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Making liquid based THC for electric cigarette

Discussion in 'Bongs, Pipes & Other Smoking Tools' started by Reefermadness321, Jul 31, 2012.

Could this work?

  1. Yes!

  2. Hell no!

  1. The title says it all. I am going to try and dissolve hash in propylene glycerol, using heat to speed up the prosess. I am then going to filter it, and that should leave a liquid with THC in it. I then just fill up my e-cig cartrigde, and it should be ready to smoke, adding any flavor i want. This should also make it impossible to smell or see what i'm smoking.

    So before I start this project, i was wondering if someone has tried any similar like this before me? And if so, has it worked? Do you have any tips on how to do this prosess? Any thoughts or input is welcome :)

    For thoose who do not know what a electric cigarette is, look here
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  2. There are atomizers etc which are intended to work with hash oil already--you could purchase one of these and skip a step (and also avoid being a lab rat for atomization of propylene glycol--an untested [scientifically] method of ingestion).

    I think one is called the Optimus or something like that--if you head to the oil forum you might find some better info on that.
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  3. Thanks, I'm looking at hash oil atomizers right now, and there is a lot to choose from. Seems like a better idea. I searched a bit around for information about propylene glycol, and it seems to have some hazardous effects on the body according to datasheets, so I'm going to start using Vegetable Glycerin for my electric cigarettes from now on. Seems to be much better.

    I now do have another problem. I have never made hash oil, but i think i have an idea of how to make it. I can only get hash where i live, so i can not make oil out of weed. So i basically dissolve hash into aceton, filter it through a coffee filter or something, let the aceton evaporate, scrape it together and smoke it in the hash atomizer?
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  4. Get a G-Pen and be done. Smoke ISO and BHO out of mine all day long. Good shit and cheap. Works like a champ. Get an extra tank so when you are high like me and fuck the first one up you arent assed out.
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  5. I'm not sure why i would get a G-pen, as it seems to be excactly the same as a electric cigarette, but correct me if i am wrong. I already have tanks (for liquid) for my electric cigarette, aswell as being able to choose the voltage output of my batteri, if i need more heat. I can also add any atomizers, tanks or cartridges to my electric cigarette, and instead of paying 100$ for a G-pen, i can buy a atomizer designed for hash oil for a couple of dollars and attach it to my e-cig. Infact i have already ordered such a atomizer, specially designed for hash oil. Thanks for the tip though :)
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  6. Please do not use acetone.

    You have 3 options for making hash oil which are reasonable.

    1. Use ethanol (same procedure as you laid out)
    2. Use isopropanol (essentially the same procedure, but more care will need to be taken to get the taste of the solvent out)
    3. Use butane or another non-polar solvent (this is the best in terms of getting a pure THC/terpene extract which excludes polar contaminants).

    However, for #3 you will need to purge the remaining solvent under vacuum. Again, if you look to the oil forum on this board there is more than enough information there to help you pull this off--and plenty of people (myself included) willing to help you out.

    Acetone is bad juju for this type of use--makes me cringe every time I hear someone extracted anything with acetone outside of a lab setting.

    Vegetable Glycerin is also untested--while I recommend it over the propylene, any claims as to whether or not it is safer are unfounded. As a chemist I'll say that it is very likely to be safer--but likely isn't is and safer isn't necessarily safe in this situation--so tread lightly if at all.

    Best case scenario is to smoke hash oil only as the health benefits are nearly proven from THC in terms of lung health (appears to have a protective effect on the lungs from cancer, inflammation/asthma, and others).

    Another thing to consider is I believe there are certain devices which will work with 'full melt' hash--which is a very purified form of hash (essentially trichomes only) and melts easily when heat is applied.
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  7. Ok, thanks. I've done some research and there is two methods I will try. One is to make hash oil with ethanol (the two other you mention seems much harder) and the other is to disolve hash into vegetable glycerin or/and propylene glycol. Yes, I will still try this as i am addicted to nicotin after years of smoking tobacco, and smoke VG/PG anyhow in my electric cigarette now instead of tobacco.

