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molasses during flowering?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by pliscan, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. I've been giving my plants molasses for about 6 weeks and I'm 4 weeks into my flowering. Today the guy at the hydro store told me I should stop using it. Another guy told me that its best used at the last 4 weeks of the flowering phase. I'm confused which way i should go.
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  2. Time

    Time Guest

    I give mine plain water the last 2 weeks in soil.
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  3. I should add that my plants are in cocoa and perlite. I use the General Hydroponics Flora line. I am stopping using superthrive and starting to use Big Bud by advanced nutrients. Molasses still up in the air.
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  4. Use it up until after your first flush, assuming you use other nutrients besides molasses. The first watering in your flushing phase should just be water and molasses and give it a good watering. Then just straight water.

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  5. i use molasses until i flush 2 weeks before i chop and haven't seen any adverse effects
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  6. This is my first time and I dont know when I should flush in flowering phase. And thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.
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  7. d420

    d420 Premium Member Supporter

    I use 1 tblsp per gal in soil during flowering and stop during flush with super results.
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  8. i would use till the end if u want to bulk up yeilds....
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  9. Could there possibly be any adverse effects of using molasses to the end? Or to using molasses in general?
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  10. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    your plant is only going to absorb so much sugar - but dont think it can cause lockout or anything like that...

    if your using cannazyme, hygrozym or organics the sugar is much more helpful as it feeds the beneficial bacteria...

    if your running hydro with a sterile res (you use sm90 or no type of enzymes) you really wont need the molasses all the way through - just flush with that and plain water for a week, then use just water the last week.
  11. Carb Absorption

    I know this is old, but if your still looking for some good information on molasses, check this out:

    Your PLANTS aren't going to absorb ANY sugar, and it has nothing to do w/ molecule interaction, lockout, etc. Many peops have misinformed perspectives on molasses and carbohydrate supplements in general. Your plants don't absorb molasses, 'Sweet', or any carbohydrate. Many people think that these additives will make your smoke 'sweeter', which couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, if you aren't utilizing a system that provides for beneficial biological organisms (ie, soil, organic hydro, etc.), all those carbs that your adding to your plants, in whatever way it may be, are just going to waste. Yes, your flushing your money down the drain if you don't have beneficial microbes in your 'medium'. The carbohydrates are FOOD for the MICROBES, which break down large organic molecules making it possible/easier for the plant to uptake nutrients. Molasses serves additional purposes as far as micro-nutrient supplementation, etc.... Its all in the link. HOpe this helps, bro. Happy growing, dak
  12. norcal215

    norcal215 Garden of Dreams Seed Co


    Molasses is a old school form of bud candy, it denses up the nodes and opens the resin pours i have used molases many times i have used it the last month of flower and then just a water flush, last grow i used soul synthetics (roots organics) with molasses and had a very nice return. i myself like playing with my grows when i get creative i always use a control plant just to see my gains or pains! good luck :cool0044:
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  13. ive heard that about sucanat also
    its less messy too
    and from what ive seen mixes better with the water
    respect azmatis
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  14. Crackerass

    Crackerass Premium Member Supporter

    i have always used black strap all the way through until flush with great results compared to buddies who havent....sun says dont use it until week 4 of flowering and im goin to try that to see how it works. he says dont give your plants nutrients until they need them and i trust his word so im goin to give it a try and see if theres a difference..... it most def makes a difference tho.
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  15. I'm trying out Karo syrup on a test plant.. Will post any info as soon as I see it..
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  16. _BIG_YIELDS_

    _BIG_YIELDS_ Guest

    i use humbolt honey from week 3-7,8 or9 depend on the strain, they need the carbohydrates the most in those weeks dont stop that early
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  17. Molasses contains iron, calcium, copper, ect. It has alot of vitamins and minerals in it vs regular sugar. The stuff is great.
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  18. Janus


    99% correct here. Actually the sugar molecules are too large to be passed across the root membrane. Certain tea formulations will break the sugars down to allow them to be utilized by the plant. However, for me, in my recirculating hydro systems, it is far too 'risky' for such things as purposely putting 'beneficials' into the system. The solution can go anaerobic in hours. DO levels will immediately fall and plant death or 'pythium' or other nasties right behind it. I realize this runs counter to all the DWC setups around here but IMO those systems are quite risky. So back to the original point, sugars in the solution in the form of molasses, carboload, etc. is all folklore.
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  19. Xare


    To get the full benefit of using molasses you have to be an organic grower.

    If you are a Chemical grower then you only get 10% of the benefit of molasses.

    Trace Elements are contained in the molasses that your plants can uptake. But for organic growers you are adding molasses for the sugars.

    Not because the plant can use those sugars, but because the microbiological life in the soil can. See the Microherd eats the sugars of the molasses and thrives.

    This allows for fast break down of your soil amendments into NPK which your plant can uptake.

    Cannabis plants do not directly use the sugar of the molasses.
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  20. have any1 been to so cal co op in Tarzana i was wondering if any1 knows the genetics of master p and all the other flavored Ps do they flush it with a special nutrient?:mysterymachine:
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