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Multi 8-10wk Strain And 2 Autos

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Monster762, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. this will be third indoor grow. Still learning.
    Will be using 5 gal fabric pots with roots organic green fields mixed with some extra peat perelite and coco unfertilized. Theory was to weaken out the greenfield since I’ll be adding liquid nutrients. Soil mix also has 2 trial bars of mykos mixed in the total batch.

    Will be using the basic weight of pot method for watering. Using advanced nutrients by the schedule on most (a couple will be slightly different.)

    Critical jack Auto fem x2
    Loompa goo reg x2
    Xbj16 reg x2
    Dcse untested whitefire alien og x gg#4 x2
    Blotto ogk fem x2

    Had 5x10 space but open to bigger area. So instead of my original construction plan I figured just eat the couple feet and get decent 4x8 tent.
    Running 4 ft 8 bulb t5 in veg with blue bulbs. Also will be running 2-1200w cob leds along in flower.
    Will probably run the 1 cob from the begginning with the autos over that end. In flower will be swapping 6 of 8 bulbs on t5 with the 3000ks and one of the leftover blue replaced with a 10000k
    Raised floor but lights on pulleys for adjustment.
    6 inch exhaust fan 24 hrs will get filtered later on. 16 inch oscillating fan inside
    I’m no pro by any means so anything looks wrong please tell me. I know plants looking hungry but only a week from popped. Not supposed to feed right? Soil ph sitting 6.4. Nutes should run at 6.2 at least last ph perfect stuff did.
    One loompa goo looks deformed. Came up that way. Oh and all seeds started in root roots in a dome with heat mat. Cheap amazon setup. Looking more yellow here like they want n Idk ideas? 9303D3EB-C95B-4C95-977E-60E56C678D05.jpeg 78C21B92-7550-40F2-971D-600B3F4ADE8F.jpeg C096EBED-0A96-493C-AEBA-DEDC10ACAE49.jpeg B609B76B-A5FD-4203-9305-B33532AC114E.jpeg
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  2. Ghost420


    I will pull up a chair if you don't mind. The best advice I could give at this stage is to let your soil dry out good in between watering. It's easy to over water seedlings. You have a nice setup and everything is looking good so far. Best of luck to you.
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  3. Thanks. Those little pots keep going dry twice a day at least but I’ll cut to once a day unless they get bone dry.
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  4. Ghost420


    Yea that's the bad part about them pots, they absorb alot of moisture from the soil.
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  5. 5379824A-6360-45A0-BEA9-B7DC4F8BF833.jpeg The mutated loompa goo. Looks like it topped itself and is branching. This one is under 600w led with 2 t5s. In little room.
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  6. Ok today makes between 15 -18 days from when seeds popped.
    Got a bit of questions
    First autos seem to be smaller than photos. Is that normal. Slower growth rate.
    One Auto has couple red specs but otherwise look ok just small.
    Are any of these ready for food?
    And should I turn one of the 1200 cobs on over the autos. Would that help with limited timeframe?

