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Karma Genetics Headbanger / Mr D0p3sauce Grow Blog =]

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Mr.D0p3sauce, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Hello every1, So l have never done a grow journal ever but I decided to do my first 1 on ThcFarmer. I will show you my run with these seeds from start to finish with Karma Genetics HeadBanger. I decided on HeadBanger strain because this was supposedly the closest I could find to original super gassy straight pungent Sour Diesel in a seed form. =) from time to time I might show you shots of other things I got going on at the same time in my setup but I will mainly focus on the HeadBanger. Anyways hope everyone who's reading enjoys this journal.

    Feel free to drop your opinions and thing you think I can do to improve. Negative or positive I can take a punch. Lol construtive criticism is always a good thing to me.

    Ok, so I ordered some beans from on September 28th on a thursday. They received payment on the 29th friday. They didnt ship till Oct 2nd Monday because the post office didn't run on weekends.... I just now received the beans on Oct 10th Tuesday. Overall pretty satisfied with shipping times with this company... I got to say I really like there packaging. Very clean and nice looking. (Karma)
    20171011_002007.jpg 20171011_002014.jpg 20171011_002032.jpg 20171011_002035.jpg 20171011_002054.jpg 20171011_002155.jpg 20171011_002221.jpg 20171011_002114.jpg Strange tho, in all my growing experience I've never ran Into seeds that don't have stripes or black line on the seeds... These are a first for me.. Maybe its just genetics... Oh well guess we will see what happens. It came with 12 beans. I think I'm only gonna pop 6 of them for now.
    20171011_010327.jpg 20171011_010401.jpg I will try my best to update this grow journal as much as possible with alot of pix when ever I have a chance and there is something worthy of a pic. The good and the ugly, you will see it all. =D Hopefully we can all just chat, grow, exchange new techniques, and just have some fun conversation about growing...
    20171011_104544.jpg This is a preview of what you will be staying tunned in for. Hopefully the HeadBanger will be nice and easy to take care of like This strain. This is what Conspiracy Pie aka (ConPie) my personal strain made by me currently looks like. It's in day 2 week1 of flower.
  2. So I threw the beans in a shot glass last night Oct 11th around 1am with some bottled water from Costco and wrapped it up with saran wrap and placed it in my veg room at 77f. I then covered the shot glass with a solo cup to make it dark. Around 9pm same day I now noticed all the beans have split. So i decided to pot them in coco about 1-1.5 inches from the top. And flooded the table to water the cups. 20171011_235111.jpg 20171011_235305.jpg 20171011_235801(0).jpg 20171011_235953.jpg 20171012_000316.jpg 20171012_000339.jpg 20171012_000442.jpg 20171012_000631(0).jpg 20171012_000813.jpg 20171012_000819.jpg 20171012_001528.jpg So far all 6 out of 6 have split and are now in a solo cup. Now I just sit back and wait for them to break the surface. Germination was 100% but let's see how long it will take till they all look like a bean sprout.
  3. Alright... Oct 14th 11pm we now have lift off. .... 20171014_210601.jpg they are just now starting to surface and sprout. In a couple days they should look like bean sprouts.
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  4. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Very nice. I would not worry that the seeds had no stripes. Have run across lots of seeds like that and they were just fine.
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  5. Hey, thanks again bro. It was your recomendation that made me buy the karma beans. I looked them up and from everything I can find these are suppose to be very pungent smelling. Can't wait to finish.

    So today I woke up and All beans have now surfaced. Off to a good start. 20171015_120411.jpg These are some of the other strains that will be its neighbors and take up some of the tray. Skywalker Og, Louie 13 Og, Herjiuana Og, and Og18. Took me awhile to get all these cuts straight from LA. As you guys can see, i like gassy strains or anything with a pungent after kick. I've ran Sour Diesel so many times only to always find I have been sold generic cuts or that it's been crossed with something. Got tired of that so now I'm running these beans from karma. Hopefully it's close to the Sour D I remember.

