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Mycorrhizae Bargain

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by MI.Woody, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Xtreme Gardening offers Mycos at 20 bucks a pound (USB). Thats $1.25 / Oz compared to to Great White's $35 for 4 oz (almost $9/oz.) I found this with other familiar items at a local Farm Pride store (similar to Tractor Supply etc.) I've notice the trend to chains offering items that used to be only in our stores, like $50 bales of Promix at Home Depot (no bargains at HD that I've found).
    I use Mycorrhizae: mixed with soil for new starts in solo cups for clones and seeds, sprinkle on plate and roll clones in it after clonex gel and it will rinse off into the cloner to continue working, all root problems like fall over and lock.

    Cautionary note
    , offers no list of organisms, Great White lists 32.

    Going to throw a Mycos party in the cage, a Tbl under each drip head for tomorrows cycle.

  2. a couple months ago I was at Family Farm and Home (another Tractor supply co type place) where I found a Bail of Promix HP on sale for $25, When not on sale it's only $30, which isn't too bad. They also carried Gnat nix, Foxfarm, and some GH. I think I paid $8 for small bag of foxfarm ocean forest.
    BTW, I"m a Michigander too! around the Muskegon area, just had to mention it since I saw the MI in your username
  3. That's actually the store I went to in Alma, got it wrong. Fox Farm takes some heat but that's a good supplement, I switched from FF to Dutch Canna couple of years ago. Bembee is good finisher outdoors for decent price, and I can't spend Canna Boost in the cage. A;ways mean to try sulpher molasses on spot to see. Epsom Salts is a cheap supplement too, Straight up Woody was taken so thought I'd represent. Im R Crum vintage . Smoked my first one fifty years ago this month, gawkin at one of those HUGH Holiday Inn neon signs. You guys over there on the 3rd coast did a lot early on to get this thang rollin.
  4. Oh Okay, Yeah I've had decent luck with FFOF, But I don't use any of their supplements as of right meow. I'm thinking about trying Roots Organic Original or 707. I'm already running Soul Synthetics in my hydro, and the Roots Organic Uprising Line to amend my soil, so I may as well give it a shot! As I was typing this I opened the Aurora Site on another tab, It looks like they came out with some peat products! Now One could go full aurora to build their own soil if they wanted too. They even have 55 cubic foot bails of the stuff, yikes! That would last me PLENTY of time
  5. I was doing a lot of comparison and research on myco's before I planted this year. I ended up going with Xtreme gardening for their initial planting and first two transplants. I wanted to add great white in their final transplant but forgot. After a lot of reading I felt the general consensus was that having trichoderma or ecto-mycorrhizae to early on would block the effects of intra-mycorrhizae. I am by no means a botanist or microbiologist. I was just basing my choice off of what I could conclude. Xtreme gardening was also one of the few I could find that was a single species source.

    Xtreme gardening only has one species mycorrhizae in it vs the 32 different species that Great White has in their's.
    From their page: (tried to use a screen shot but my computer is being funny)
    Mykos mycorrhizae is a natural and organic species of beneficial soil fungi that creates a "sponge-like" mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both. This single species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi contains only Rhizophagus intraradices, formally known as Glomus intraradices. Mykos does not contain any other microbes such as trichoderma or ecto-mycorrhizae.
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  6. Jfrezy


    Mycos is good for transplanting mycorrhizae. I would still top dress with Great White until after week 4 of flowering.
  7. Shortly after posting this I noticed the same product at my local grow shop. Same price. They agree that White shark has more varieties, is a better product because of that, but the Mycos has it's place as a great ongoing treatment, and it has a place in my lineup in my outdoor cage, White in the room.


    April 08, 2016 Reply from Member Amauulu.


    Thank you, IRISH 063.....
    I chose to purchase the wettable powder product you mention above specifically because it contains only the endomycorrhizal fungus, Rhizophagus intraradices (a.k.a Glomus intraradices) and excludes other microbes (e.g. the aggressive tricodermas and non-arbuscular ectomychorrhizals.
    I have learned from my readings online and in other forums that Cannabis benefits most from its unique symbiotic relationship with Rhizophagus intraradices (a.k.a. Glomus intraradices), and another endomycorrhizal species Glomus mosseae, that is also symbiotically associated with Cannabis. Of these two endomycorrhizae, Rhizophagus intraradices is the more plentiful and dominant species.
    Today (Apr 08, 2018), I came across a published research study that may be helpful to those who are searching for a product containing mycorrhizae.