    I’ve been running pretty dry I have an overwatering habit n trying to break it.
    Ph sitting 6.4 with cheap probe.
    Temps top 81.humidity in 50-60s A3AE3F39-59B1-4B8A-A933-DA75FF550C40.jpeg 549C4027-6AA4-4ECD-9264-25CA83EE57E8.jpeg 259DCE10-E9BD-4E8B-ABA9-EA66BB9C04C2.jpeg B31FBA1A-9792-4132-85DB-A19E2718D093.jpeg EC50E8AC-90DB-47F0-9B06-49E486C99FFA.jpeg B685AF7D-48F3-4DBD-926A-BD118E7673C8.jpeg 685184DD-A8CD-44AB-90FF-B2C65BCD2805.jpeg A1140BF3-58CE-4F2F-BA5A-1FD3BB49DE5D.jpeg C72BF3D5-10F9-4E3F-8659-F6F2BBEFFCE6.jpeg 6F3D06DF-9A5A-4E49-88D0-6B5E7CD414B3.jpeg I think I might have too much airflow too. Blowing on plants. Even on low the 16 inch blows pretty hard.
    The purple led plants looking pretty good. Deformed loompa goo too.
    I think my light curling in leaves is the wind. Gonna cut it back somehow. Maybe smaller fan.
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  7. Gave nutes early today. 1 ml each grow micro bloom. Going to foliar spray with calcarb. Not yet though. I think looking ok. Autos slow 9F7A61F2-84F4-42A7-8DE4-AD478B5779E5.jpeg C5A1734F-F39B-455C-B5A0-668561DE8BFD.jpeg E316A153-0453-4E19-9372-95B9C94E2DCC.jpeg 9523BE4D-3293-4287-8E48-EC79B18DF7D3.jpeg 7BD40E4D-F7E0-4FC8-92F4-B4FF0967101E.jpeg
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  8. Did calcarb foliar. It leaves a milky residue but says best to leave on. Also kicked cobs on on the one side. Autos something ain’t right. Others. Looking ok. Been running 18/6. 24719545-E750-457B-99E1-5E4AE05792EF.jpeg 8651749A-211A-4AC1-A935-534DA12148A8.jpeg CD419E22-36E7-4340-B267-CBB6FE2E4BEE.jpeg 28D10E32-7AA8-4580-8EBF-06E121B394AB.jpeg 38E77B25-5829-4C5A-8CCD-989E0E3140F5.jpeg B946723F-06B7-4E7A-B21A-EBDC01AABE47.jpeg
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  9. Everything coming along. One plant is branching like female about to bud but it’s one of the 2 under 24 hr light. Growth is nice just spitting sprouts. Cobs 4EE5262F-C907-4D52-8C9C-EE549E161FDB.jpeg BB2363E0-1FE2-4BBD-B487-D7570CF0B1C4.jpeg E0288CD6-01A8-478B-AEF3-879E2FF40900.jpeg trying to keep the other room at 86-88 and only 1 on. 5 gal buckets. About 3 weeks from seed.
  10. AF391535-088C-44DF-AA5C-B2EEBB2FE98A.jpeg 6084EF27-07A1-4867-97A8-E6718C86CA0D.jpeg AE9AD0DC-F5B4-4270-9B81-F6B69A62D2B9.jpeg B0603AFC-F404-4628-970C-B2A79C611994.jpeg Ones under cobs look lighter green. They are on 18/6. Shouldn’t be deficient in anything though. Anything stands out tell me.
    First 2 under purple 600w led Walmart special.
    Pic 3 under cob led on end of t5
    pic 4 under the t5 end away from cobs
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  11. Gave calcarb foliar.
    Going to bump feed to 6 ml each part per gal still only going on 4 weeks.
    Also adding silica rhino skin ph perfect. Last feed was just ph mollasses water. Pic of 4 together yesterday. Others today right at lights on I put in low light for hour and half for foliar to soak in n dry. 0F25A720-07DE-448E-8E19-89BA1B36B10D.jpeg 2F81713C-6B0A-4A97-88EB-3E70E16C8208.jpeg 20510E94-889C-4DCA-AACC-6049216F3C95.jpeg C18088BB-013F-4269-ACC9-352BA9628F4F.jpeg
  12. Clean water earlier. They go dry daily in 5 gal but not soaking them either. I’m seeing something in the leaves a paler green like deficiency maybe. But tips are showing a real slight burn so I’m pushed on nutes. They are barely on nutes though. Other than the shades in the green I’m pretty happy with growth. I strapped the cob 3 inches from top of tent so it’s that far away. I want stretch. Everything not dwarfed is just stupid fat and tight nodes. Different strains but all leaves looking indica dom for sure and pretty big for age. First 3 show the discoloration I’m talking about. If you know what it is let me know please. Running an ph perfect on week 1 of their schedule which says 1 ml per l I have a bunch of microbe stuff going on though I also added skunk labs microbe complete which is full of microbes

    extra microbes don’t hurt right? Can I be overdoing the microbe stuff soil also has mykos mixed in 35E71116-2DE0-43B4-A0A9-1BDFF1C2C935.jpeg 239698DB-E854-4EC8-8DC1-D8E9C4B6B1A8.jpeg 757C10AF-1434-459C-A65A-CC323F388C58.jpeg D7B9A2BA-F763-4E10-AC4D-01AC303E9D89.jpeg 88273131-3578-4F69-B7D8-6ED1C86F2918.jpeg F062EF2A-7FFA-41F8-BF41-AE60673BE247.jpeg
  13. Idk the cheap Walmart led seems to be doing good. On it’s 3rd run too. All plants staying kind of short n bushy with big leaves. I got cobs litterally at the ceiling of tent. Closer and you could see the light penetration right through the leaves. Autos still not impressed all 4 inches of em should flower soon my plan was to take cuts of all in about 2 weeks then let them heal and flip 29E12AF6-6683-473A-8CAF-3A4D2C61FE60.jpeg 97837720-6A7D-42DE-AC25-81982870472C.jpeg 08140BC5-75C8-410E-B3C1-798ECD522CF2.jpeg
  14. Germing now to follow veg with clones.

