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Need Help With A Stealth Op.

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Schmojsar, May 14, 2018.

  1. Good day to all

    I would like to ask from any of you that ever grew Green Crack from Humboldt Seed Organization about the smell (mainly outdoor).

    This is concerning a "stealth" priority outdoor tree grow.

    Mainly i want to know about how pungent the aroma with outdoor cultivation is with this strain.

    The objective is to grow a plant as big as possible and producing a massive yield without getting detected by smell.

    I am also looking in to Passion#1 from Dutch P 20180117_111851.jpg assion which i know it doesnt stink.
    But am conserned about the yield and bud dencity aspect.

    Also i am open to suggestions about other low smelling strains that produce huge trees with decent dencity buds but they must not take longer than 70 days to flower (end of September - mid October).

    Thanks in addvance for all the help..
    With kind regards from South EU

    Here are some pics from my first indoor op. for you guys

    -feat. Alpujarrena Pyramid Seeds/Sage&Sour "unknown seedbank"

    & (Lumigrow Pro 650) 20180309_124755.jpg
  2. Ar.BsG


    I usually grow my outdoors around sage , oreagano , lavender, or in the middle of a vegetable garden . If you don't have a ton of flowers , or spices ,and are going to have the plants on your property illegally your takeing a chance .
  3. Thanks for the input..

    I tought of this before but always thought of it as too much extra work but will now consider realising it.

    Also i grew Frisian dew (in the forrest) and Frisian Duck (in a residential area) with absolutely no smell at all.
    But i dont realy like the end product persay.
  4. Ar.BsG


    Ye dude seems like it I grow deep woods myself take a kayak to a location of only my knowing Lol . Have you tried growing northern lights i think you could get by with it .... and the smokes good