank will produce larger colas and greater yield. I have seen people beat their plants with a stick to achieve this and I have seen people meticulously roll stalks between their forefinger and thumb until they just pop the inner wall. That’s how I do it, when I do it.

    BUT here’s the thing. This is a super advanced technique, for it to actually increase yields or potential potency the. You have to have everything else dialed in. Too often I see new growers try to attempt complex techniques and then not understand when things go wrong. I honestly think people would be more successful, learn more and become the best growers they could be by at first just growing the plants. Very minimal feed, very little topping or training. Learn how true plant grows. Watch it and learn how to understand what it’s telling you, what does it need, how fast does it drink, how full are my roots, when do I transplant, is this too much light, is this not enough light, etc can all be learned by just taking your time. Too often people want to achieve huge yields and incredible smoke. It can be done from the first grow, and I suggest you achieve that by staying basic. LST is basic, super cropping is advanced. Getting cuttings to root (basic), grafting strains together is advanced. You will be so much happier and learn so much more by not rushing the experience and taking more than you can bite. I have seen people lst, super crop, buy every sensor they can find, the most expensive everything and go full in. With no real experience he failed every time. Blamed it on soil, bugs, equipment and then after 6 failed grows he asked me to come help. I walked him through the basics. And then made him start fresh, full grow and basic. He learned a lot. He now does some amazing things, has a half dozen excellent harvests and can read his plants.

    Trying to do advanced techniques when you have no or only a couple grows under your belt is like learning how to do addition, and then trying to give a seminar the next week on the theory of relativity through its mathematical language.

    My two cents but if you really want to learn how to grow the best, learn to listen to your plants. Learn how they grow unadulterated and then sub them ladies and make them call you daddy.
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  10. Lst is just manipulating the plant all over the place. Tying down no cutting. Low stress. I think supercrip you take dominance by actually taking the main n sending energy to other areas.
    I pretty much do a mix. I bend em all over the place and top them to split branches to 2
  11. When I said defensive mechanism I meant that when they're damaged they increase their psychotropic effects to deter animals from continuing to eat them. We may like the effects but animals generally do not. Also, the resin irritates skin. I know this because I grow very large outdoor plants and it gets all over me when I'm training or pruning. I've heard of deer eating plants but they won't even walk through a garden where I live.

    Maybe it is, but I don't consider super cropping an advanced technique. Unless I'm ill informed it's just chopping off the tops. Anyone can easily do it and it's effective whether your grow is dialed or not. I'm not trying to offend but I think you're making much ado about nothing. In fact most of the growing techniques are simple and I see very little reason for any semi competent person to waste a season before trying them out. In my experience I've learned far more and faster from just diving in and making mistakes. It's how we we're wired as human beings. You don't know the stove is hot till you touch it, and if you're not a complete moron you won't touch it again.

    My first year I spent over $3k to grow 11lbs, my second I spent $500 and grew 15lbs, with one less plant. It wasn't on accident, it was from fully immersing myself in the growing experience. Next year I plan to break out above 20lbs. I couldn't have done it had I not tried my hand at "advanced" techniques from the beginning.

    At the same time I've started to learn indoor growing & breeding, and truth be told, I completely blew it. But I learned soooo much. My girls are stunted, got nothing like the pollen flowers I wanted, there are burnt leaf tips everywhere, and flowers are small. Despite all that, today, right now, what's left of them is beautiful and very healthy because I learned from my mistakes.

    This is not a slam, cause from what I've read of your posts you appear to know your sh*t and I respect that. This is just my opinion, and wanted to give an alternative viewpoint, one novice grower to another.
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  12. lmfao i meant stalk i call the stem/stalk portion leaves idk why -.-" and yea i figured they could hermie from it because my dad does a lot of super cropping on his outdoor plants so far 2-3 have hermied. just wanted to try it out but think i might stop. can't afford for these plants to hermie
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  13. thanks for all the help/info think i will stay away from super cropping for now and just learn more with LST before attempting to super crop again.
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  14. You are Ill informed. That’s topping. Not super cropping. Not even close. Awesome
    Opinion on a subject you clearly
    Don’t understand. Google it and there is a ton of reading. My mom taught me how to top plants when I was like 7, that is basic. Super cropping as I said involves breaking an inner stalk wall. Causing damage, this is High Stress Training. I say this is advanced because if you don’t have you shit on lock, and you decide to fuck up your plant, cause let’s be real that’s what you are doing, then your yield will be shit as your unhealthy plant tries to recover. It’s neat you have two grows under your belt. I had two under my belt before I left middle school. I have well over 20 years of experience, so I’m
    Not blowing smoke. Slam or not, I could care less, I was trying to help you newbs out but you know better
  15. i got 0 grows in lol so i can't say shit in general. just here to soak up info and help from anyone who is willing to give it.
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  16. Dude, I do that sh*t, just didn't know IT was actually super cropping not topping. I'm no dummy I was just misinformed by a bad article I read and never looked into it further. Stop acting like you need years of experience and it'll hurt the plants if you don't do it right. That's absolute bullsh*t. It's easy and likely the worst damage that'll be done is a broken branch. I got knots all over my girls. Growing is easy dude. You're just trying to scare the noobs to make yourself look good.
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  17. it's okay bro just let it go. we all just here to grow and learn. grow your own ways get your best buds, smoke it, w.e. it's all about learning. not comparing dick sizes if anything i probably got the smallest one
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  18. Hahaha, that's very diplomatic of you. I misapplied a term and he could have corrected me without being a douche about it. I don't make mistakes like that very often and I usually don't make them twice. The guy's had an attitude all over the forum acting like he's some grow god. I shouldn't let it get under my skin but I just don't like him. Sorry I snapped back at him on you're thread. I'm usually much better a letting sh*t like that go.
  19. I prefer low stress training though after topping a few times and constantly tying bending and trimming it ain't really low stress lol, I think both give similar end result, I just like the shape I create with lst
    Well like @Monster762 said I suppose lst would mean no cutting, but a bit of topping don't cause no trouble
    I've had better result with my high stress lst than super cropping but if I had put as much effort in when I super cropped I think they'd be equal pretty much
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  20. it's cool had a guy like that on another forum he was a real prick now im on here and people on here seem much more informed at growing then on the other forum all be it not very active as the other forum but the info im getting is very good. other forum was just like "google it" -.-". not saying the guy on here is a prick as yea i work in a field where people take what they do for a living extremely seriously like that and just got to brush it off.

    i just tell myself " you might be good at this one thing because you've been doing it for years compared to me but in the end i have more experience then you at a variety of things compared to just 1" got to give them respect for what they do best though but that isn't everyones cup of tea. i work as a cook but right now i work at a sushi shop but yea compared to these people i don't make great sushi but i have more skills in cooking compared to them
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