    4 x white fire widow og
    2 x loompa goo
    3x docs dank franks gift x professor moriarty
    3x (white fire alien og x snow lotus)x( gg4x predator pink)
  15. All regulars got little 3x3 hoping for good male try n cross couple things. So far I’ve gotten 0 males. In past 2 runs. But second was reveg and clones so they were preset female.
  16. D335AB97-903F-4800-8FCF-EA70731758BD.jpeg ECE2DFC4-63FD-4345-83B7-C14C18EC9F67.jpeg 316C197B-C242-4F1F-9B0B-B9BD8C32A87B.jpeg FEC10A84-8A40-4734-A2EF-AB71ED670FB9.jpeg B73C95F3-633B-439F-9F12-0FA6E1315483.jpeg I think something might be off. Not sure if it’s light or what shouldn’t be deficiency this early plus got first nutes. They did like nutes. Grew but wide not any taller. All strains staying real short. I mean plant maybe 6 inches tall but 1 leaf blade almost size of hand. Can too much light cause them to stay squat? Then brings why does 3 different light setups have same outcome? I could maybe see the 1200w being little bright but also under the 600 in different room and under pure 6400k t5 alone too. No reaching going on. I also noticed that under the cob you can see all leaf veins but can almost see the light go right through the leaf material. Like bleaching almost but from litterally strapped to roof of tent with 6 inch plants on floor. I’m not buying that 6 feet is too close for the light. Idk as most things it’ll probably balance out but if it’s a deficiency I have no idea where to start cause a good solid base was given. No burn but saw light tips so I think they’re on the line of burn but this discoloration has been showing for few days and becoming more pronounced. Also noticed pots bottoms cold. Even sitting up off floor so I put seedling heat mat under the 5 gallons. For some reason I think warmer root system might blow em up. It was pretty cold. The last 2 pics show the leaf discoloring. See the darker green toward veins and paler green between. Looks like n deficiency but only 4 weeks from seed n been fed. Like I said tips just barely got sign of burn. Just the little red tip.
  17. Pics not that good but first blotto ogk fem
    Second is the 2 xbj16 from second gen genetics
    Third is loompa goo
    Fourth is critical jack Auto. That is the best one.
    A0AFC6D5-6E80-46DB-B2AD-9B1CCA2E7D06.jpeg 1BAD4725-46E3-4EAD-8E68-3D595A2A421F.jpeg 375AC528-3103-455B-BF5E-F737CD96BABF.jpeg 675EE327-F42E-45D3-845A-58F000177202.jpeg 7A4B2523-57A6-4B54-9FB2-F3BD18A10D2F.jpeg This last pic is under the Walmart led. Front loompa goo
    back is the whitefire alien og snowlotus gg4 predator pink cross. I’m going to continue moving the heat mat around. Looks like they’re reaching a little bit.
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  18. Starting to go upwards now. Today got water with calmag only. 4 ml to 2 gal. Just to be sure all the little things are in there.
    I do not saturate but these 5 gal going dry every day. The soil mix is real light too though.

    At what point should I consider topping and cloning?

    There are some good lower shoots that at end will not be much.

    I’m not looking for real tall plants I do want to take lower branches for clones of all plants though as I don’t know what I got til flower. I don’t want to do the reveg thing again. So taking clones in veg. I have seperate veg room with a humidity dome with 24 inch heat mat and it’s own t5s 0FE190F8-86E1-473C-9994-AAE946C06FD5.jpeg E7EEE4C2-75E5-4157-998B-31F228FB41FB.jpeg
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  19. I think I’m seeing the beginning of a lockout.
    Autos still small 1 of them clearly flowering already. Other has white hairs but no flower yet. I think I’ll be lucky to see 3.5g off either plant.
    Photoperiods are looking droopy. But I don’t think overwater. Ph has climbed up and holdingbjust under 7.
    How can I get the ph of the soil to lower and stay with plants already in there?
    I balanced it before starting but it’s sliwly climbedvsince plants been in there.
    5C962D57-D5B1-4722-B121-AB9B20F6983C.jpeg 182936D7-4227-4D3A-86FE-46C96B33BAE4.jpeg 0D18BE4E-CC84-44B8-A783-E49CD6AD6D0D.jpeg
  20. Ok so I’m am finishing 5th week from seed popping.

    I cloned 3 plants so far. 2 cuts each.
    Loompa goo
    Blotto ogk
    Others not giving me a branch I want yet.

    4 under the cob are topped first time as of yesterday. They have been tied down to take dominance from the top. 2 weeks all should be healed and shoots should be set.
    So 2 weeks flipping switch
    The 2 solo bushes I might continue to veg with the clones and seedlings until after flower. Being they are staying so short I’m going to defoliate and train for 2 months. And take clones obviously.
    Plan is to take 4x8 and use it strictly for flower. Use other rooms for veg and have isolation area big enough for a male n 2 females if I get lucky.
    Going to start flower with the 4 and autos. Then once 4 weeks in fill the other half. Then just keep that rotation so harvesting half the 4x8 every 30 -40 days. Moving the other half over to take its place. Once clone game is established might up plant count
    There is no limit here.

    Clones started laying flat on ground I thought gone. But 1day and they are lifting themselves up.
    Pics not too good.

    Oh and never got past 1 ml per l of the an ph perfect. Don’t seem to need it. I’ll be going light in flower too. See if a 1 l trio can get through about 5 harvests.
    No one can say didn’t get money’s worth on an then.
    Feeding just 1ml per l every 3 waters. Total water to all plants under 3 gallons of mix. I do not drown them. Using light mix of molasses water every couple waters and trace of calimagic every 10-15 days
    first autos still suck then 2 bushes couple seedlings then 4 topped n cut then cuts.
    34639B50-8F19-45AD-BD7B-0F2D9BFFB22B.jpeg 7CD723B8-B424-4F1F-A89E-37BADADB6679.jpeg C8FC51B2-0188-4CCC-AC63-408D4F1F9F20.jpeg 0C65C28E-9FC1-4C4C-AE66-EA8212F7158B.jpeg
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