    I started for about 3 months ago to only smoke electric cigarette with a mix of nicotin, PG and VG. It has done wonders for my lungs, and even if it is unhealthy, it is far better then tobacco in every aspect. People have been smoking PG/VG in electric cigarettes for over 10 years now, and i still have not heard about any serious health effects (that said, i'm not implying there is not any unhealthy effects).

    Anyhow, I will head over to the oil forum and post there to get some help with the oil. I have some details that needs to be resolved. Cheers! :)
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  8. My point was there is no need to mix it because you can smoke strait BHO or ISO with it as with most of them. Think that would fuck the taste up. 100 bucks yikes? got mine for 50 with a charger ,tool, case and 2 vials for oil.
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  9. Not sure what BHO or ISO is. When someone says ISO to me, i'm thinking International Organization for Standardization, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you are talking about ;P But do please tell :) If it means i can just put the hash inside it and smoke it, then that would be awesome (i can only get hash where i live). Anyway, i found it for 60$ on the internet, but importing stuff costs a lot extra here. 25%Mva and about 30$ to declare it through customs, so in the end, it's gonna cost me more then 100$
  10. ISO - The Isopropanol oil preparation above.

    BHO- Butane Honey oil (the butane preparation).
  11. You could try an extremely strong glycerin tinture with minor modifications.
    If you dont want combustion and can do your own filling theres only one choice
    the Persei.
  12. I have already put vegetable glycerin based thc tincture into my tanks on my electronic cigarette. I blew out plenty of vapor. I ask myself was it heating the thc or just the glycerin??? Was i even getting high? I have a new electronic cigarette that has different temperature settings. Vaping at 3.0-6.0. Allowing you to heat different oils at different temps. What's the temp needed to heat thc to vapor is the question
  13. I went thru the same process.The clouds are fun the inhale was yuk... ??????Am I feeling it?
    While I am familiar with these vari tube or egoc variable voltage type devices I didnt know you can set the temp. I have a chart of the melting point of many cannabinoids somewhere around here.
    I just stick with my Persei and other such devices I have been playin with, now I am riding a egoc with an omi 1.5 ohm cart with a delicious home made white widow bho.
  14. Nice! I got the Torpedo VVV EgoC. Shit rocks! A little bulky for a mini but works just great. I also have the Odyssey which is out of this world. The vape experience is over the top. I do like the VVV better since i can vape almost anything in it. Just great. I've tried most not all. To many to try them all but really dig totally wicked's products :)
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  15. damn..looks like your a collector /tinkerer like me...Ive fallen in love with low voltage concentrate vaping as a result I became a collector. I kinda collect glass too I do my qc testing with combustion...Ever run one of your vapes thru a good bubbler? Finer than wine
  16. Vape through bubbler??? I am so on that lol! Good call for sure
  17. slightly lower than 157 c .......sry bout pick was in a hurry.
    2012-10-30 15.28.13.jpg
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  18. Thanks germinator!

    Good looking out for sure :)
  19. joonie


    Im also researching into the same thing. I have lots of qwisohash and im wondering how many grams of qwisohash to ml of Propylene glycol I should use.

    So I guess I heat up the Propylene glycol to about 200f and add the hash. Im wondering if 15 grams to 1000ml might be too strong. Id like to stretch it out as far as possible with out lowering quality of the high.
  20. countit


    FYI...if you're in need of a g pen or trippystix check out the link below. Use coupon code "420" at check-out...the code saves you 20% off your order. You can pick up the g pen for about $45 after shipping. I bought mine from these guys (they have a local store in corona, ca) anyways it freaking rocks, get it...

    P.s. Does anyone else think smoking wax is like eating to much wasabi?hahaha

    FYI #2 if you need replacement pieces make sure you buy the black pen cap style ones, those are the best for da wax!
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