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Monsanto buys Foxfarm?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by StonerB, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. A little bird told me that Monsanto has bought Fox farm. Has anyone else heard this, and can it be confirmed. If this is true im pouring that shit down the drain, and encourage others to do the same. Companies like Monsanto are the enemy of mankind and care only about money.
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  2. Pretty sure that's an unfounded rumor. There's nothing that can be substantiated about that.
  3. No rumor at all's fact.....

    Prices of happy frog have gone up 25% to 40% as well......
    Confirmed by the guys at the grow show in ann arbor MI
    and these guys buy semi trailers full of the shit every week...
  4. just go with roots organic, theyve been making better more consistant batches of soil with less deficiencies in comparison to FF for over a year now.
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  5. kashif


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  6. kashif


    this is what monsanto did with indian farmers...
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  7. cocksuckers are pure evil to the core....
    They did the same to the farmers in Iraq as we plundered their country
    Only there they used the arm of the occupying military to enforce a
    mandate that all farmers turn in heirloom seeds and were not allowed to
    farm unless it was monsanto crops...

    I wouldnt use a product of theirs in my grow for anything
    they probably have infected the soil with some super bug that will spread through
    the MJ scene and await the fix from their lab.....

    it's how they operate....
  8. Then point me to a press release stating these facts? This is a rumor that's gone around forums for months now without anyone being able to back up the claims with corporate information, which there certainly would have to be, being a public company.
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  9. well friend when the prices are spiked on the retailers and they call and ask the sales reps why
    and the sales reps tell them that they have been acquired by Scotts/Monsanto I guess ya wonder
    why they would lie.....
    The price jump was from the top and mandated......
  10. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    It is exactly what the CEO of Scotts said he was goin to do a little over a year ago....their(Scott's) annual revenues towers over the revenue from the entire MMJ industry..that annual report is powerful shit right there.... they could literally buy almost every supplier in the industry except for maybe Eye Hortilux or Hilux just because they are huge multi-national conglomerants and this is just one small revenue stream for them in the big scheme of things.....they could sell specific units of the companies I guess

    I would worry more about there acquisition of the largest vegetable seed producer in the US myself just imagine if they put their gene killer in the soils and you kill future generations of plants just by using it...

    Both Monsanto and Scotts are publicly traded I believe so the info is out there if its a done deal
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  11. caregiverken

    caregiverken Fear Not! Supporter

    That sucks!

    And I don't doubt it for a sec.
  12. I had heard this awhile back around December 2011, but then a few store owners posted on another thread regarding the buy out and this is what waas sais over all "a while back and said it was confirmed the Monsanto/Scott's bought fox farms. [rant start] I've learned since that is was Dr. Earth products that they bought and ff is still family owned and they turned down the offer. Just a FYI because I see dr earth in my hydroshop catalog now and Monsanto needs to start fucking off." FOx farm corp has stated they were not purchased.

    Maybe something has changed in the last 3 months? ANy true confirmation on the floating rumor?

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  13. caregiverken

    caregiverken Fear Not! Supporter

    I looked a little with google, All i can find is other Canna forums with threads like this one.

    I like fox farms products But I hate monsanto...

    Would be nice to know if its just rumors or not
  14. Trust me I agree with Organicess
    I usually don't believe a damn thing unless I can verify it myself
    and this one is proving hard to do with a search via the net.....

    So let's analyze this for a sec...

    First and foremost think $$$$$$$$$$
    It's always the key

    Let's say you have a family run business like Fox Farms
    They basicly cater to the MJ for their bulk of their actual net worth...
    Of course they will never admit to this just as the douche bag owner of
    Sun Systems Hoods and lighting...He will publicly slam MJ and the growers
    but we all know this sector keeps his assembly lines moving and his company
    in the black...

    So now focus back on Foxfarms,,,they are fully aware of the mindset and ethics
    of the MJ community...and Monsanto/Scotts knows fully that their corporate
    absorption of FF needs to remain a secret to maintain the economic viability of
    this investment....It's money people
    It always is...

    What would Happy Frog and Fox Farms be worth tomorrow if it were public?
    The community would in the name of it's very nature dump it wholesale from
    their's the way we are....we tend to think we give a shit and large corporations
    and Banks arent exactly popular at the moment.....

    So They buy them out with the arrangement that its kept secret and denied at every level.

    This with a signed clause and contract ,,,,it's done every day...not exactly far fetched...
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  15. Can you give me a better explanation for the sudden price increase of their products ?
    Explain why the sales reps are telling the vendors this is the reason why ....
    It's not hard to figure out by looking between the lines....

    If FF are thought to be a lil family run business in Cali then it bodes well for the image......

    And also will help to trick the consumer that this now shitty .mass produced soil is still
    tended by family run company with care and attention to details...not some corporate
    monster known to destroy and actually grasp total control of all aspects of agriculture

    Think Tentacles of an octopus......very ominous ones that move with deception and stealth.
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  16. NaturalTherapy

    NaturalTherapy Lighthouse Supporter

    These are fine points Majestic, but delineating your line of reasoning doesn't make your conclusion any more or less correct. No one has actual evidence, physical or otherwise, so anything we say is simple conjecture- conclusions based on insufficient information.

    Why hold on to this argument so tightly?
  17. Youre absolutely correct ....
    It's just food for thought.....

    Until we have absolute proof,,,which we do not
    Then I'll admit it must remain conjecture....
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  18. caregiverken

    caregiverken Fear Not! Supporter


    Company's own other company's without anyone knowing????

    Edit to add: Walmart and Google probably already own the world :confused:
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  19. Right, it's a rumor without substantiated evidence to the contrary. Sudden increases in pricing can be from any number of things. Maybe they had been running real thin on margin trying to absorb price increases in raw materials, petroleum-based packaging, oil costs for shipping, etc, and couldn't keep absorbing the prices and had to finally make a pricing change and because of absorbing price increases in raw materials for so long, the price increase seemed very substantial. That's where you're likely seeing an increase in price. Trust me, I own my own manufacturing business and have gone through this exact scenario over the last 2 years. One keeps trying to absorb as much as possible until the margins get so slim that you either fold or increase the price.
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  20. dirk d

    dirk d

    i freaking hate monsanto. im going to have my hydro guy find this out. everyone needs to do their par to keep companies like monsanto out of the agriculture business.

    The smart money doesnt react to news, they react to rumor
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