    The article is entitled CROP-SPECIFIC AND SINGLE-SPECIES MYCORRHIZAL INOCULATION IS THE BEST APPROACH TO IMPROVE CROP GROWTH IN CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS, by authors Maarten Van Geel, Matthis De Beenhouwer, Bart Lieven and Oliver Honnay (June 2016). The lead author, Maarten Van Geel, is a well-published researcher with expertise in Soil Science, Environmental Science, Geostatistics, etc. Although this article does not deal specifically with Cannabis as a host plant, I think the author's conclusions support my decision to choose the single species product which contains Rhizophagus intraradices.

    To ensure I have "all bases covered", I also purchased the 2.2 lb (1 kilogram) size bag of an endomycorrhizal mixture sold by another company. This other, granular, product contains a mixture of eight arbuscular myhorrhizal endomycorrhizal species (1) Glomus intraradices, a.k.a rhizophagus intraradices (104 propagules/gm), (2) Glomus deserticola (3) propagules/gm), (4) Glomus etunicatum (9 propagules/gm), (5) Glomus clarum (9 propagules/gm), (6) Glomus cloroidum (9 propagules/gm), (7) Glomus mosseae (9 propagules/gm) and (8)) Gigaspora albido (9 propagules/gm).
    I have looked at many other popular products mentioned in these forums. All products purport to have beneficial fungi for cannabis with "Mycorrhizae". With so many products available, choosing where to spend one's money can be difficult.

    What I look for in any containing live organisms, (1) I look for the expiration date which should be clearly visible and prominently stated on the package/bottle. Some products claim to be "good for 6 months from date of manufacture". Other products are supposedly "good for two years from date of manufacture", while other products do not have that vital information which forces the consumer to contact the manufacturer directly. The expiration date is extremely important to me because I want the freshest products which have been stored properly indoors and which were kept within a safe temperature range. I want to ensure I am buying a product that has the greatest number of live organisms. If I am going to spend money on a product with a shelf life, I expect the seller to give me the information I need to justify the expense. (2) Secondly, I look for the list of ingredients in the product in order to eliminate any product that contains Trichoderma and ectomycorrhizae (because I want endomycorrhizae). If I see the words "tricoderma" or "ectomycorrhizae" in the ingredients, I put the product back on the shelf and keep shopping.

    I do not have enough knowledge to conclude that Trichoderma or ectomycorrhizae are unhelpful or may have adverse effects or cause any harm to Cannabis. So I kept searching for information.
    In another article I came across, the suggestion was made that if you really, really, really want to add Trichoderma to soil for cannabis, one should first inoculate the plant's roots with endomycorrhizae to let those fungi get a head start in establishing themselves. According to that study, when Trichoderma was introduced into soil after the endomycorrhizal fungi had been given sufficient time (the article does not state how much time is sufficient) to grow and become well-established, the later introduction of Trichoderma did not apparently have as destructive or aggressive effects on the healthy, established resident colony of endomycorrhizal species.

    Another thing I learned in this search for the appropraite mycorrhizal species for Cannabis: One grower tried to use Trichoderma as a foliar spray, with unfortunate results to the sprayed leaves. Lesson from this anecdote: If I see someone jump off a cliff to dive into a deep lagoon and observe that he does not pop back up to the surface of the water in a reasonable period of time....alive, unbloodied, and happily breathing....I will take that as a warning against repeating the act.
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  11. I've been using this mycos for about 5yrs now. Former great white user. GW is awesome, but is super $. 20.00 for 2.2lbs of this mycos. I can deal with that.
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  13. bilby


    ebay carry mycorrhizae cheap af too at the local cali distibutions.
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  14. Nice!! I’ll have to read that article this weekend. Thanks for finding it