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My First Upcoming Grow

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by VuongCuhz, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. hello all. This will be my first grow and I am looking forward to hearing from this community for some advice and tips. I have been gathering and learning a lot of info on thcfarmer and decided to finally just make an account to join the community
  2. This is a great place to learn from. My best advice is use the search bar here. You'll find alot of answers before you have to start a thread
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  3. Okay so here’s what I’ve been debating what i should run for my nutrient line that would work well with coco coir. Advanced nutrients or Blue planet Organic nutrients? I’ve heard great things from both, what do you guys think?
  4. I've used either I'm running Jack's formula in coco and doing pretty good
  5. Okay cool, I am trying to budget this grow as I go as well. As my vegging stage, what main nutrients do I need on hand? Farmers Pride Organic 3 part base, CalMag, PH up & down.
    Then I was thinking once flowering stage comes, I can purchase those nutrients then. Or would I need them all from the start?
  6. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the farm and keep us updated.
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  7. Thanks! So I decided to go with the Organics Blue Planet Nutrients line, as they should be arriving any day now.
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  8. My seeds just arrived today and as of now are in the paper towel germination method.
    I went with Seed Junky Genetics, pheno hunting his Sunset Sherbet x Kush Mints seeds. Let's see how this goes!
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  9. Welcome
  10. Hey guys. Here’s an update picture on the 12 seeds I popped. They’re currently on day 3 under a T5 2Ft 2 Bulbs System with 5000 Lumens and 6500K. I’m concerned that they are stretching for light and fitting 12 under there wasn’t possibly the best idea..

    I believe 1, possibly 2 might be duds while a 3rd is slowly starting to come out to play.

    Do you guys think it’s safe to say that I can put them under my 315w CMH as of yet? Of course at a safe enough distance.
  11. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

  12. Is it the Sherb × Kush Mints 11? I got myself a few packs in the vault and definitely want to see how they turn out. I'll be keeping an eye on this one