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New tech addition for BHO

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Dankroom, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Wassup everyone....
    being a medi peep and wax is my goal, i do alot of extractions. Always looking to improve , I've found that with the addition of dry ice ( < dry ice, plant material, dry ice> loaded into youre extractor increases yields by a typical 12 to 16%. Clarity and ease of purging has been added as well.
    Give it TRY....peace an pot ~"
  2. Very interesting, curious to give it a try, how does it effect flavor and texture in the end product?
  3. "In laboratories, a slurry of dry ice in an organic solvent is a useful freezing mixture for cold chemical reactions and for condensing solvents in rotary evaporators.[29]"
  4. very interesting information! im interested to know how it affects taste/smell, id love to see some pictures of the results! definitely something new to me lol
  5. Sounds like a pressure explosion waiting to happen, don't try this without your medical and renters insurance being fully funded.
  6. im curious to hear your method
    not trying to offend in any way but
    personally i think 12 is awful and 16 is not much better lol
    are you talking trim runs?

    i shoot for 18-20 which is pretty average for whole nug runs
    id say 15 or 16 is the low end for what me and most ppl around me get
  7. I believe what the OP meant wasn't that his yields increased from 12 to 16%, he said that it increased total yields by 12-16%. Which is very interesting, care to post some finish product pics? Also thanks for the idea, i've heard of freezing buds/extractor but never dry ice in extractor.
  8. ya i just didnt think that was even possible to get like a 30% yield or higher
    if so that is very interesting and id have to try
  9. I've only seen 2 strains run 30% or higher, whole nugs.

    OG 30 % which was a 1 time thing (I go thru the same grower so that was just a particularly good og pheno).

    and ogre 32-33% which has been done 2-3 different harvests.

    The og ran perfectly dark orange/amber hue sap but the ogre can't help but budder every time I just don't think it's a stable oil-strain.
  10. ive seen multiple runs with alien technology genetics yield 30-34%. its not unheard of, def takes some dank tho.
  11. Thanks for sharing bro! Could you explain how that works?

    What is the base line from which the improved extraction percentage occured?
  12. Yeah I agree, ran a lot...nothin close to 30 even with all buds. Know a bunch of people that run oil...still never seen that. just sayin.
  13. I'll believe that when I see a video or at least pics of the process from start to finish not just the end result.....
  14. This is probably just keeping the butane liquid for longer. As it enters it will condense on and drip off the co2. You may even be getting co2 to become liquid if pressure is high enough. You're just getting better and more stable solvent contact with the plant--this is a surface area argument mostly.
  15. Keeping the butane liquid longer certainly makes sense, but I can't see generating the about 60.3 psi it would take to keep C02 liquid or the 1200 psi pressures in an open system that it would take to would achieve SCFE results.

    I will have to try this out, along with a dry ice dry sieve experiment!
  16. The dry ice would bring the temp of the butane down as to help make/keep it a liquid. I see no safety risk to adding CO2(s) to the BHO prosess.
  17. alien...30+...what? r u serious? wow..homie has that one too...hmmmm have to try it..ive found most sour ds yield dreams..
  18. Has any one tried this method yet? or was the consensus accepted that its only benefit is it keeping the butane cold out of the can...
  19. dunno aint tried...