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Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by cornemuse, May 7, 2018.

  1. I'm a 71 yr old kid from SoCal!
    Was curious about butane extraction as smokin' causes too much coughing.
    Found this site looking into butane extraction.
    I will look around here for a spell before asking any questions, , , , ,

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  2. Welcome to the farm youngster! I moved the thread to the concentrate section. I’m sure someone with more knowledge than I will stop by soon
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  3. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    You might like ever clear dabs better....easier to make too
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  4. Ha! What are ever clear dabs? Everclear as in high proof alcohol? I used to column distill 93 -94 % pure alcohol. I tried alcohol seperation/extraction once with very poor results. (as in never again)

    I want to make a butane system, I have a tig welder & a (after a fashion) small machine shop in the garage. Inc. two vacuum pumps, I think system needs two?


    Cornemuse (= read 'Penguin Island' by Anatole France)
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  5. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Either iso or everclear extraction..if you got bad results it was probably done wrong bud
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  6. I forgot, I have a 'Thai Power' iso machine, tho dont have all the inside equipment. Or instructions, Cost $3 at a yard sale about 30 years ago, also got the first two years of 'Heavy Metal' there, same price.

  7. Nice! I too have an old Thai power is out unit.
    I too got it at a yard sale. $10.00
    Complete unit.
    Havent used it but it looks good on my Cannamericana shelf.
  8. Hi, I'm 45, I just finished piecing together a BHO CLS. The fittings I needed confuse the hell out of me, stainless steel is expensive and addicting, it cost more than a fourth child and creates more shit than any of the first three, I should have taken up golf. Did that answer your question?
  9. But if you are a TIG welder you're halfway there