    In the other 3 trays will all be my strain ConPie. 20171015_121507.jpg 20171015_121532.jpg most of them have rooted. Still wait on a hand full to show me something b4 I pot the tray.
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  6. jipp


    im a fan of sour D it can kick my ass. heh.
    i look forward to seeing what you get, and if it can compete with your memory of the d ( i sorta doubt it, but i bet it can come close.. heh ).

    sour d wax is the bomb!
  7. Lol. Yeah I hope so too. I've got a good memory of the Sour D I tried like in the late 90s early 2000s..... A friend use to bring some over here to the west coast... But I haven't seen him in a while. Anyways. Nothing I've ran as Sour D ever even came close to the real thing... It has such a unique pungent flavor. And even after burning a J. You get that awesome flavor stuck in the back of your mouth.... haven't been able to find that in a long time... Hopefully this will come close.
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  8. Just some updates of how the 6 are doing..... 20171016_001233.jpg 20171016_122841.jpg 20171016_235750.jpg 20171016_235751.jpg 20171017_110818.jpg 20171017_171000.jpg

    And this is what they currently look like on Wednesday Oct18th 20171018_201749.jpg
  9. I’ve always wanted to try the HB and see if I could find a pheno that shows what you were wanting (gassy)

    Good luck (subscribed !) i hope a treasure pheno :)

    Keep it up
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  10. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Off to a good start! Hope you find what you are after. My buddy manicgrower grew out some headbanger beans and shortly after culled all of his legit sour d clone onlys and kept the headbanger to replace them.
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  11. lemons


    subbin in. headbanger is getting rave reviews. got some bay exclusive funfetti x headbanger im dying to crack open myself.
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  12. So i just got done potting a few clones that will be sharing a tray with the HeadBanger. We have 20171019_005317.jpg Louie 13 Og
    Og 18 aka (Private Reserve)
    Skywalker Og
    And Herjiuana Og
    Here is how all the girls look together as happy neighbors. 20171020_223743.jpg
    I also topped off the coco. The stem was getting pretty lanky, was afraid it might get to tall and fall over and snap. I had that happen a couple times starting seedlings with out any tooth pick or skewer sticks to brace the seedlings up.
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  13. Just a pic update of how they currently look. Current date Oct 26th. 20171025_223121.jpg 20171025_223131.jpg
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  14. Halloween update.... 20171031_233711.jpg 20171031_233707.jpg looking lightly yellow. Time to up the feed a little bit. Probably about to repot them soon too.
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  15. November 8th update. So the Headbanger seedlings were looking A little more yellow. I believe it's a calmag deficiency.... I transplanted all the OG mix clones to larger pots of coco because they will begin to flower in 1 week. As for the Head banger they were to small To flower so i transfered them into another room where I hold mothers. They were also transplanted Into soil. 20171105_123723.jpg 20171105_123716.jpg 20171108_021640.jpg 20171108_022129.jpg 20171108_234225.jpg I added a little cal mag to correct them. We shall see how they do in a week.
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  16. jipp


    they were dressed up for halloween, its all good.
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  17. November 18th update. They been repotted to there new home. Now in promix and added some mycorrhizae to the roots directly and fed with little extra calmag... They are greening up and looking real nice and happy. In a few weeks. I will take a few clones from the 6 HeadBanger mothers or fathers then flip em. From there I will keep the largest male and all the females. After 1 season I will pick thru all females for the number1 keeper pheno 20171117_212202.jpg here's how they all currently look...

    Took me awhile to update... Been busy cutting this 20171101_123044.jpg 20171101_123406.jpg 20171112_182114.jpg 20171112_182127.jpg
    This is all the Conspiracy Pie 20171114_150806.jpg
    This is my strain ConspiracyPie aka ConPie. It is Conspiracy Kush from TGA crossed with a Cherry Pie clone... I plan to keep the largest male HeadBanger and cross it with the ConPie... The ConPie is 8-9 week strain. Nice nugs, with a short and bushy wide structure. Has alot of color variation in the final weeks. Smells like gas, kush, with fruity notes on top. Im hoping by crossing the HeadBanger, wich is a 9-11week strain. To bring down the flowering time to 8-10 weeks. All while bringing more kush and diesel flavor to the ConPie. Hopefully the offspring will still have alot of purple and color variation.
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  18. Beautiful work
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  19. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Very nice Con pie!!! Curious why you are just keeping the biggest male out of the headbangers?
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  20. Oh I'm keeping all the females. But I will end up just keeping 1pheno after running it. For the males. I just look for the 1 with the most vigor and fast growing. Doesn't have to be the tallest. Usually the widest and healthiest looking 1 with the most vigor seems to be the 1 i cross things with. I also try to find the ones that put off the most fragrance too. All in hopes of passing down the most robust vigor and growth, and flavor or smell. I wish I knew a way to predetermined wich 1 will pass down the most potency... I could keep all the males and pollinate the ConPie. But I would have to seperate all the males in different tents with the ConPie clone to pollinate. To know wich male has the best traits I'm looking for. I would also run the next round of seeds... Finish that 2nd generation. From there i can determine wich male was the best out of all the males I kept. By judging wich lot of seeds came out best.

    But that would be quite some time invested and extra room I don't have. It would be 2 generations before knowing wich male was the champion. But that is the proper way to do things.
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