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Need Help With A Stealth Op.

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Schmojsar, May 14, 2018.

  1. Good day to all

    I would like to ask from any of you that ever grew Green Crack from Humboldt Seed Organization about the smell (mainly outdoor).

    This is concerning a "stealth" priority outdoor tree grow.

    Mainly i want to know about how pungent the aroma with outdoor cultivation is with this strain.

    The objective is to grow a plant as big as possible and producing a massive yield without getting detected by smell.

    I am also looking in to Passion#1 from Dutch P 20180117_111851.jpg assion which i know it doesnt stink.
    But am conserned about the yield and bud dencity aspect.

    Also i am open to suggestions about other low smelling strains that produce huge trees with decent dencity buds but they must not take longer than 70 days to flower (end of September - mid October).

    Thanks in addvance for all the help..
    With kind regards from South EU

    Here are some pics from my first indoor op. for you guys

    -feat. Alpujarrena Pyramid Seeds/Sage&Sour "unknown seedbank"

    & (Lumigrow Pro 650) 20180309_124755.jpg
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  2. Ar.BsG


    I usually grow my outdoors around sage , oreagano , lavender, or in the middle of a vegetable garden . If you don't have a ton of flowers , or spices ,and are going to have the plants on your property illegally your takeing a chance .
  3. Thanks for the input..

    I tought of this before but always thought of it as too much extra work but will now consider realising it.

    Also i grew Frisian dew (in the forrest) and Frisian Duck (in a residential area) with absolutely no smell at all.
    But i dont realy like the end product persay.
  4. Ar.BsG


    Ye dude seems like it I grow deep woods myself take a kayak to a location of only my knowing Lol . Have you tried growing northern lights i think you could get by with it .... and the smokes good
  5. I've grown Cinderella xx from brothers grim .most potent strain I've grown . zero smell.during flowering .
  6. RR1


    Start looking at some of the new autos coming on line. They tend to stay smaller and less noticeable, but yields are getting pretty good.
    Nice thing here in the north country is they can be done 70-80 days seed to harvest. Many areas that will enable two outside crops a year. Still get your yield, and less obtrusive for nosy neighbors, meter readers, etc.
  7. I feel your worrys bro esp around home lol i do a few sneaky plants in my greenhouse i grow tomatoes around the outside and a my sneakys in the middle as they get bigger i put christmas decorations on them so they look like tomatoes lol
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